The Words You Long to Hear achievement in The Beatles: Rock Band

The Words You Long to Hear

Earn a five-star rating for the songs on the Achievements screen as a Vocalist on Hard or Expert.

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How to unlock the The Words You Long to Hear achievement

  • Kore OtterKore Otter102,282
    12 Sep 2009 12 Sep 2009
    19 1 7
    Alrighty, revised version!

    You need to achieve at least 5 stars on the 4 songs below in either hard or expert. You can do both Harmonies or Solo, as both work toward the achievement.

    Boys (Tier 5 Vocals)
    Don't Let Me Down (Tier 4 Vocals)
    Do You Want to Know a Secret? (Tier 1 Vocals)
    Getting Better (Tier 7 Vocals)

    Out of those four, Boys and Getting Better are the more difficult songs. I had to sing Boys a few times before 5 starring it, and was only able to do so on Solo.

    Of course, singing on Hard will make it easier for you. You may want to give a listen to Getting Better a few times before trying to sing it, cause usually it helps finding the right pitches. Other than that, just give the songs a listen or two before trying them out. You may be pleasantly surprised how well you do =3

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    TheMasonXI recommend solo myself, because it tends to stick a bit on the other harmonies if they get to close to the one you're singing, which can really throw the indicator way off from the desired pitch.
    Posted by TheMasonX on 03 Feb 10 at 03:12
    Rebel 32 GI just wanted to post that my sister and I both got this achievement (seperately) while one of us sang on hard and the other played guitar on Medium. We did it doing local co-op and did 3 of the 4 songs the 1st time through...while Don't Let Me Down took 3 tries.
    Posted by Rebel 32 G on 06 Jul 10 at 04:37
    stefb42another thing that'll make this much easier,2 or more singers on SOLO vocals not harmonies,up to 3 people can sing in solo vocals assuming they all have they're own mic,each player gets an individual pointer and percentage at the end which can overlap. i.e if 1 player misses 10% and another misses a different 10% of the song it still comes out as 100%,just don't mess up on the same parts as each other
    Posted by stefb42 on 25 Oct 10 at 18:37
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  • Scab DesignerScab Designer73,959
    11 Oct 2009 11 Oct 2009 13 Oct 2009
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    just nailed this one a few hours ago, so i thought i would give some advice for what helped me.

    usually i turn the mic sensitivity down as it creates an echo sometimes with my television, which is very distracting to myself and any others i'm playing with.

    i noticed, however, that turning the sensitvity down meant i had to really belt the songs out leaving little room for error on the harder difficulties (not to mention breathing, lol).

    so, rather than turn the sensitivity down, hold down the A button on the controller and turn the volume down, and use X (if you're the only vocalist; X, Y and B are used for each mic) to boost the sensitivity. doing this allowed me to sing the songs at a comfortable level even late at night as my roommates are sleeping.

    also, when going for the achievements, if you're still having trouble registering at the beginning of each lyric or phrase, just abandon articulation. where you would never be encouraged to do so anywhere else, just kind of slur the words keeping the correct pitch at priority. you can sing more clearly next time you're singing this song and the achievement has been unlocked. :D

    again always go with harmonies, as you can sing a harmony part if the lead is more difficult or vice versa. as long as you get "fab" for the phrase, it doesn't matter which part you sing. just make sure to keep an eye on the correct color and keep with that part through the entire phrase. if i saw a harmony that was one long note, i would just match it and ignore the lead.

    keep in mind this may be a little more difficult than it sounds, and may be a little frustrating, as i have a pretty good ear and it still took me a couple tries for boys. so i would say do "do you want to know a secret?" first and get comfortable with almost humming through the part. just make sure your arrow is solid when you're singing your part to ensure that you're getting the multiplier at the end of each phrase.
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy311,531
    30 Dec 2009 30 Dec 2009
    3 1 0
    I cleared Boys and Do You Want to Know a Secret ? first time through on hard. Getting Better took two attempts, literally getting the 5 stars on the very last phase, I found McCartney's 'me used to be angry young man' section causing me some trouble, and the high note in this song are the very top of my actual range. If this is too high for you then you probably need to practice singing the high phrases down an octave or you just won't make it.

    The song that really gave me trouble was Don't Let Me Down - there is something about Lennon's singing which meant I found it hard to get his pitch, and although it was easier an octave lower it was then too low to consistently hit the right pitch on the lowest notes. I made it through quite comfortably in the end by hitting all of McCartney's phrases and some of Lennons - and by using star power in the right place was able to 5 star it with a couple of phrases left.

    Like the solutions above I also suggest that you just try the songs by singing la, la, la - you have to be quite precise with annunciation otherwise. And don't let your voice weaken or it will start to waver and that will cost you dear on the notes that you must hold.
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