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Firefight: Windward

Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Windward.

Firefight: Windward0
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How to unlock the Firefight: Windward achievement

  • andrew 290000andrew 290000448,871
    17 Oct 2009 18 Oct 2009
    51 1 5
    Just some general tips for firefight, not necassarily windward:
    1. Play on easy if you have time
    2. 3+ people are reccomended but not necassary
    3. Get the Gravity hammer, easily the most useful weapon in the game You get about 1000 points for a hammer spree and 2000 for a dream crusher, melee with B and it wont use ammo, after getting dream crusher, throw a grenade and kill an enemy, get 10 hammer kills, rinse and repeat.
    4. Shoot the banshees down with plasma pistols, it takes one half charged shot, gives you about 700-900 points, and makes you feel like a beast.
    5.On other maps the vehicles can be used for splatter sprees and vehicular manslauters, then shoot 1 enemy and continue.
    If you are doing this on easy
    6. This should take around an hour on most maps, and you will probably be on set 3.
    7.On this map, two friends and I got to 450,000 points, and beat set 5, this took about 3 hours, and I racked up 211,000 points.

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    Capt PoopeyWeird, when I soloed this map no Hammer Cheiftains appeared until the end of the third set of five waves. The rocket launcher proved invaluable to manage the Fuel rod Cheiftans in the meantime - thankfully the Grav Hammer guys turned up at the end of the next set and it was back to Dreamcrushing normality. Took an extra half hour or so, but if this happens to you don't give up and restart you will still prevail. Thank you for the guide :-)
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 05 Jan 13 at 12:52
    Achiev3ments360Can anyone tell me, if I am playing with two or more people, and adding up all our points, goes over 200,000, the achievement opens, or each one have to do 200,000 for the achievement open?
    Posted by Achiev3ments360 on 25 Oct 18 at 20:14

    you just have to reach a total of 200k among all players in the game. total score is all that matters, not individual.
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 26 Nov 18 at 14:05
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  • NonfaithNonfaith453,530
    25 Sep 2010 10 Sep 2010 20 Jul 2011
    28 1 0
    If you are a half decent player you can beat any firefight by yourself in about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. For me this was a little easier than with a party because you can rack up multi-kills faster by yourself than when you are competing against a team. You can get 200k before set 4 if you play well.

    If you suck at this game however. you will need a party to watch your back.

    Tips to get through:

    -***The magnum and the plasma pistol are your friends.*** The magnum will one shot kill all enemies in the head if their armor and shields are off. The charged plasma pistol knocks Brutes shields AND armor off, with the exception of Chieftains. You have to shoot the helmet off Chieftains with the magnum to shoot them in the head after you knock their shields down with a plasma pistol. If you can do this, and do it well, you will get the majority of your kills this way.

    -Hammers rack up mulit-kills very quickly. Use them strategically and you will get high points.

    -Horde heavy weapons. Always keep a rocket launcher or similar heavy weapon someplace you can get to it quickly when Hunters show up.

    -Buggers are very annoying. Get them to come to you into an area where their ability to fly is hindered. You can kill them easily then and rack up some nice multi-kills. Buggers killed in ones and twos give crappy points, but in fours and fives they are golden. The back doors of the center lobby are great for this because there is a low ceiling clearance there.

    -Never camp someplace you can't retreat out of. You will get hammered, grenaded, or cluster f*#@ed if you camp in small spaces.

    -Don't attack drop ships! They give you almost no points, you can't kill them, and they are a waste of ammo. It is better to wait till all the Covenant have just jumped off and are in a large group and attack then. DO attack the Banshees however. Every little bit helps.

    -If you have one enemy left on the map and you can't find them, it is probably a bugger hiding down below a bridge or up on a balcony. I have found them stuck on the balconies of this map. Don't give up on a match because you think it glitched. It didn't, buggers are just very annoying like that. Sometimes they will be places you can't kill them. This is rare and you just have to swallow your pride and restart. I finished 2 different firefights because I found the nasty little s*&%s hiding places.

    Good luck and don't get frustrated. I personally finished all firefights by myself. You can do it too.
  • MaxoplataMaxoplata261,213
    23 Sep 2009 24 Sep 2009
    31 4 0
    With 4 people just set it to Heroic and have 2 people watching the bottom door and 1 person on each top door and you will easily have 200k during the second set. I got this on the first try with that setup.
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