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Vidmaster Challenge: Classic

Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.

Vidmaster Challenge: Classic+1.1
15 December 2009 - 8 guides

Achievement Guide for Vidmaster Challenge: Classic

    23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009
  • CasualThunderCasualThunder204,194
    23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009
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    This achievement is very easy to get in conjunction with the Wraith Killer achievement. Make sure to attempt this on the Uplift Reserve Flashback as Dutch. NOTE: Do NOT shoot or grenade ANYTHING. This will reset your achievement progress for Classic and that's not a fun thing. At the start of the level you can either assist the overturned Warthog or continue to the right along the outer wall. I recommend the latter as on legendary the grunts are fond of grenades and are able to stick you while you right the Warthog almost every time. As you make your way along the right side of the level, commandeer a healthy Warthog and boot out the driver. NOTE: Do NOT honk the horn. Aparantly Bungie regards the horn on the Warthog a deadly weapon. Honking it will count as a shot fired, so avoid at all costs. After removing the driver, make sure to swap your Spartan laser for whatever weapon the former driver has. Upon entering the passenger seat, the former driver will now be an unstoppable, infinite-ammoing, Spartan-lasering machine. All you need to do at this point is stay well back from the fight and let him/her work their magic. All Wraith kills made by your gunnery team aboard your Warthog will count toward your progress. The next few sections can get a bit tricky but the thing to remember is to stay well back and let your passengers do the work. If you lose a passenger, either restart at the last checkpoint or pick up a new soldier. Remember to pick up the laser if your passenger dies. Also along the way you will run into opportunities to swap Warthogs. If your team won't switch 'hogs, just take your Laser and give it to your new best front-seat buddy. If you run into Banshees, just move around. Make yourself a hard target to hit. The very last section takes some patience to pull off as you need to take out as many baddies at range as you can and move in on the last tank when the coast is mostly clear. You will know you are at the final section when you hit some switchbacks on the side of a hill that lead up to a covenant encampment. The encampment will have grunts hiding behind barriers waiting to stick blue fuzzy spiders to your head so be ready for that. After you take out the last tank you should get a pop-up for your Wraith Killer and after the small video interlude you should get Classic. Cheers and I hope it helps. The above is EXACTLY how I got both these achievements. If it doesn't work then try again. You may have accidentally hit the horn.
  • I Angelmaker II Angelmaker I69,258
    22 Sep 2009 22 Sep 2009
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    Simply complete Uplift reserve by running around in a warthog and first chance you get, jump into a ghost (theres one parked on a rock by the first tunnel) and zoom past everything . when you hit the beach where theres a shallow cliff with three shade turrets facing down, boost over the rock formation to the right, and just keep going. when you hit the cliff with two shade turrets on it, ram into them both and replenish lost health at the next station around the corner. from here, zoom past everything, and when you cross the hole at the end, you will get the achievement when you become the Rookie again. pieca' cake.
  • Crimzon NutcaseCrimzon Nutcase230,757
    05 Oct 2009 07 Sep 2010 07 Sep 2010
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    Once again the boys over at Rooster Teeth have made it easy, and a joy to unlock an achievement. While of course giving some of their routine humor. Enjoy. :)

    Forgot to mention this, and it may be incorrect. However, I've heard that honking the warthog's horn, could null the achievement. (Better safe than annoyed.)
  • hunterIVhunterIV381,979
    26 Sep 2009
    40 4 3
    Very simple, very quick for a Vidmaster. Start up Uplight, grab the Warthog, drive past the Wraiths. Grab the parked Ghost right after it and just hold down left trigger to boost everywhere. On this level, it seems there are health packs after each checkpoint, so make sure to grab them if you need them. No reason not to. You are going solo. Anyway, just keep on boosting, taking the shortcut rock formation in the area with the banshees and three turrets. Then just keep on driving. It will unlock once you get past the cutscene at the end (which I love that they changed it for you if you are driving a Ghost instead of a Warthog.

    WARNING: Do not even TOUCH the right trigger. I had the Spartan laser as my weapon and I kept tapping the trigger to make it start to charge. Bungie doesn't like that. Didn't get the achievement on the first run through. If need be because of an itchy trigger finger, tape it to another part of the controller, lol.
  • LockAndLukeLockAndLuke351,867
    12 Aug 2011 12 Aug 2011 12 Aug 2011
    21 1 4
    My solution is just how I did it exactly.

    Start Uplift Reserve from the campaign Replay Mission screen.

    From the start, flip the warthog, then either:

    1) Drive away to somewhere you won't be shot, then wait for the marines to come get in your vehicle, passenger and gunner.
    2) After you flip the 'hog just sit and wait for the marines to get in, a little bit more dangerous but gets the job done quicker.

    Either way, wait until the passenger gets in, then get him out, and replace his weapon with your Spartan laser.
    Now that you have a gunner and a near-invincible passenger, you may proceed.
    Still in the same area there will be quite a few enemies, keep you distance but be close enough so the marines notice them, and obliterate them, with a laser and turret, this doesn't take half as long.

    There will be a wraith in the same area, and another after you have taken the first one out, still using the same tactics, destroy both wraiths, ghosts and choppers, then move on.

    Continue using these tricks in each area and finishing the level will be a snap and will be done in no time.
    Be sure to pick up any health packs you may come across if needed.
  • RyankeltyRyankelty24,874
    02 Jan 2010 02 Jan 2010
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    Ok this is kinda hard ok so you start the mission uplift reserve and make sure its on legendary or this wont work. it took me 5 trys if your lucky you will get in first and heres a video by The smiley sponsored by machinima (HD)
  • KumekerionKumekerion477,294
    03 Aug 2010 03 Aug 2010
    21 4 0
    Like everybody else, I played Uplift Reserve and used the warthog first then switched a ghost.

    About near the end (2nd to last wraith where there was a circular platform with hunters on it) I accidentally threw a grenade because I had died on a ghost and immediately held L thinking the checkpoint was still on the ghost, but it had saved where I was picking up a health pack instead. I panicked and reloaded the checkpoint, I couldn't find anywhere on the internet saying whether I could still get the achievement or not so I decided to finish the level to find out, and after beating it and switching back to the rookie i did. Hope it helps.
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