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Pazifist achievement in Metal: Hellsinger


Cleared a Hell using only Paz

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How to unlock the Pazifist achievement

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    EDIT (26/10/22): Guide’s gotten an overhaul as to the execution of this achievement, should allow you to get it in 10-15 minutes instead of 25.
    NOTE: According to Knitelight this achievement will also unlock if you take the cheese approach for
    Metal: HellsingerNot Shaken, Nor StirredThe Not Shaken, Nor Stirred achievement in Metal: Hellsinger worth 162 pointsNever hit off-beat in a Hell

    If you want to cheese that achievement try that first and then see if you need to do this separately. Just make sure you either dash or shoot with Paz (and no other weapon) on-beat once in that run.
    As of 1/11/22 this note is redundant due to the added auto-rhythm feature. Just enable that before starting your Pazifist run and you’ll get both sorted at once easily.
    You are best off completing this in Voke due to the lack of non-Marionette enemy types (especially Stalkers and Elites) in this Hell. Make sure to also do this on Lamb (easy) difficulty to avoid fights going on for longer than needed and to have access to as many charges of Resurrect as possible.

    As for the execution of this achievement, bring Ultimate Sovereignty with you if you can for dealing with Cambions and Behemoths; you don’t really need any other Sigil. For Marionettes, use Paz’s charged attack (which must be done on-beat if you’re not using auto-rhythm) to crystallise them, and then dash into them for an insta-kill (they will explode, but you won’t take damage). For Cambions and Behemoths, use Paz’s Ultimate to crystallise them (if the Ultimate isn’t charged when one’s around use the charge attack to quickly charge your Ultimate, should take 2-3 bursts depending on how many shots in said bursts hit a demon) and then dash into them for, again, an insta-kill. Unfortunately the Aspect can not be hit with the Ultimate or be crystallised period, so you’ll just have to spam the charge attack on her until she’s dead.

    The achievement will pop about the same time as an achievement for finishing a Hell, in the unlocks/scoreboard screen.
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    Phantasy ZebraLmao my finger was hurting after that took me about 30 minutes on level 1
    Posted by Phantasy Zebra on 15 Sep at 18:27
    Maka91I used last breath aegis and made sure to play the level at low health for double damage. ultimate sovereignty also allowed me to use my ultimate like every 30 seconds.
    Posted by Maka91 on 16 Sep at 20:05
    Aura of Heroism+1. I swung back around for this before even completing the second level. This is very doable, just watch your health and instakill any chance you get. Might also get lucky and nab the 50 hit combo.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 17 Sep at 00:46
    ultimate sovereignty also allowed me to use my ultimate like every 30 seconds.
    If you’re using the method I described and are hitting most of the shots in a burst you should be able to use it every 10-15 seconds.
    Also Last Breath isn’t the best of Sigils for this (probably the Hit Streak ones would be the preferable choice) as you are gonna want to Slaughter a lot to speed up the run, and even one Slaughter will get you out of the low health state.
    Posted by ChiflaGoodluck on 17 Sep at 23:15
    WhatoroI did it but didn't get the achievement
    Posted by Whatoro on 21 Sep at 09:13
    KnitelightI did the 'never miss a beat' achievement and also got this. I never took any chances and only used the ultimate. I guess it counts as never using those weapons?
    Posted by Knitelight on 22 Sep at 16:29
    I did the 'never miss a beat' achievement and also got this. I never took any chances and only used the ultimate. I guess it counts as never using those weapons?
    Thanks for the notice, guide’s been updated to note that you should be able to simultaneously get this if you take the cheese strategy for getting Not Shaken, Nor Stirred.
    Posted by ChiflaGoodluck on 23 Sep at 12:39
    Ro4lePossibly laggy, I just unlocked it even tho Im pretty sure I did the run 80% by a shotgun
    Posted by Ro4le on 19 Oct at 02:26
    thatNoseyParkerHad every other achievement done, and never knew to dash into the crystallised enemies for instas! Made this cheeve actually quite fun to get
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 10 Nov at 13:45
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