Tayari Plaza achievement in Halo 3: ODST

Tayari Plaza

Complete Tayari Plaza on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new Firefight character.

Tayari Plaza0
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How to unlock the Tayari Plaza achievement

  • TGC DaZZTGC DaZZ44,917
    24 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
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    This is yet another story based achievement that will be unlocked as you progress through the game. For this one you simply need to get past Mission 1: Tayari Plaza. The only requirement is that you play through on at least the Normal level difficulty or higher. It will not unlock if you are playing through on Easy.
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  • Team BissetTeam Bisset726,214
    22 Sep 2009 29 Mar 2011 29 Mar 2011
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    This is for harder settings as i believe lower levels the enemies are downgraded, there may be no snipers on easier settings

    look at videos below the text below is a step by step so pick a method and enjoy halo level one :)

    POSSIBLE ENEMIES- grunts / brutes / golden brute / hunter / jackal (shielded/non shielded)
    -immedediately from start walk down the hill, be ready you will find patrols of grunts and brutes, take out grunts first with head shots.
    - use the availible cover, you should easily be able to get a plasma pistol from the dead grunts in order to over charge brutes for quick kills.
    -continue up the road and turn left.
    -run straight ahead and you will bump into marines who are pushing up the city ( dont worry about them they usually die)
    -turn left and go down the alley the door to your left should have an open door in the alley
    -you can either go through the building in order to get a height advantage (recommended on legendary) or straight ahead into a brute patrol
    -be careful and make sure to take out all enemies in this area before moving on or you make taking out the turret a lot harder
    -straight around the corner look to the right on the elevated level you will find a grunt, on a plasma turret and a patrol of grunts and a brute.
    -if you can lure the enemies out of the turrets line fo sight kill them first. Then headshot the grunt on the turret
    -follow the road and turn left. The rest of the straight all the way down the road will be full of grunts and jackals some taking pot shots from the sniper tower.
    -to the left you will see a destroyed truck if you duck you can see between its wheels this will help thin the enemies
    -after that truck run to the garbage van on the right, once again thin out the enemies then take the van on the left. This should allow you to finish off the remaining enemies.
    -make sure to pick up any ammo before proceeding throught the big door behind the sniper tower. (THERE WILL BE HUNTERS PICK APPROPRIATE WEAPONS)
    -now you will be in front of a courtyard
    -if you have long range weaponary take out as many enemies as you can next to the crouching marine
    -turn around and run through building half way through there will be an opening to the right do not go out but take out any jackals on this walkway.
    -you will find up to two snipers in the courtyard, there is a sniper opposite the entrance door you came in.
    -(if you run through the building and come out the bottom look up and to your left to see him, he will be near a plasma wall.
    -the second one is above where the hunters come running down the ramp above the turret
    - to take out the turret run over the bridge and hide behind a pillar this will provide a shield from the hunters. Also it will put you level to the turret so you can head shot the gunner.
    -now in the courtyard all that should be left is 2 hunters
    -try to avoid close quarters, use grenades as much as possible and aim for the open areas with accuracy weapons such as pistols, you will take them down in no time.
    -walk straight ahead to see a drop ship placing troop at the bottom of the staired area where the crashed pod is you have 2 choices kill the enemies or running up to the pod and press the pod
  • VortecK1ngVortecK1ngThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    29 Sep 2009
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    does this work for multiplayer too? because i did it and it didnt pop when it was doing it with a friend but when i did it by myself it did hummmm
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