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How to unlock the Epic Master achievement

  • MusquitoMusquito793,885
    02 Jun 2010 25 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
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    Epic badges:
    Clean races Europe tracks
    Clean races Japan Tracks
    Clean races US tracks
    Europe Corner master
    Japan Corner Master
    US Corner Master
    Iron Man
    Go to options - gameplay - driving and set the AI difficulty to "Hard". Now go to Quick race and choose your track, number of laps. Be sure to put your opponents to "zero" because that way they won't be in your way. Just finish the race and it will count as a win (on easy - medium and even hard).
    For mastering the corners, the best cars or FWD or AWD. If you're good with a RWD car, it might work for you to master corners. I used many FWD cars and those are the best. Use the stock car and with some FWD cars you have to upgrade the brakes. Do not buy any other upgrades because it's difficult to master the corners with a powerfull car. The best FWD car for me to master corners is the Volkswagen Scirocco. AWD cars and RWD cars go easily into cornersliding resulting in NOT mastering the corner.

    Meanwhile you can work on the epic badges:
    Perfect Launch
    US Manufacturer Loyalty
    JP Manufacturer Loyalty
    EU Manufacturer Loyalty

    The rest can be done in Quick races (with opponents), career or online.

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    MusquitoGlad I could help.
    Posted by Musquito on 31 Jan 13 at 18:34
    TheDonSimeoniUS/JP/EU Manufacturer Loyalty = Simplest way, sellotape + car of choice (ideally fastest of each category) + Tri-Oval on 20 laps, You don't even need to play, and just change the cars once each one is done :)
    Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 29 Jan 14 at 17:33
    IAteYurDingoI was using a similar method for my Manufacture Loyalty Badges as stated above by TheDonSimeoni. I prefer rubber banding, as you dont get sticky residue from tape on your controller.

    Set laps to 20, opponents to 0, Rubber band your trigger cn_RT, and i rubber banded my joy stick cn_LSdl so i would just wall ride the tri oval corse and then leave my game to go do something else for a while.

    I found out by accident after leaving my game to play itself, that you actually dont even have to complete laps. My car had jammed itself against the wall, and i thought i was screwed cuz i had just wasted a half hour of "hard work" towards my badge. I went to check my miles after my next run and i had actually accumulated almost 60 extra miles more than i was expecting (20 laps X 1.5 miles + 30ish of wall jammed). I rechecked this method myself with my car at 152 miles, track being 1.5 miles, rubber banded my trigger cn_RT and positioned my car facing the wall for 4 minutes. Afterwards my car was at 158 miles. So you could estimate a little over a mile a minute as i gained 4.5ish extra miles off of a one lap race with 4 minutes of wall jamming.

    NOTE: Both of methods stated forfeit a large amount of points and you will gain hardly any towards your levels if you are working towards level 50 for the level specific achievements. If you are, i would suggest the smaller oval tracks and to play it out initially, then fulfill the remaining miles (if any) using one of these methods.

    For the smaller oval track: Set laps to 20, opponents to 20, select same class of car for opponents, and use a works class upgraded car for yourself. As far as i can tell (on easy difficulty?) your opponents will receive the same class car with this set up, without the works upgrades. Now play out the race. Your opponents will get congested in the small track and you can fly past them racking up almost 8000 points a race while achieving 5-10 miles, depending on your track choice.

    Additional Note: Easy difficulty will give you more money for completing each race, so after you finish your hard difficulty (which stack, you can can complete all your difficulty badges after winning 25 hard difficulty races) i would then suggest switching back to easy to bank up some money to buy more cars or just become a millionaire...
    Posted by IAteYurDingo on 03 May 15 at 03:01
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  • MonkeyTastic200MonkeyTastic200140,056
    05 Oct 2009 25 Sep 2009 04 Mar 2011
    28 4 8
    There are 27 badges which are located below.. but you only need 20. 21 of the badges are single player and 6 are online, as you progress through the story you will earn badges easily once you have many of the badges unlocked then try and concentrate on finishing the rest. 20 badges may seem alot but once you have gone through half the story you will have around 10-12 epic badges unlocked allready. Goodluck.

    A quick note... mastering the corners are tricky on some tracks, take your time and choose your slowest 4WD car, using a slow car will still allow you to master the corner.... a fast car can be used but remember the fast cars means you will have to go round the corners faster which may cause you to fail them.

    Clean Race – Europe Tracks: Complete one race on each European track, placing 3rd or better – avoid car collisions and driving off track

    Clean Race – Japan Tracks: Complete one race on each Japanese track, placing 3rd or better – avoid car collisions and driving off track

    Clean Race – US Tracks: Complete one race on each US track, placing 3rd or better – avoid car collisions and driving off track

    Europe Corner Master: Master all the corners on each European track – stick to racing line in marked corners with speed

    Japan Corner Master: Master all the corners on each Japanese track – stick to racing line in marked corners with speed

    US Corner Master: Master all the corners on each US track – stick to racing line in marked corners with speed

    Trading Paint: Trade paint with opponents by hitting their car

    Clean Overtake: Pass opponents without making any contact

    Dirty Overtake: Make contact with your opponents as you force your way past them

    Drafting: Draft opponent cars – get close enough to them to reduce wind drag on your car

    Perfect Launch: Start the race at the perfect RPM, as indicated by the HUD’s gear indicator turning green.

    Difficulty: Keep improving your skills – finish 1st on highest AI difficulty possible

    Iron Man: Place on the podium in consecutive races

    Star Collector: Earn all available stars in all Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 events

    Endurance: Finish 1st in every Endurance event

    Series: Place 1st in overall series points in all Series events

    Mixed Track: Place 1st in overall series points in all Mixed Track events

    Defeat Rivals: Defeat all Career Rivals drivers in all Rival events

    US Manufacturer Loyalty: Rack up the mileage on your US cars

    JP Manufacturer Loyalty: Rack up the mileage on your Japanese cars

    EU Manufacturer Loyalty: Rack up the mileage on your European cars

    Online Domination: Place 3rd or better in Online events

    Online Europe Champion: Finish 1st at each European track, in an Online Ranked Race or Time Attack event

    Online Japan Champion: Finish 1st at each Japanese track, in an Online Ranked Race or Time Attack event

    Online US Champion: Finish 1st at each US track, in an Online Ranked Race or Time Attack event

    Online Drift Champion: Finish 1st at each drift track, in an Online Ranked Drift event

    Driver Duel Championship: Battle to the top of the Online Driver Duel ladder – defend Championship against multiple challengers

    Split the Information up with gaps as it just looked like one huge piece of text insted of bullet point information.
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    KingTone122how do i get a "perfect launch"?
    Posted by KingTone122 on 02 Nov 12 at 04:19
    MonkeyTastic200rev your engine at the start untill your hug turns green, once it turns green keep it at that rpm and launch off the line at the start of the race
    Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 02 Nov 12 at 06:18
    NekoHenkeImportant info regarding Manufacturer Loyalty badges:

    Some american cars are actually European made. When you are going for the milage on your cars, make sure to press cn_Y to see the info about your car and make sure it is from the region you want.
    Posted by NekoHenke on 06 Sep 15 at 18:37
  • szogyenyi1993szogyenyi1993340,319
    02 Oct 2016 03 Oct 2016 03 Oct 2016
    5 0 0
    At this point i assume you already finished the game's story mode (NFS Live series) and earned the easy badges mentioned above: US/EU/JP Manufacturer Loyalty, drafting, clean/dirty overtakes, trading paint... things like that you can do in Quick Race mode with AI or alone... Getting the 20 platinum badges is a bit harder work, but not impossible. Thank God you don't have to earn all of the badges, so you can deny the harder ones like beating all rivals, finishing first on every endurance races, master every EU, US, JP corners and things like that. Let's be honest: this game is not a good one, and it's very hard to obtain a good podium finish on a race, especially if you are not very good in racing games.

    The Online badges are really easy, especially if you have a boosting buddy on your side. Winning on all tracks will give you 3 platinum badges: Online Europe, japan, US Champion. These must be done in a ranked game, but you can play it with only 2 players (counting yourself too of course). One win for each players on all tracks can be done within 3 hours. I suggest you to use the following race options: set the the race length to Short, (you cannot set a specify number of laps in ranked games), set the class restriction to unrestricted and use your fastest car. After a few races you'll have ton of money, but in case you don't i suggest you to use a loan car. For me the Maserati MC12 GT1 seemed a pretty solid, fast and driveable car. These races are also counting toward the 250 podium finish badge, which is the next badge i suggest you to work on. For that you need to achieve 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in online races - both ranked and unranked games are counting toward. Set up an unranked race with 1 lap on Miyatomi, (it's a very short oval track) invite your friend and rubberband the right trigger. In the lobby you can press X for voting a race start after 30 seconds, otherwise you have to wait 2 minutes until the race starts. For drifting badge it's nothing special.Just try not to obtain more points than your friend when he goes for the win. Vice versa. The dueling badge is a bit pain in the ass. For some reason it's not a lobby based gamemode, but a matchmaking system working under it. For me it didn't work. Not at all. I wasn't able to find my buddy while both of us were searching. So i just skipped this one.

    Mastering the corners are a huge pain in the ass. Let's face it: this game sucks. It doesn't even able to decide whenever you mastered a corner or not. It doesn't matter if you had a speed in the corner and you followed the racing line. You must keep trying and trying until you have luck and you finally pull it in. For this reason i suggest you to only do the Japan Corner Master. There are only 6 Japanese tracks in the game with actual corners and they are surprisingly easy. These tracks have wide and short corners, with all assits turned on you can easily do them. I used the Nissan 240SX, it just worked fine for me.

    Another easy one is the Perfect launch badge. You can start working on this while you are playing the Carreer mode. Basicly all you have to do to reach the right RPM at the start line. When the HUD switched green, you are good to go. On the top of the screen, where the XP meter is you can see a "Perfect start" subtitle whenever you did it right. It's also boostable: Fist thing is to turn off the autosaving. Then set up a private race on Miyatomi with 1 lap and no AI opponents. Use the car which is the most suitable for you. When the race ends, hit Y to restart the race. Repeat it until you got the 250 perfect starts. (Yes, before every restart the game tells you that all unsaved progress gonna be lost, but ignore the warning. Eventually, you will find the badge popping up after every 50 perfect start. Don't forget to save manually just in case if you have a power failure or something else comes up!!!)

    I hope this solution will be helpful. I deleted my last one for the lots of downvotes and yeah, let's face it: it wasn't accurate and helpful. Good luck my friends!
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