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This Pounding Heart achievement in Metal: Hellsinger

This Pounding Heart

Reached Hit Streak: 10

This Pounding Heart0
27 September 2022 - 2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle Player

How to unlock the This Pounding Heart achievement

  • Corrupt XBACorrupt XBA3,196,234
    18 Sep 2022 18 Sep 2022 18 Sep 2022
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    This will come naturally as you play, just keep your combo going until it reaches 10. The first easy place to get this is when the game introduces vocals and you get a bunch of enemies that can be defeated quicky. Use onecn_RT hit then finsh them with cn_RSc (on the beat) then move on to the next one. You should be able to get this with an enemy or two spare.
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  • Jamone the AfroJamone the Afro633,237
    11 Oct 2022 14 Oct 2022 14 Oct 2022
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    My advice is to get this on the tutorial level instead, there is much more ease with this, as most of the enemies are just going to stand there and let you kill them. I've tested this twice now and it works both times.

    There will be the odd occasional enemy that decides to attack, so it's best to either take care of them first or avoid them completely. Read below and I will guide you on which bad guys to avoid.

    To begin with, you'll use your sword, and then later we get the skull. With the streak building, I didn't constantly mash the button to boost this, I just hit one arrow, and then stopped, and then when I was ready, timed the next one, so if you're like me and can't get a handle on the streak, this is much easier to work with, as the game allows you to breathe in between.

    So first off, when the level starts, head forward until the first enemy drops from the ceiling. Ignore him, do not attack yet.

    Continue forward and another 5 enemies will spawn. Again, ignore these and continue.

    Now, there will be a small drop where 1 enemy is looking stationary, but as soon as you get close, he will begin to attack. Kill this guy, but don't worry if you can't get a start on your streak, we just want this guy out of the way. Sometimes I can get a streak off him but not always, so at this point, your streak might be somewhere between 0-2.

    Continue forward into the ice cave and a quick guide on slaughter kills comes up with an enemy to kill using slaughter. I prefer to just slash away instead; he will not attack you. Streak now around 3-6

    Now all those guys you ignored? Go back and kill them all to boost the streak, which should be around 25-28 after the last one drops. Halfway there.

    Now continue on through the ice cave until you come to a drop with two enemies. Now, both of these WILL attack you, so we are going to be skipping past them, if they land a hit on you, just restart the level. Rush past into the open courtyard and a cutscene will start where you collect Paz. The two attackers will no longer follow you.

    Now there will be a number of these guys spawning and all will be stationary, however, do not stand in the middle of them and keep a distance. The reason why is because I have found that some start to zone in on you once they have been attacked, so if you see that start to happen, focus on those and build your streak up. I tend to go to the left of where you spawn and turn around to take them out. After another 4 or 5 guys killed, you should have the 50-streak completed.
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