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Pink and Deadly achievement in Halo 3: ODST

Pink and Deadly

Get 10 Needler supercombine kills on any covenant.

Pink and Deadly0
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How to unlock the Pink and Deadly achievement

  • Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e560,687
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    You'll probably want to get this achievement on missions "Uplift Reserve" or "Data Hive" (if Campaign, but FireFight also possible) since there are plenty of needlers and enough enemies to get this achievement.

    As you probably already know, grunts are the easiest ones to kill. Try to focus on them, followed by the other covenants.
    If fighting a brute, don't waste your needler ammo until it has lost its shield/armor (meaning, use another weapon). When you finally see the brute's ugly face, finish him with the needler.

    Play those missions on easy if you like. This way, you'll do more damage and your health won't drop as much as on Heroic or Legendary.

    Remember that if you get killed, you will return to last checkpoint and... last obtained needler kills.

    You will get this easily, trust me!

    PS: Some people seem to give a negative evaluation on this solution.
    I really don't mind getting thumbs down, but at least have the decency of sharing "why-you-don't-agree" with other gamers!

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    DKong27I go this on Easy Firefight on Crater (first time playing too). It is difficult if you are on early waves or low difficulty as they tend to die before the explosion. Easier on Brutes, even if they still have shielding.
    Posted by DKong27 on 02 Jan 10 at 00:42
    Doc BuddhaI've given you a thumbs down as you have given an incorrect bit of info, & missed out one very important thing...

    The missed bit - a supercombine needler kill is where you pump a full clip of needles into an enemy & it finishes with an explosion. If you miss one and don't get the explosion at the end then finish him off with another needle it won't count towards this achievement.

    The incorrect bit - if you get a full-clip-hit supercombine explosion it will even take out a brute shield so you don't need to deplete his shield first, just make sure you hit with the full needle clip.

    Also - one additional thing, as it takes a full clip you must reload before you start shooting. It's not the number of needles that hits that counts, it the full clip from start to finish.
    Posted by Doc Buddha on 20 Sep 14 at 14:56
    SmactSillyDoc Buddha, thanks for explaining that. I had no idea and I thought there was something missing from this solution.
    Posted by SmactSilly on 08 Dec 17 at 17:19
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  • TGC DaZZTGC DaZZ45,228
    24 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
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    I first atempted to get this while playing through various campaign levels but found there was never much Needler ammo around I was never able to get it down. So after a bit of trial and error I would recommend getting this one on Mission 06: Data Hive as its a nice long level with plenty of Jackels and Grunts and of course plenty of ammo. To make things easier set the difficulty to Easy (you can attempt it on higher levels but will but as the enemies need to take more damage on these levels it will simply take longer). Now the idea around this achievement is you need to get 10 super combine kills using the Needler. This basically means you need to shoot an enemy constantly until the explode. I would recommend you start by killing the Jackles and Grunts to collect the Needler and stock up on ammo then target your aggression towards the Brutes. I found that Brutes will trigger the "Pink and Deadly" counter easier than others as they don't explode all the time. So simply stick with Brutes and you will gain the 5G extra for your Gamerscore in no time.
  • G01dustG01dust154,196 154,196 GamerScore
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    Dont waste you time in campian since there isnt that much needler ammo. Play firefight and kill grunt/jackles to get the needler and then kill the BRUTES with the needler for this achievement. If you try to kill just grunts with the needler they dont explode all the time so it wont count toward achievement. I think the jackles with shields might count toward the achievement too, but just go for the brutes to be sure and you will have the achievement in no time.
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    dharmadukeAha, now I get it! Thanks for the info... I got this achievement in firefight, but couldn't understand why my needler kill progress wasn't advancing even though I was taking out a lot of grunts.. I didn't realize that I must have been killing them BEFORE they got enough needles in them to detonate, thus those kills weren't contributing to the total.

    I quickly realized that killing jackals was working fine so I got the achievement that way, but after killing about 20 grunts that didn't add a thing. lol. Thanks for the tip. ;)
    Posted by dharmaduke on 29 Sep 09 at 10:24
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