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Update 1.19.0: The Wild Update

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Update 1.19.0: The Wild Update

It Spreads achievement in Minecraft

It Spreads

Kill a mob next to a catalyst

It Spreads0
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How to unlock the It Spreads achievement

  • packetloss Xpacketloss X
    05 Aug 2022 08 Aug 2022 08 Aug 2022
    As much as I wanted to split It Spreads and Sneak 100 into individual videos they happened in rapid succession and really have the same background requirements as far as location of items and such so this video is a two for one special enjoy.

    Locate a Deep Dark Biome, if you are playing on an older world /realm like I am, go to the edge of the known world and then dig deep underground until you come across a Deep Dark biome the one I found was massive. once in the deep dark search around for a Sculk Catalyst and a Sculk Sensor (I found some in chests as well as natural spawn).

    Kill a mob near the Sculk Catalyst (within 8 blocks), you will know you are close enough because green/black bubbles will appear when you kill it. Go in to sneak mode and sneak around the Sculk Sensor. This should pop the achievement for you though as always Minecraft achievement pops tend to have a noticeable delay so just wait a bit.

    Video Footage shows Map(s) of the current known world in Realm: Morrowind. A trip through the Nether Tunnel network to reach the edge of the known world, followed by a search for a Deep Dark biome. Once there I find a few Sculk Sensors in a chest then a natural spawned catalyst and sensor. After the achievements pop I warp back to pyramid base and show how to get the achievements in a base once you have the items (this footage is from Windows and my Nvidia capture software does not capture achievement pops however you hear the audio for them.

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    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo on 02 Jan 23 at 16:41
    KevinSupertrampI used this seed in 1.20.15
    Seed Code: 2795636475449950194
    Spawn Biome: Plains
    Deep Dark Cave Opening Coordinates: -233, 86, 27
    Posted by KevinSupertramp on 20 Aug 23 at 19:25
    The GmrScrThumbs up from me 👍
    Posted by The GmrScr on 18 Dec 23 at 23:05
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  • TheSierra11705TheSierra11705
    12 Jun 2022 11 Jul 2022 11 Jul 2022
    There's 2 ways to get this easily. The cheaters way and the legit way.

    The cheaters way:
    Using an iphone, andorid or windows 10 computer with minecart installed, download this map and add the .mcworld file to your com.mojang folder under the worlds tab. Load up the world on the secondary device and have the console join. Simply find the achievement and follow the instructions.

    The legit way:
    This is less complicated and cheaper if you do not own another version of bedrock, but it takes more time and effort. You must find a skulk biome underground. They spawn very deep underground but aren't too rare. The should start appearing around Y level (height measurement) 10, but go lower and you'll find the catalysts. skulk catalysts are a glowing block that's pretty tough to break. Simply wait for a mob to spawn and lure it near the catalyst, then kill it.

    Minecraft's achievements are spotty, if one method doesn't work just try the other. Good lucktoast
  • RhinoceRossRhinoceRoss
    08 Jun 2022 10 Sep 2022 10 Sep 2022
    Here is my 100% achievement plan to help you unlock the 1.19 achievements. No cheats or achievement worlds and all on one single world.
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