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Find all Audio Logs, alone or with another ODST.

18 January 2020 - 4 guides

How to unlock the Audiophile achievement

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    Here are some hints to help you find all the audio guides...

    I recommend doing this in SOLO as you cant reply COOP without it resetting the audio logs. If you do this in solo, you can select 'mombasa streets' and get that single one you missed, then save/quit, then load data hive and get the final one. You CAN NOT replay in coop without resetting the logs, so if you accidentally miss one, or accidentally activate the last beacon without knowing it, you are screwed. (please comment if you have found a way to do this in coop)

    Difficulty: I did it on normal, but it does not matter too much as you are usually avoiding fights.

    Engineers: if you are trying to get
    Halo 3: ODSTNaughty NaughtyThe Naughty Naughty achievement in Halo 3: ODST worth 10 pointsKilling things that are new and different is good, alone or with another ODST.

    (kill 10 engineers) there are often engineers in the side-courtyards that the audio logs are sometimes located in. You can find 5-8 while just gathering the logs. A good use of time to go for both achievements at once. To easily kill engineers, use an overcharged plasma pistol shot.
    Note: there is also
    Halo 3: ODSTGood SamaritanThe Good Samaritan achievement in Halo 3: ODST worth 32 pointsKilling things that are new and different is bad, alone or with another ODST.

    (don't kill any engineers for the whole game) - Obviously they can not be done at the same time.

    Hints for Finding the Logs:
    - You must complete at least 3 flashback missions before you can find all of the audio logs (the others will not appear yellow in your VISR, and can not be interacted with).
    - Audio Log locations are mostly telephones, kiosks, health kit stations (both the large and small kind), and a few that are activated by smaller things
    - MOST HELPFUL ADVICE: THE SUPER ATTENDANT IS TRYING TO HELP YOU FIND THE AUDIO LOGS - He/it does this by doing any/all of the following things when you are near (50-75 feet) to a audio log or the entrance to one (aka near a security door you need to open to see a log)
    - Police car sirens going off
    - Street barriers rising then lowering
    - Phones ringing (even if the phone ringing is not the diary activation point)
    - Phones and vending machines shooting out coins (with tinkling sound as they hit the ground)
    - Saying "please walk" in his super attendant voice
    - Having signs that say 'detour' 'keep left/right' 'watch out'
    - After collecting the audio log, all of these things turn off, so you will not ever find them occurred at a place you have already collected a log from.
    - After collecting enough audio logs, you unlock supply depots around the city. (I unlocked my first one after my 4th audio log) - some of them have two mongooses in them, which is very useful for traveling around the city fast... also, you can just drive past enemies before they can do any damage.

    General FAQ:
    -HELP I AM AT THE RIGHT PLACE BUT CAN'T UNLOCK THIS AUDIO LOG!!! - You can not collect all of the audio logs until you have completed at least 3 flashback missions. If you are replaying on solo, mombasa streets, you can collect them all immediately.
    - All audio guides are in the city at night (when you play as the rookie, not when you are in the flashbacks) (except for the last log)
    - You do not need to get all the audio logs on the first play through – you can replay the night campaign
    - the actual audio you hear in the logs is not unique to the location you pick them up - the audio is a linear story that you pick up in the order you are supposed to hear it in.
    - The final audio log is in the next to final mission (data hive), but it is not too hard to miss so I won’t put any spoiler things here
    - The supply depots that you unlock all contain lots of pistol and SMG ammo, frag grenades, and a power weapon (with lots of ammo) - Rocket launcher, Sniper Rifle or Mongoose (For fast transport around the city)

    My suggestion (which is my advice for all games with item-collection achievements) take a screen shot of the map, then mark off each as you collect it in paint. Here is a link to a screenshot I took of msxbox’s map – just simply save this to your computer, (and if you are using windows) right click --> open with Paint --> select the spray paint can on the left (next to the ‘A’ symbol) --> select the largest size of spray --> select a fun color like red --> mark each log as you grab it!

    External image

    (This image will likely be deleted after a while. Send me a message if it is deleted and I will replace it.)

    As always, please reply with a comment or send a message on here or xbox if you have any questions, comments, love or hate.

    Good luck and Happy Hunting!
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    Homunculus Fury Killing the engineers does not affect the achievement. I did this today. I had already done naughty naughty. Before doing the kikowani station. I grabbed all 29 logs. That way it made sure all of them would be available when I went for them. Also the map is a great source but in my opinion does not "translate" well to the map in game only because the icons cover up more area than needed. This guide was great. The only thing I would add to it is the fact about the 30th log. Seems kinda silly leaving information about it out on a guide to find all 30.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 14 Jun 14 at 23:13
    ジャン ベリオス This thing! The image alone worked absolute wonders. Thank you
    Posted by ジャン ベリオス on 18 Jan 19 at 18:38
    ジャン ベリオス This thing! The image alone worked absolute wonders. Thank you
    Posted by ジャン ベリオス on 18 Jan 19 at 19:13
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