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Lights Out achievement in Human Fall Flat

Lights Out

Throw the lanterns off the map

Lights Out-31.9
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How to unlock the Lights Out achievement

  • BenderWinBenderWin303,764
    16 May 2022 16 May 2022 17 May 2022
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    It took my achievement to pop about 5ish minutes to pop after I threw the last lantern so keep that in mind! But to unlock this achievement you need to throw all 5 lanterns found throughout the map, off the map for it to count!

    NOTE: DO NOT reload the checkpoint at all. If you recollect the one from the current checkpoint, the antecedent ones will also be reset. (Thank you Billz and SincereSeeker6)

    1st Lantern - Outhouse Lantern
    After Crossing the first river, immediately go left. You'll see a brown hut with planks under it. Go past that and climb up to the little brown outhouse on the top of the hill to your left. The lantern will be right in front of it. Pick it up and toss if off the map!

    2nd Lantern - Rolling Cart Lantern
    After taking the 1st zipline up, you'll see a wooden obstacle course. Make your way across it and up to the next section. Follow the gray rock to the right. Over here you'll see a brown box on a rolling cart, a smaller box under a brown shed and past that in the corner (gray rock area) the 2nd lantern is in the corner. Pick it up and toss it off the map!

    3rd Lantern- Mine Cave Lantern
    After you use the swing to get up to the ledge, you'll fall down into the cave section. You'll see a minecart ahead and to the right is the 3rd lantern. Back track to throw it in the crack which is the edge.

    4th Lantern - Rapids Lantern
    After grabbing the windmill and flinging yourself across to the next section, go to the red rafts and take one down the rapids. At the end of the rapids, turn around (facing the rapids) and you'll see the 4th lantern to your left. Pick it up and turn around, making your way past the trees, following the right wall (I ended up carrying it with both hands in front of me as it kept touching the water or the tree and returned back to its spot). Toss it off the edge.

    5th Lantern - Mountain Lantern
    After using the buttons to move the lumbers and parkouring across them. You'll get to another zipline. take the zipline to the next piece of land and follow the gray rock wall to your left. Climb up it and you'll find the 5th lantern between the new land you ziplined to and the rapids from earlier. Toss it off the edge!

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    JeroenRosI also had the 5th lantarn stuck in the tree multiple times. What really helped me is go grab the lantarn with both hands, as that prevented me for grabbing a leaf or something else that made the lantarn glitch out compute
    Posted by JeroenRos on 16 Jun at 12:08
    BenderWin@JeroenRos Yeah! Thats what I deducted as well, I figured using both hands would prevent me from the lantern hitting the tree and I wouldn't accidentally grip it. Really hoping for a fix because I know its frustrating a lot of players. I've seen pics of it getting stuck in the tree and having to full reset because climbing the tree is rough, is just not good.
    Posted by BenderWin on 16 Jun at 14:23
    DabimaThis achievement is infuriating. First time playing, 4th lantern glitches out and gets stuck in the tree. Now I've tried replaying the mission multiple times, via Restart Level, as well as quitting the game and starting a fresh session, and the 2nd lantern won't spawn anymore
    Posted by Dabima on 18 Jun at 14:51
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  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi3,365,044
    16 May 2022 16 May 2022 16 May 2022
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    If you pause and hit restart checkpoint then you’ll reset what you collected so just be aware

    Bedwetter: 0:35
    Lantern 1: 2:15
    Lantern 2: 10:10
    Safety First: 11:45
    Lantern 3: 12:35
    Lantern 4: 15:00
    Lantern 5: 17:25

    Lumber Achievement Walkthrough:
  • elquietoneelquietone480,365
    16 May 2022 16 May 2022 16 May 2022
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    There are 5 total lanterns to throw off the map, make sure you throw them off the map and not into the water.

    1) The first can be found right after you release the logs at the beginning of the level, go across the logs and continue on your way until you come to the part with a flat board in the water and an ore on top of it.. If you look just up on the ledge above the log holder you notice an outhouse or sorts and in front of that is a lantern.. Make your way up and throw it off.

    2) Just before you use the zipline with the hooks while still at the bottom you should notice a large box on wheels, behind that box up on the rock ledge in the corner is a lantern, garb it and throw it off (do this before ziplining/2hook achievement)

    3 or 5) Right after the hook ziplining you'll land in a spot that has a fallen tree in front of you acting like a bridge, you have 2 options cross that tree to the other side OR climb the rocks (easy) to your left. Assuming you went and climbed the rocks, just follow the skinny grass/tree filled path along and you should notice a lantern sitting up on a ledge near where another log sits above the water. Climb up the rocks, grab the lantern and back track to throw it off the ledge, DO NOT jump down to the windmill's. This will be your 3rd if you went this way first or your 5th if you went over the first log. Just backtrack and climb back up the rocks to the log crossing.

    3 or 4) Assuming you crossed the log first or backtracked if you didn't, play the map as per normal, you'll come to a part you need to release a swing and use it to get up on the ledge behind you. This will drop you down a mine shaft and the lantern is sitting pretty much in front of you on the ground (the ones on the ceiling are static don't worry about them),, Grab the lantern and drop it down one of the holes you walked around.

    4 or 5) After the mine shaft you'll be at the top of a cliff with a windmill spinning rapidly in front of you, have it launch you across to where the rubber rafts are, get one into the water and ride it down the rapids. At the very end of the rapids where the boats stop, you should see a skinny ledge on your right with a few trees and the lantern. You'll most likely spot it as your boat is coming to a stop (just after the waterfall).. Just get yourself over there, be careful not to fall into the water with the lantern, you can walk out but if you drop it or timeout with it you may lose it. Again just find the edge of the level and drop it.

    IF you did not climb the rocks which almost beg to be climbed and instead went the log first, just take note of when you get to the part where there are 3 long ziplines side by side, use them to cross.. You'll see a few "dead" windmills to your left (as you land from the zipline), climb the rocks behind them and you should see the lantern.

    **I'll edit and post a few screen shots once TA sees them uploaded.
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