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Special Challenge: Combo 7000 achievement in Bullet Beat

Special Challenge: Combo 7000

Get the 7000 combo!

Special Challenge: Combo 7000-10.9
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How to unlock the Special Challenge: Combo 7000 achievement

  • DetectivBananasDetectivBananas546,095
    05 May 2022 05 May 2022 06 May 2022
    54 12 62
    Do Endless Hell mode and just move in a circle in the middle of the screen. Since most of the powerups usually drop in that area, it's an easy 5 min 1k at most. Best ones to pick up imo are the ones that allow you to shoot at a 45 degree angle, as well as the one that makes your straight shots deal more damage

    Edit: As mentioned below by CatDad, they focused on using the shields and the iiiii powerup that wipes the entire screen, getting them up to 14k combo in 10 min

    Edit 2: Sorry I had stuff going on the last day or two so I couldn't update this guide. As mentioned below by neeker75, try the following steps:

    1. Uninstall game
    2. Power cycle Xbox
    3. Reinstall game
    4. Play and get 7000 combo

    They also that they did the following:
    1. Deleted their save everywhere before uninstalling
    2. Made sure that they got to 7000 combo at their first attempt because they felt that the tracker will get stuck if you die before that or if you restart

    Full credit goes to neeker75 if this helps anyone whose game is bugged
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    lucylu1983Just signed out and back into my account
    Game updated itself
    Started a game on endless hell and got the achievements with the required score
    Posted by lucylu1983 on 06 May at 20:34
    KandeeRebelSeem to be one of the kicking ones. Played in series x the game was uninstalled since last title update just reinstalled it all achievements unlocked without crashing at all they were a bit delayed popping which was worrying but thankfully did
    Posted by KandeeRebel on 06 May at 20:41
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RGotta love the downvotes. facepalm
    You take your time to put up a helpful solution and then try and help people troubleshoot their problems.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 08 May at 04:59
    LeePayne01Okay I FINALLY unlocked every achievement after multiple tries and I can confirm that the hard reset does work. I'm just glad I never have to play this game again.
    Posted by LeePayne01 on 08 May at 07:37
    DetectivBananas@GR34TD3STR0Y3R honestly whatever floats their boat. At the end of the day I know I made a good guide, so if people wanna downvote that's on them, not me. I'm just glad my guide helped some people
    Posted by DetectivBananas on 08 May at 08:03
    AllgorhythmAs I said above, please don’t downvote a good solution because of glitches in the game. Not only is the guide spot on, but it was posted very soon after the title update came out.

    If the above-mentioned remedies don’t work, please see the remedy posted by @Vudix at Get Unobtainables Fixed!. It tells you how to revoke the game's permissions. When you replay it, the game will again prompt for permission. When you grant it, problematic achievements should pop.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 08 May at 13:08
    SwiftIikeWorked for me, achievements took a couple of minutes to register and my game crashed on my first attempt but got it on my second. smile
    Posted by SwiftIike on 09 May at 19:19
    Springbok NLFor me everything unlocked with uninstall and reinstall, no power cycle required.
    Posted by Springbok NL on 10 May at 11:55
    JeffGOMES+1 music
    Posted by JeffGOMES on 12 May at 22:32
    NZT21I can confirm he achievements work, if you do it on the first try after installing it. If you uninstalled the game some time ago and reinstalled the game for the achievements, you can also try to unlock the achievements and if you fail for the first time, delete your local save, restart the game and redownload the save from the cloud. This is a little bit faster than uninstalling and installing again.
    Posted by NZT21 on 15 Jun at 09:44
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