Sandman’s Saviors achievement in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Sandman’s Saviors

Extract the downed pilot

Sandman’s Saviors0
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How to unlock the Sandman’s Saviors achievement

  • Unlikely PotatoUnlikely Potato126,331
    15 Oct 2009 16 Oct 2009
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    The way that worked best for me was after visiting the crash site of the friendly helecopter, i fought through the enemy camp further up the road and then i ran to the house where the 2 pilots where holding up.

    I went inside the building and ordered the 2 pilots to "Halt". This stopped them from wandering outside into the huge amounts of enemy fire. My squad remained outside to put a perimeter around the house and i stayed inside with the pilots.

    Then i just looked out of a window to the right of the building to stop the enemy troops flanking the building and getting behind us.

    I just waited in the building with the 2 pilots until all the enemy infantry had been killed. This now leaves you with the ability to destroy both APC's easily and without much danger.

    NOTE: Keep the pilots inside the building as you destroy the APC's.

    Once the APC's have been destroyed, you can order the pilots to "Move" to the extraction point (which is where the friendly helecopter is flying over).

    There should be little or no contact with the enemy from when you destroyed the APC's to reaching the extraction point.

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    WifelikeDripYou do not go to the building where the pilots are until everyone is dead...
    The APC's and everything should all be killed before even thinking about entering the Pilots House. You do not have to worry, the pilots will not be killed if you take your time clearing the village. Once the choppers come, the APC's are dead, and all the infantry is dead and gone, go get the pilots and just run to the LZ without a care in the world.
    The APC's will still arrive even if you shoot down the transport helicopters. It was so easy this way, I didn't even use the artillery, didn't even need it. (unless your doing it on hardcore)
    Posted by WifelikeDrip on 04 Apr 10 at 05:07
    KITTENS R CUTEI had the same problem as wifelike one never listened so i got pissed off and just ran up the hill haha and somehow one pilot made it up there and the cheev popped I didnt even cover him i just kept saying follow me and about 5 minutes of waiting he somehow survived and was extracted lol
    Posted by KITTENS R CUTE on 05 Dec 13 at 21:30
    YOOPER 906Thanks WifelikeDrip, I have been doing this mission in coop so you can understand how frustrating it is to have to restart the entire mission just because the pilots run outside and gets killed. I will be pretty happy if what you said works. I'm also having trouble getting to there, we just die instantly because the helicopter shoots us down in our vehicles.
    Posted by YOOPER 906 on 01 May 15 at 07:21
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  • Removed Gamer
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    Get the pilots to the extraction point.

    The tough part is getting them out of the village.
    I suggest saving the Artillery Strike (the one you earn and are instructed to use on the AA site) and use it on the village.
    The artillery strike will cover your escape. (See my post on the Hitchhiker achievement.)
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    Cruelty976This bit is soooo annoying, the checkpoints in this game need looking at big time.
    I fought my way through the village to the pilots, had a gun battle while inside the building. Then decided to leg it with the pilots out of the village across the field towards the extraction point. However, this was a mistake as a shed load of enemy see me and follow me with guns blazing and either kill the pilots of me.
    OK reload checkpoint and try again you say...
    Well you'd think the checkpoint would be in the building with the pilots so you are in a safe'ish place. - WRONG - The checkpoint it loads for me is were I'm running full tilt across the field with the pilots and millions of bullets whistling past my ears, and I die again, and again, and again.

    WHY cant I load a previous checkpoint apart from the last one. I don't want to restart the level.

    Posted by Cruelty976 on 30 Oct 09 at 11:56
    Cruelty976* :-) Got it now, just legged it round the left of the village getting the Hitchhiker achievement along the way (30G). Ran into the building, said hello to the helicopter crew, ran to the door, said FOLLOW ME. Ran like buggery up the hill, the pilots are a bit stupid, I had to issue a MOVE FAST command for them to go to the hilltop because they stopped following me as I got too far ahead, but they both made it (20G).
    MMmmmm... 50G from this level...
    Posted by Cruelty976 on 01 Nov 09 at 01:18
  • VecitisVecitis25,553
    09 Oct 2009 16 Oct 2009
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    my solution is easy :)

    As secondary weapon you'll bee needed RPG!

    After visiting the crash site, don`t shoot anyone, just run around all of enemy's and go in the building where pilots are. then when you go inside and see them, put up your map, pres LB - Orders - Movement - Move fast to the place where is LZ. before you command them to run pull out your RPG. when they run out, follow them. Enemy helicopters will be trying to land, just wait when they are still(getting ready to land) and shoot them down. then run a bit and reload your RPG. then run again and one more helicopter will try to land, take that one out too! if you do my way, enemy APC`s will not even have arrived. you can always save your artillery strike for backup! :)

    I hope this helps!
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    Unlikely PotatoAlthough your strategy is a good one, however this method is no good if your going after the achievement to destroy the APC's that are in the village.

    You could always get the two achievements (rescuing the pilots & destroying the APC's) on different run-thoroughs, but it seems a waste of time when you could get them in the same play-through, admitidly it does take more time, but it shouldn't cause any headaches.
    Posted by Unlikely Potato on 03 Apr 10 at 10:14
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