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She Still Sings It with the Band

Get all possible Double Fab ratings for every song with 2 vocal parts.

She Still Sings It with the Band0
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How to unlock the She Still Sings It with the Band achievement

  • Davey the RebelDavey the Rebel67,192
    11 Sep 2009 11 Sep 2009 28 Sep 2009
    26 0 16
    Right of the bat let me say that you should attempt this achievement playing on medium at the highest unless singing is your profession. If it isn't hard enough to sing, you have to do it with another person singing the Harmony parts to every song which can get confusing.

    When you've found a friend to sing with you, you need to play through 14 songs and obtain every single 'Double Fab' rating possible, which basically means near-100%'ing most songs in the list.

    The Main player sings the Blue Bar of the song and the Harmony player sings the Orange Bar. You'll both be on Easy or Medium most likely so it should be easy enough to sing your part, but the trick for both of you is to not to listen to each other but to your part coming from the TV.

    If you miss a double fab in a song you should restart on the spot and if you continuously miss it you should try practicing it.

    The 14 songs you have to get all the Double Fab ratings for are:
    1. A Hard Day's Night
    2. Come Together
    3. Dig A Pony
    4. Eight Days A Week
    5. Get Back
    6. Hey Bulldog
    7. I Am The Walrus
    8. I Me Mine
    9. I Saw Her Standing There
    10. I Want To Hold Your Hand
    11. I'm Looking Through You
    12. I've Got A Feeling
    13. Something
    14. Ticket To Ride

    ...Good Luck!

    *!*EDIT*!*: Another point of interest is who earns the achievement when you're finished. The person who is signed in and has their controller turned on to the Vocalist part is the person who earns the achievement. The other person could even be signed in with another controller but there's only one vocalist spot thus only one achievement. (Sucks.)

    You probably should do all those songs again to get him his achievement. I mean just leaving him hanging would be a douche move, eh?

    *!!*EDIT 2*!!* Quoting: "It should be noted that you can do this with three people and they can help get phrases as well. We had three mics doing the songs with two vocal parts and it does work, really well actually, so if you have trouble with two people, try it with three."
    Credit to scaredskullkid

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    InertiaXxhey can somebody reupload the harmony files to mediafire? megaupload got shut down
    Posted by InertiaXx on 05 Feb 12 at 19:44
    KirkSadlerCan you get this on Easy?
    Posted by KirkSadler on 07 Jul 14 at 21:27
    Franco 4 127hrs"You probably should do all those songs again to get him his achievement. I mean just leaving him hanging would be a douche move, eh?" why him? why can't a female get the achievement????
    Posted by Franco 4 127hrs on 18 Sep 19 at 03:32
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  • rover08rover08447,818
    12 Sep 2009 12 Sep 2009 12 Sep 2009
    14 1 5
    She Still Sings It with the Band
    Get all possible Double Fab ratings for every song with 2 vocal parts.

    If you have a partner, you should go with Davey the Rebel's solution. If not, heres how to do it alone. Two playthroughs required:

    1st off you need a PC or any other recording device. I used a PC with a freeware recording program called Free MP3 Sound Recorder:

    Now you will need your two mics. Connect one to your xbox and the other to your PC(not nessesary if using a different recording device)

    Now play each song on Harmonies/Easy doing only the main/blue part. Sing into both mics after you hit record on your recorder. I synced by hitting the record button just as the vocals started.

    If by the end of the song you scored 100%, your all good.

    Now connect your 2nd mic to the xbox, and place your 1st mic infront of your recorder/PC speakers. Play the song again, this time letting your previous recording do the blue part, while you do the brown/orange part on the second mic.

    I got all the harmonies on 13 of 14 songs this way. By the time of writing Im still struggeling with "I've Got A Feeling", but thats because of a complete lack of skill lol

    Good Luck!

    EDIT: Got the achievement now. Turns out Free MP3 Sound Recorder isnt free after all and stops working after about 15 recordings. Use Free MP3 Recorder ( ) instead.
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    Davey the RebelNo worries, Haha. But you best not be trying to be the first one to get 'All the Children Sing'

    That's going to be me.
    Posted by Davey the Rebel on 12 Sep 09 at 16:24
    CDub192bleh after all the effort put into this one, better off just to do it legit
    Posted by CDub192 on 20 Jul 10 at 21:32
    aj vanzettiI'm going to try this out, and report the results later. Wish me luck.
    Posted by aj vanzetti on 26 Feb 12 at 20:30
  • MRT4PMRT4P653,402
    20 May 2013 21 May 2013
    11 0 1
    I found this on the internet thanks to Landail from, i take no credit for anything he has done all of this was created by him and with his mp3 downloads it took me roughly 3-4 hours to get both the double and triple fab achievements :)


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    QuickMythrilin this set of mp3s, "i've got a feeling" has a bit of lag or timing gap that causes the either the first half of the song to be too early, or the second half to be too late. kept getting 22/23 until i paused to recalibrate the song at around 2:00 when there were some solo parts. it was tricky but worked.

    also "come together" has less held notes and more choppy type vocals, so it's pretty tough to get it to sync up just right. i always missed the first double fab on that song, even when it seemed perfect. sounded like a note was missing. finally got it by turning the volume on VLC media player to 125%, so maybe the one note was just quiet.

    everything else was good enough to get every double fab if not completely 100%. i played on easy with two lips microphones propped inside a pair of over-the-ear headphones. unfortunately the other links from xboxachievements are gone (megaupload is down), so you'll just have to fiddle with those two tracks a bit... or do it legit! :)
    Posted by QuickMythril on 28 Sep 16 at 18:30
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