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Coastal Highway

Complete Coastal Highway on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new Firefight mission.

Coastal Highway+0.4
14 December 2009 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for Coastal Highway

  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne306,167
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    This is the last level of the game. Play only on normal or above. Some advise for completing this level would be to not have the catch skull on at. There are alot of grunts on this highway and you will get stuck alot. Once you get to the tank it's smooth sailing just make sure you cover "Dare" because she can die and then you fail and have to start from the last checkpoint. If you're playing on Legendary with the iron skull on, there is a cache of rocket launchers with 998 rockets in it. It's at the beginning of the level right after you get in the hall in the tunnel but I believe it has to be 4 player co-op. I believe this also has to be done in one sitting as well because resumed games are only counted for the where you start at it so it will count it as not completely playing all the way through.
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