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Wraith Killer

Kill all Wraiths in Uplift Reserve.

Wraith Killer0
13 December 2009 - 8 guides

Achievement Guide for Wraith Killer

  • Inquisitor XXIIInquisitor XXII106,302
    23 Sep 2009 24 Sep 2009
    71 1 4
    I got this achievement just by playing through, swap your spartan laser with the guy riding shotgun in the warthog and he will have unlimited shots, drive around and he'll take them out for you!
  • CadmusTheDragonCadmusTheDragon306,118
    22 Sep 2009 22 Sep 2009
    38 0 0
    You begin the level with your silenced SMG and a Spartan Laser (5 shots). Through the level there are 6 wraith tanks which must be destroyed. As long as the laser shot is well aimed, you should kill the wraith tank in 1 shot. In the open area where you find the 3rd and 4th tanks, there is a building in the middle of that area. After destroying the those tanks (4 at this point), go to that building where you will find rockets and spartan lasers. I found 6 rocket ammo and 2 completely full spartan lasers. Proceed on through
    the map and destroy the next two wraiths. Achievement unlocked.
  • Bigballa71085Bigballa71085224,263
    23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009
    27 1 0
    Aside from using the Spartan Laser you can also destroy the Wraiths by boarding them and planting grenades. But clearly the easiest way to destroy them is using Spartan Laser or Rockets as you dont need to get to close.
  • PapaTheHutPapaTheHut229,566
    01 Dec 2009 30 Nov 2009
    22 0 1
    The best way to do this is what everyone else said, using Splazers and Rockets. But just as a heads up, if you're playing co-op, YOU must destroy all wraiths. Today I played co-op and I destroyed 5 as my partner destroyed one. And since this picky game won't let you replay a level without deleting your progress, I have to wait until I'm done with the story mode to do this level again.
  • GregLXStangGregLXStang14,701
    25 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
    23 1 2
    Easiest way I have found is to mount the turret in the Warthog, unlimited ammo and just let the guy drive you around! After you unload enough rounds into one they go down in a ball of glory.
  • Altis21Altis21158,274
    17 Sep 2010 07 Oct 2010
    18 0 0
    It's not my video but it can help you if you have trouble with this achievement. But it's an easy achievement, I make it in legendary.
  • NevrSurrenderNevrSurrender173,533
    31 Aug 2014 31 Aug 2014
    4 0 0
    This one is pretty easy. You can link a few achievements here. I also got Stunning and Headcase as well, just on this level. Make sure to load on Easy.

    For Headcase, load "Grunt Funeral" skull before you start.
    For Stunning, follow the other guides here, it's the perfect level. I killed a grunt, took his plasma pistol, and then charged it and took out a grunt on a ghost, then meleed him once he was stopped (has to be within 4 seconds).

    I then took the Spartan Laser fully charged to each wraith, and also picked up a rocket launcher with 6 shots in it. I pretty much drove the ghost, used it for unlimited ammo, and when I saw a wraith, jumped out and took one of the two heavy weapons to it. Either on easy will take it out on one shot.

    Once you hit 6/6, achievement pops. However, for Headcase, make the final jump.
  • Mumbo Jumbo UKMumbo Jumbo UK345,488
    22 Sep 2009 22 Sep 2009
    6 3 0
    Be careful if trying to do this in co-op, only one person in your team can do this ie one person destroys all tanks. If someone else in your team destroys a tank the cheevo won't pop.

    Best to decide who takes the tanks out when the level loads.
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