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Infinite achievement in Bright Memory: Infinite


Clear the game on "Hell" difficulty

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How to unlock the Infinite achievement

  • MuetschensMuetschens
    09 Jul 2022 20 Jul 2022 02 Aug 2022
    First off: you do NOT have to complete the entire game on „Hell“ difficulty! See below for more infos

    Edit: According to the lovely commenters you also do NOT have to play through the game on Revenge! You can play through the game on Easy first, then beat the final chapter (as described below) on Revenge and then move on with the rest of the guide!

    To unlock the highest difficulty you have to play through the entire game on the highest available difficulty. Normal enemies shouldn‘t pose too much of a challenge on this run. Liberally make use of all your special ammo types (the game usually dumps loads of it every encounter) and get somewhat familiar with the parry/deflect mechanic.

    Bosses can be kited around with relative easy. Meaning you can just run backwards while unloading unto them, while using your sword to parry all ranged attacks and jumping/dodging their ground attacks.

    Once you‘ve beaten the final boss you can use the chapter select in the main menu to start the last chapter on „Hell“ which WILL unlock this achievement once you‘ve beaten the final boss again.

    All the strategies above work just the same, enemies and bosses just have a ton more heath now. Especially bosses get super bulletspongy this time round. But take your time, kite them while dodging their attacks and keep blasting them with all you got.

    If you need more guidance on how to beat enemies and bosses, refer to the comments again. People have shared their tricks in there so give them a try!

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    Live4DoomTo add: While it is an extremely cheap way of clearing the higher difficulties, if you have issues with the kiting or want a more action heavy approach the Ground Slash (Light Blade skills) move makes you completely invulnerable while performing it, kills archers on Hell in one hit and regular enemies in two and at max level staggers all bosses as well.
    This was my last achievement in the game and took down the last boss essentially stun-locking it this way...
    Posted by Live4Doom On 27 Jul 22 at 00:26
    KJer25^ This right here. Enemies are sponges, but you can exploit the entire chapter by using the jump charge y technique. Stun locking the final boss is also very possible but, back off when or if he starts to fly around.
    Posted by KJer25 On 28 Jul 22 at 22:08
    a holy chainsawYou can run past most of the enemies too, as long as you uave a way point.
    Posted by a holy chainsaw On 25 Aug 22 at 14:30
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  • SangriazSangriaz
    30 Sep 2022 02 Oct 2022 02 Oct 2022
    Just play the last chapter on Hell difficulty to get this achievement. Hell difficulty must be unlocked first by finishing the game on Revenge difficulty, which you can do the same trick of just playing the last chapter on the Revenge difficulty.

    Here's a video walkthrough for beating the final chapter on Hell difficulty:
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