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Data Hive

Complete Data Hive on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new Firefight mission.

Data Hive+0.4
14 December 2009 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Data Hive

  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne306,167
    23 Sep 2009 27 Sep 2009
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    This is just for completing the level on anything but easy. You will get this by normal story progression. My advise is to carry your pistol and and a plasma pistol through out the level. There are a lot of brutes in close quarters and 2 chieftains. Once you come to the frozen area grab the flamethrower and flame every enemy you can find. Kills them in less 4 seconds.
  • Team BissetTeam Bisset676,817
    04 Oct 2009 28 Apr 2011 28 Apr 2011
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    You will start this level in a dark room you will find a few discarded dead and weapons in this room nothing to special compared to aq pistol.
    -go straight out of the front door and follow the system of corridors.
    -You will eventually bump into a few grunts a bit further down teh tunnel nothing to hard.
    - head shot them all and go forward take a left and go through the door.
    - as soon as you go through the door take a left you will get attacked by a squad of jackals.
    -(best strategy pistol shoot their hand so they reveal their head bang headshot easy kill.
    -follow the tunnel was again at the end of the tunnel you will bump into grunts once again easy, go through the door.
    -You will now enter a system of circular rooms with health packs.
    -In the 2nd circular room you will bump into a grunt and jackals, then to the next room and next squad of grunts and brutes.
    -3rd room again will have another brute and grunt.
    -4th room will have a marine in ( follow if you have 29 intel for your 30th). Press the switch to raise the floor and get ambushed by the flying bugs kill and jump down the hole.

    -Again go through the door activate night vision and take out the enemies in the dark corridor.Follow the corridors once again and take out the groups of brutes and grunts. (HINT:Watch out for invisbile brutes)
    -Head through the door at the end and go again into another system of circular rooms and bug invasion.
    -Make your way through each of the circular rooms again taking out sets of brutes and grunts. In the last room once again there will be a control panel to fall down (From here the rooms will start to ice.)
    -Follow the systems of tunnels again you will bump into larger sets of brutes from now. (HINT: sticky brutes you can get an achievement if you dont have it.)
    -Around the first corner you will engage your first hard fight with a brute chief. Flame grenade him easiest method avoid his huge plamsa channel (do not pick it up its useless).
    -At the cross section here the man will go left if you have 29 intel follow he will provide the 30th (if not he dies). If not go straight aherad to your right the flame thrower in a little nook. (HINT: use ammo efficiently to get I like the flame achievement.)
    -Take the right at the cross section and follow the corridor all the way down and through the door.

    -Through another 2 sets of doors you will get ambushed use the flame thrower to destroy the sets of grunts, bugs ad brutes. Now go through the door into the small corridors. Go through till you bump into dare and follow.
    - You will have to cross a bridge with dare ( be careful a hell of a lot of bugs will pour out in this section.) Take the lift up and follow her to the bridges above you now run and follow her.
    -Bugs will come out of the hives keep cover kill and move is the easiest method.
    -At the end enter the door into the building and go down the lift shaft and go though the door at the end.
    -You will now have to fight chiefs and brutes in this open area snipe if possible take it very slow.
    -enter the room after killing all brutes to watch a cut scene at the end of the room. killed 10 engineers shame on you if you didnt you can feel good about yourself at this point.
    -It is easy from now on stay near the engineer he will overshield you and make you almost invincible.
    -Go back to the open room and prepare to be attacked by brutes. Take them all out to get to buck at teh opposite side. Drop ships will drop grunts and jackals that elites hammer should sort them out quick.
    -Take the door on the right and jump down the elevator shaft. Be careful this room has bugs all over the roof not sure if they wake up. Follow the engineer through the last system of corridor systems. The engineer will open the door for you just wait.Again there will be bugs on the roof run to teh end of the corridor and open the door. you should be where you started enter the elevator and get your achievment for legendary congratulations.
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