Campaign Complete: Heroic achievement in Halo 3: ODST

Campaign Complete: Heroic

Complete the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.

Campaign Complete: Heroic0
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How to unlock the Campaign Complete: Heroic achievement

  • drabikdrabik346,836
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    I would suggest that you complete the game on Normal or Easy before you try the game on heroic. This is because moving through the streets of New Mombasa takes MUCH longer on heroic than normal/easy, as you would expect.

    In fact, I would probably suggest that you try the game on legendary anyway - it is not too much harder than heroic - and will only take a little longer. The achievements are stackable, so it would get you an extra 100 gamerscore for a little bit more time.

    You DO NOT have to play any of the game in New Mombasa streets to get this achievement. You can simply finish the game on easy, then load up each level individually on heroic.

    As other users have stated, cover is vital - do not try to rush this game. It is best to have at least one friend with you, so that they can act as a temporary spawn point.

    I completed this game in legendary with one friend in a few hours, whereas we spread Halo 3 over several days on legendary.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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    This achievement isn't really hard to get.
    You should get a friend that beat the game to help you. The reason is he/she can give you a heads up of what happens during the missions. Having a friend with you also help because when one of you dies, the other guy can move back and let you respawn. Make sure to use the plasma pistol with a carbine/magnum combo for brutes and jackals. Kill all the other enemies first before you try to kill a hunter so you don't have to worry about bullets hitting your back. In my opinion, it should be just better to beat the game on legendary than heroic because they're kind of the same(Beating the game on legendary also unlocks Dare).
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    x2iMay I add that when Halo Waypoint launches for those who don't have the November Dashboard Preview... unlocking this achievement or any of the campaign complete achievements and then launching Halo Waypoint will unlock an ODST Helmet for your avatar as an award - see here for more information:
    Posted by x2i on 01 Nov 09 at 03:03
    olde fortran 77I completed the game on Legendary solo (and I'm not terribly good) so I agree with the advice about going for Legendary instead of Heroic.
    Note: when you have characters who can't die (Buck, etc.) or don't die until a specific place (Data Hive cop) you can let them absorb an awful lot of punishment while you hang back and flank or snipe.
    Posted by olde fortran 77 on 05 Jan 11 at 14:15
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