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Firefight: Chasm Ten achievement in Halo 3: ODST

Firefight: Chasm Ten

Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Chasm Ten.

Firefight: Chasm Ten0
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How to unlock the Firefight: Chasm Ten achievement

  • ScarIet DeathScarIet Death756,991
    26 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009
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    I would recommend holding on to the UNSC Pistol the whole game, that way you have an easy weapon for headshoting grunts, and Jackals (Shoot their hand and then their head). Outside of that I would recommend grabbing a plasma pistol for the Brutes and Engineer.

    I did this level with one other person, we played split screen which allowed us to easily know where the other is. Communication is Key! We stayed on the uppermost floor in the enclosed hallway, we would begin shooting out one of the doorways and then once everyone began throwing grenades into that hallway, we would run left or right to another hallway and shoot the enemies from the side. The Blackeye rounds are difficult because of this however, the only Melee attacks we really got were from overcharged plasma shotting a brute who would then run in to the hallways and try to punch us, we would simply return the favor to him.

    The sniper also spawns in that hallway, we mostly used the snipers for taking out Hunters. (Remember to make those shots count! Look for the orange on the neck an lower back!)If someone dies or falls down, make sure they run into the enclosed hallway on the lower floor to ride the air vent back up. The rockets spawn downstairs, but are not as valuable as having a plasma pistol when tilt is on.

    The most dangerous thing for this strategy is Chieftains with Hammer running into the hallway with invulnerability. If a Chieftain makes it into the hallway, turn and run to the next doorway that leads out of the hallway. DO NOT try to run backwards and shoot him, you will definitely run into a wall and die if you try. Just run outside one door, and then run back in another and try to shoot him before he can run back inside.

    We got this by the end of the Second Set.

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    Gt; J The Altruist
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  • sP I ForgesP I Forge97,777
    15 Oct 2009 15 Oct 2009 28 Nov 2009
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    The other solution for this achievement is quite useful. Here are some more pointers to help if you are stuck.

    Use a pistol for rounds 1 and 2. In later sets use the Carbine as it works the same as the pistol but there will be more ammo about.

    Try to always carry a Plasma pistol or at least stick with someone who does, get rid of any shields before you use any other weapon, this is especially important when tilt is on. DO NOT waste any ammo on them whilst there shields are up, you won't damage them at all.

    When the Chieftains come work together at the pillars near the spawn. Make him pursue you around the pillars and get a team mate to assassinate him, saving a lot of time and ammo.

    If there is an engineer around kill him first, if you don't you will just waste ammo on other enemies and probably not kill any of them. If there are two engineers you'll need 2 or more people firing at them with an overcharged plasma pistol. Especially in the later rounds when it's not one hit kill and they can repair each others shields.

    EDIT: Check out my Solution for the Vidmaster: Endure achievement for a more indepth guide on Firefight in general
  • austex360austex360188,736
    29 Sep 2009 03 Jun 2010
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    A team of four works great, but a single person can plan out kills better than a group of four. For example, if four players kill one grunt each, they wont get as much as one player who gets an overkill on them all.

    So, if you're decent at Halo, you can play the Chasm Ten map on Heroic and wander around the upper catwalks close to the vents and doors. These are useful for flanking enemies and getting into cover. On the first rounds, use the sniper located in the upper tunnel-room to kill grunts and get a sharpshooter if possible (spree medals give lots of points). In general, use plasma pistol/pistol combo to kill brutes and try to line up higher multikills for more points. On the fifth wave, use a plasma pistol to knock off the shields of either the fuel rod brutes, or the hammer brute's shields, and finish them off with a rocket. The rocket launcher in the spawn point on the bottom level of the map. On the bonus rounds at the end of each set, use your pistol to get easy headshots on grunts, but don't ever stop moving. Bonus round grunts are grenade-happy and dangerous.

    Other than that, simply survive until you hit the 200,000 points required for this achievement. I've personally survived until just over 400,000 points playing under these very similar guidelines, so it is not overly difficult if you're a good shot.

    *Note: If you can't survive well solo, play with a friend or two, but it might take a little longer.
    **Note: Similar strategies to this can be used on the other Firefight maps as well.
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