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Teachers Who Taught Me WERE Cool

Complete all the Beatle Beats.

Teachers Who Taught Me WERE Cool+0.1
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How to unlock the Teachers Who Taught Me WERE Cool achievement

  • Camdon ZNCamdon ZN141,686
    10 Sep 2009 10 Sep 2009
    32 3 5
    Beatles Beats are a collection of classic Ringo Starr drum rhythms, many of which are featured in the actual songs in the game, with a few variations thrown into the mix.

    You must obtain a 100% rating on each beat, and it must be a real 100%. Any extraneous hits count against you.

    All beats must be completed at full speed (the default speed which Beatles Beats start out with). If you are having trouble with a beat, don't hesitate to turn down the BPM and try and nail it before cranking it back up.

    I also highly advise looking at the quick quips under the title of each beat that is listed on the top of the screen. They often give valuable tips for nailing certain rhythms.

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    xMountainxDOOMx^ and do twice as many beats?
    Posted by xMountainxDOOMx on 19 Aug 10 at 03:25
    tractakidThis 'solution' is more of a description, and didn't contain what I was looking for, information on how to stick the more tricky fills. If you could be a little more specific in your advice, I would be happy to retract the negative vote.
    Posted by tractakid on 26 Feb 11 at 16:23
    tractakidTurs out the vote was retracted when I created my own solution.
    Posted by tractakid on 01 Jun 11 at 11:03
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  • CrandyCrandy690,221
    14 Jul 2013 15 Jul 2013 15 Jul 2013
    16 4 3
    I have created a way to use a computer to play drums perfectly and obtain this achievement. I have created a video tutorial for this method but I have included full text instructions as well.

    Text instructions can be found here.

    All of the beats are available for download so repeat this method for each beat you are missing.
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    Reborn InsanityThis isn't against site rules as 3rd party software?
    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 25 Jun 14 at 11:34
    CrandyNo. The MIDI pro adapter is licensed hardware. If connecting something to the MIDI pro was against the rules then using an electronic drum set, keyboard, ir MIDI guitar would be as well. There is no way to tell the difference between a really good player and the pro adapter.
    Posted by Crandy on 25 Jun 14 at 17:42
    ArkhamThere was an update to Reaper in Mar 2019, and suddenly all the midi drum tracks are easily synced with the game. Thank you so much for doing this Crandy.
    Posted by Arkham#8076 on 13 Mar 19 at 16:37
  • tractakidtractakid286,725
    15 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011 29 Mar 2013
    28 26 10
    There is no solution, just tips. My tips may not apply to you, or they may even be anti helpful for some. They worked for me. Be cautious with the first tip, especially.

    1) Get naked. Don't let baggy clothes make you sweat or distract you. I unlocked this achievement just wearing my underpants :P

    2) Disassemble your drum kit. I ended up removing the 2 silver horizontal supports at the bottom of my drum kit so I could position the drum pedal wherever I want. Also, adjust the height to suit whatever you may be playing.

    3) Forget you're a drummer. Think of yourself as a person that needs to input the right thing to get 100%

    4) By the last tip I mean; use the X, A, Y and B buttons on your drum kit. I found this especially useful for number 48, Riding the bell. Also, hold the drum sticks wrongly, use objects other than drumsticks, anything, if it enables you to hit the pads more quickly, or more accurately, or more reliably. Use the bass pedal wrongly. For the last one, I tried positioning my toes at the base of the pedal, which allowed me to do heel up kicks which provided a bounce effect I found useful to keep rhythm. Usually, if a bass pedal note comes between a pad note, I almost imagine hitting a note that doesn't exist to fill the gap. This worked on the last one for speeds of 90% or less. For 100%, there wasn't the time, so I had to train my leg to operate completely independently of my arms. I usually use a heel down kick, experiment with different foot positions to find one that suits you best, or if you practise in mistakes with one position, shuffle it about and hopefully you won't make the same mistake. (in my case, I usually made a different one instead, but that's because I suck.)

    3) Use the tips at the top of the screen, but also don't. If you're supposed to use alternate sticking, try hitting everything with one hand.

    4)LEFTY FLIP IS YOUR FRIEND. BIGGEST TIP EVAR. If the top of the screen says lead with your weak hand, the Beatle beat sucks. The Beatle beat will likely not suck if you turn lefty flip on, and lead with your strong hand. :D

    5) my numbering sucks

    9001) Don't be a loser and get someone else to do the bass pedal. This means you are not a man, more likely Justin Bieber. Who I was HORRIFIED to find out is actually older than me. Supposedly.

    6) Oh, and of course, practise on lower speeds to understand what you need to play. This was too obvious, I almost forgot.

    To sum up, experiment. Each beat will be 'solved' differently. If you need specific advice for a specific beat, let me know (TA message would be best) and i'll do my best to help.

    Have fun unlocking less gamerscore than you did for the drum lessons!
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    Clad masterWhat The Fu... xD
    Posted by Clad master on 26 Mar 14 at 21:37
    Posted by tractakid on 26 Mar 14 at 21:49
    TonokoThis was strange solution... :D I would still advise to learn to play drums with a proper way since you can really learn to play drums with this game, but if you are just hunting an achievement, then it doesn't matter how you play.
    Posted by Tonoko on 23 Jul 14 at 08:59
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