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Good Samaritan

Killing things that are new and different is bad, alone or with another ODST.

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  • MaxoplataMaxoplata243,290
    23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009
    82 14 9
    If you miss this on your first play through like I did (I got Naughty Naughty first). Just start from the very first mission on easy difficulty and just run through the missions and past all of the enemies at night time. You will get the achievement as soon as you go underground. It took me about 2 hours.
  • killerbeej2killerbeej273,714
    23 Sep 2009 22 Sep 2009 22 Sep 2009
    47 2 20

    Don't kill any Engineers at night. They float about enemies to provide shields to them. It will pop as soon as Data Hive starts.

    Sidenote: sometimes killing the last enemy in the area will kill the Engineer and count against you. Reload last checkpoint and skip him this time.
  • ImperfectScolbyImperfectScolbyThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    26 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
    41 4 0
    This achievement is misleading but incredibly simple for one you CAN kill the engineers during the missions but you can't when your playing the rookie if you kill a bad guy and the engineer randomely dies you can still get the achievement as long as you didn't shoot at him an easy way to tell if you killed the engineer is you'll see a notifier in the corner that says naughty naughty (only if you didn't get the naughty naughty achievement already) that means you killed it and if you want to get it revert to last save.
  • ReaperShadow666ReaperShadow666166,903
    02 Oct 2009 02 Oct 2009
    33 2 0
    Alright basically you have to complete the game up until the Data Hive level without killing Engineers. You can kill them during the missions when you are not The Rookie. Alright so to simplify DO NOT KILL AS ROOKIE. Anyone else is fine. Basically go past any group with an engineer present at night and do the missions as fast as possible. That's how I got the achievement.
  • EmuholicEmuholic91,730
    20 Oct 2009 20 Oct 2009
    27 3 1
    I am not quite sure how I got this achievement as I had previously completed ODST and had killed an engineer in the city so I did not get the achievement.

    But tonight I joined three friends who were playing through the game on Legendary difficulty (doubt it matters). I joined them at the start of Kikowani Station. We played through Kikowani Station and Mombasa Streets(F) and when we started Data Hive the Good Samaritan achievement unlocked for myself and one of my friends but not the other two friends.

    I have no idea why it unlocked as I did not start the co-op campaign from the beginning but thought I would give it a mention here as it could be a glitch or maybe a workaround to get it faster by playing those two levels.

    For proof you can see my campaign stats at - the three games on 20th October.

    Hope it helps in some way.
  • 12 5 0
    Best way to get this is to resist the urge to shoot them when you playing campaign on the first run (Any difficulty, doesn't matter), When you have none shot and you reach the entrance of the Data hive, You'll get rewarded with the achievement and 20G

    **NOTE: For users of Halo Waypoint, Your'll get rewarded with the ODST Armour for your Xbox live Avatar**
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