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Campaign Complete: Legendary

Complete the Campaign on Legendary to unlock a new Firefight character.

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How to unlock the Campaign Complete: Legendary achievement

  • Anonymous RainAnonymous Rain73,170
    09 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2009 18 Oct 2009
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    This may seem stupid, but the best and most overlooked tactic in the game is to STAY BEHIND COVER. You are not Master Chief. If you want the achievement, get used to spending time behind walls and crates, and run away when necessary. Pop out, shoot an enemy, then get behind cover to reload or let your stamina come back. Wipe out all the enemies in an area before continuing, or you'll just be killed on the way.

    Doing it with a friend will be easier but if you want to do it alone, stay behind cover. All the time. When it comes time to kill a chieftain, run away and move around obstacles to keep distance between you and him, try to take him out with heavy weaponry such as a fuel rod cannon, gravity hammer or rocket launcher. Nothing else will suffice, and plasma pistol overcharges won't do anything to him.

    Try to avoid Hunters too, I played through the entire game without having to kill any of them, I'm sure you can too.

    Also, I have provided a video guide on how to skip through 90% of the level "NMPD" which can be found in my Halo 3: ODST fileshare.

    Remember... STAY IN COVER!

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    ph0x1further to fortran's comment:
    When doing Legendary Solo: Give your buddies the biggest guns you can find, I give em the green snot gun a lot, or the rocket launcher. Don't give em the Pink Needler, they don't use it correctly. The Spartan Laser is decent as well. Often times a guy with a rocket launcher in the passenger seat of your jeep is better than the dood manning the Machine gun turret.

    Dare with the snot gun leading the engineer out from underground - AWESOME.
    Your buddies never run out of ammo, and it's nice to grab a big gun from them once in a while if you need it, then return it to them. It's a shame that your buddies keep getting rid of the nice guns during the cut scenes, so be sure to take them back before the cutscenes happen if you can.

    Also a tip for killing the big guy with the hammer halfway through the level with the stolen banshee. That's where you get out of your flying vehicle and clear a bunch of brutes before opening a door. Near the end of your kill spree (hopefully with a sniper from across the room) the big guy with the hammer comes. I like to run outside, get into my flying alien ship and blast him with the guns and missiles from a safe distance.
    Posted by ph0x1 on 10 Jan 12 at 19:02
    Guds StormOkay, so me and my brother just beat the game on Legendary. Achievements worked fine all the way - got one for every completed map and some small ones for other stuff. Then, when we beat Coastal Highway, nothing happened. We should have gotten the Coastal Highway one plus the three for beating the game on Normal, Heroic and Legendary, but as I said: Nothing. We then loaded up the final map and beat it again, but still no popping.

    This is pretty annoying... Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a clue what might have caused the glitch? And most important of all: And is there any way to unlock the achievements now, without having to delete the save file and play through the entire game again?
    Posted by Guds Storm on 17 Mar 12 at 02:21
    Anonymous RainGuds Storm, I am not entirely sure why your achievements aren't popping. Please contact bungie support or something of that regard.
    Posted by Anonymous Rain on 17 Mar 12 at 13:31
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  • drabikdrabik346,308
    23 Feb 2010 24 Feb 2010 21 Jul 2011
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    There are a lot of solutions, all of which are fine. I would suggest that you complete the game on Normal (or easy) before you try the game on legendary. This is because moving through the streets of New Mombasa takes MUCH longer on heroic/legendary than normal/easy (as you would expect).

    You DO NOT have to play any of the game in New Mombasa streets to get this achievement. You can simply finish the game on easy, then load up each level individually on legendary.

    As other people have stated, cover is vital - do not try to rush this game. It is best to have at least one friend with you, so that they can act as a temporary spawn point.

    I completed this game in legendary with one friend in a few hours, whereas we spread Halo 3 over several days on legendary.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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    "You DO NOT have to play any of the game in New Mombasa streets to get this achievement. You can simply finish the game on easy, then load up each level individually on legendary." - The advice I was looking for, why are there better rated guides excluding this information?
    Posted on 07 Jun 13 at 11:30
    drabikYou're welcome. Good luck, and have fun!
    Posted by drabik on 07 Jun 13 at 11:35
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    Here is a beginners guide to Legendary:

    Follow the link, it has very useful tips and stragies. It is the first video in a series of walkthrough episodes to get you through it. Look in the related videos for the next video.

    Read on for tips of my own from my experience of legendary. Before you read on can I just say if you are going to get all the audio files complete the game before doing so. Also, rember you are not master chief, you have stamina and your health doesn't recharge and you take damage from falling from high hights. I would say the campaign is much easier to complete on Legendary than Halo 3s. If you just got ODST then you might as well do it first time on Legendary for all the achievments.

    -Use ammo wisely and sparingly. It is best to aim for headshots on every enemy as this kills them quicker. Try to aim for sticks, pick up as much grenades as possible. Do not waste grenades they can be just as important as gun ammo sometimes.

    -Work out which enemies are agressive shooters and which are less and base your strategies around this.

    -Always take your time. If you die don't give up. Try different tactics to get through.

    -Try not to get checkpoints when your bar is red and bleeping. There are plenty of health packs if you just look around. I always heal up just to be on the safe side.

    -Try to sneak past enemies: for example, hunters (as they need to be stuck 4 times to be killed and so have a large amount of health and damage). This can be easily done and will make the campaign shorter.

    -Do not use the weapons: shotgun and assault rifle. They are useless in this game. Good combinations of weapons include the carbine and plasma pistol, pistol and plasma pistol. The plasma pistol can take off brute's armour/clothes and then they are 1 shot in the head with the carbine or pistol. Pick up jackals snipers as it is just 2 body shots to kill a brute (I think).

    -Take out enemies from a distance (especially grunts). Take cover and do not rush, you will get nowhere doing this.

    -Let the AI be the distraction. As you go through the game you'll find teamates, you can use them as the distraction as they have infinate health. You can come up from behind the enemy while they are attacking the AI and stick them for example.

    Hope my tips and also the walkthrough videos help, thanks and good luck.
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