Sim Champion achievement in Marvel Ult. Alliance 2

Sim Champion

Earn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions.

Sim Champion0
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How to unlock the Sim Champion achievement

  • Wingless17Wingless17114,240
    28 Apr 2010 28 Apr 2010 28 Apr 2010
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    I had the most trouble with Breakout. Here is a video showing a really easy way to get gold. Video credit goes to KatamariHero.

    From the youtube description: "An easy way to get gold in this sim: Using the Human Torch, work quickly to get around 30k (hint: always fly), and have about 5 minutes accumulated on the clock, then just do what I'm doing in the video. Basically you want to find a patrolling robot that comes towards an 'exit' then start hammering him with fire balls. Only recharge about 40% before sending the next barrage. With luck another robot will join to speed up the process, but one should do. Best done on a lower difficulty. Also ensure your Fire Barrage is at it's highest possible level (Thanks to Max1O1x for this tip).

    Also equip the best stamina and focus boosts that you have so that you can shoot the robot patrols longer

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    Deadpool7132i need help with this one i have the rest already gold this is the last one left and if anyone has the DLC i need help with the rest of the DLC achievements just 2 DLC left and this gold achievement then i am done
    Posted by Deadpool7132 on 24 Mar 16 at 23:24
    Best method ever.
    I was tired to rescue 30 or something prisoners. So damn long and risky.
    That was better.
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 16 Dec 16 at 16:27
    Moscow TimmyMy only regret is that I have but one thumb to give to this review. Good solution to easily beat a poorly designed and utterly frustrating mission.
    Posted by Moscow Timmy on 08 Jan 17 at 13:44
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  • Aura of HeroismAura of Heroism331,318
    19 Sep 2009 19 Sep 2009
    16 2 25
    So this isn't as hard as you might think. Here are some basic tips and feel free to add any you think of that I didn't by commenting. Or if you need any help w/ challenges I didn't discuss, comment.
    Green Goblin is a hard fighter for MOST of these. If you can use your powers, he is someone you want in your party. His machine gun can down enemies and charge fusions really quick.
    Iceman is good for slowing a lot of people down all at once. That ice pillar of his can definately break up a crowded room. He is also good for the Duck level by using it to destroy many boxes at once.
    Tank characters are always good. You will probably want to use four on the level where you have no powers.
    Multiple people are never a bad idea. Especially on the Ducks, fighting level w/o powers, escorting prisoners, destroying objects, finding concealed enemies, and territories levels. These are some of the hardest levels to do on your own. So try to get at least one friend to tag along. Also, remember that when your in a hurry, rolling (Blocking then moving) is the best way to go. It is the fastest way to travel that EVERY character can do. If you fly beware of getting knocked outta the sky.
    Hard level tips:
    For finding the concealed enemies, focus on objects on the ground. Just walking by a container will open it, then while one person is fighting those robots, go bust some nearby crates for more. Keep an eye out for multipliers. Crates on top level rarely have enemies.
    Killing w/o powers isn't hard. You still get fusions. Use tanks or fast melee characters and fusion when there are a lot of the more powerful enemies near (Bigger robots) or when you have a multiplier.
    Ducks- Use Iceman and Juggernaut (if you have him) these two are the best for the job. Best to do w/ more than one person.
    Prisoners can be seen by robots and still not get caught, same goes for AI characters. Use your roll or flight to move around. Mines do NOT alert robots.
    Territories can be a challenge alone. Using a powerhouse like Thor, who has a massivly powerful close range powerset can help a lot, same goes for Goblin, and most tanks. Remember that throwing back mines will keep your party up and moving since they are dropped in the territories regularly.
    Two other things to note. If you are having trouble. Changing the difficulty to Legendary DOES seem to effect the power of your enemies, but it more than balances out by the extra levels you get. I found it easier actually to do this on Legendary.
    Remember to constantly change your boosts based on what character YOU are using. You AIs will fend for themselves. You need to make yourself the most powerful character out of your four.
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    Aura of Heroismit does, but only in difference to the actual hits you take, for instance, the sneaking one, there are no more bad guys than normal, but the ones where you have to fight, well those will be problematic for the simple reason that you will get hit harder. However, as i stated in the solution, the extra levels you get tend to balance it out. The hardeset one on a high difficulty is going to be the fight sans powers, but since you can still use fusions its really not all THAT hard. Basically, if your character is maxed for legendary, go for it.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 09 Apr 11 at 17:37
    a Fi1thy CasualI went through my legendary run, and found that the majority of the sim missions were incredibly easy save 2: the Heavy and Heavier Metal missions. Those were the bane of my existence UNTIL I bit the bullet, loaded up a new playthrough on herioc and ran through the Latveria missions. Then I loaded up the sim missions with Thor and spammed his B power. If you are maxed out (level 60) and you get the robots grouped together, that one move will take out multiple enemies per hit.

    I ran through Heavy Metal (without using fusions) in under 3 minutes, and Heavier Metal I did in a little over 2.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 03 Aug 12 at 20:03
    Bigjimboski80Thanks to HeroicNewtype for the Nick Fury suggestion. I would get close with Juggernaut and Ice Man but couldn't quite get it. I got it on my first try with Nick Fury using his Y attack. I think Jean Grey's x attack would also work really well as someone else had stated they used her to get this.
    Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 12 Nov 12 at 11:28
  • Pedle ZelnipPedle Zelnip743,678
    18 Jul 2016 18 Jul 2016 20 Jul 2017
    3 0 0
    Edit: now that I did the Xbox One version of the game, I wrote a more complete solution for this achievement for that version:
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Sim ChampionThe Sim Champion achievement in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 worth 115 pointsEarn 12 Gold Medals from Simulator Missions.

    Just adding my 2c on the two hardest golds for me:

    Adrenaline Surge


    Captain America

    Gives "Martial Artists" - +5 striking


    Wade's Fav (+10 all attributes) (under Attribute)
    Strike True III (+15% Melee Dmg) (under Basic Combat)
    Vampiric Melee (+4 HP with every melee attack) (under Special Combat)


    - use Deadpool and milk the A, B, A combo, rolling to farther away enemies and firing fusions when you get in trouble




    Human Torch + 3 others (you really only use one guy)


    Wade's Fav (+10 all attributes) (under Attribute)
    Diluted: +20% Stamina regen, -5% Power damage. (Sim Mission: Basic Training, gold) (under Counter Tactics)
    Infinity Formula: +20% Stamina Regen. (Heroic Deed, Nick Fury) (under Counter Tactics)


    - don't get caught. :p The idea is generally as you're running around rescuing hostages you fire the odd shot off from Human Torch at enemies which give you a bit of points, and once you get decently close to a gold with a few minutes in the bank, you just stand there repeatedly shooting the robot.
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