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Idiot achievement in Risen (Xbox 360)


Fell to death 3 times

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How to unlock the Idiot achievement

  • This is DavidThis is David
    02 Oct 2009 05 Oct 2009
    To get this quickly, turn left at the Abandoned House and go through the opening towards a fireplace and a chest. Ignore these for now, just save your game. Then, simply jump over the fence and die. Load your game and repeat twice for this one to pop.
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  • WolfgameWolfgame
    14 May 2010 15 May 2010
  • FinderKeeperFinderKeeper
    20 Aug 2011 21 Aug 2011
    I didn't see these solutions until I had already entered Harbour Town and started the quests there. So, this solution is for anyone who wants to get this achievement in Harbour Town for reasons of convenience.

    There's a place you can jump near the lighthouse. If you're facing the lighthouse door from the cobblestone street (not the lower level where Jack's living quarters are, but the "street level"), turn right. You should see a relatively low stone wall.

    Now, save your game. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise, you may end up having to retrace your steps from halfway across town (or more, if you haven't saved in a while). I called it "Idiot Save" so there was no doubt which save I needed.

    Once you're done saving, go to the part of the wall closest to you (you'll notice it's not quite as high as the rest of the wall) and press 'Y' to jump onto it. Once you're on the wall, you can see there's a 10-20 ft. drop to a hard stone walkway. Simply face that way and press "Y" while you move your left stick forward. That should do the trick.

    Since you're dead, you'll see the list of saves come up. Choose "Idiot Save" (or whatever you called it). Rinse and repeat.

    The fall isn't as impressive as the one near the Abandoned House, but you're just as dead. ;-)

    P.S. Before I tried the wall, I tried jumping from the lighthouse platform where Jack is standing. I jumped from the edge, near the boat. I tried it 7 or 8 times, and only died once: probably because I got lucky and hit the rock and the boat instead of the water.

    The rest of the times I hit the water and ended up surviving the fall (even though the game makes it look like you're drowning, it just deposits you on the nearest dry land with no loss of life).

    The other two solutions are good, and I'd recommend them if you're nearer to the Abandoned House. But if you already passed the Abandoned House and you're in Harbour Town (as I was), this should be a convenient alternative.
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