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Vidmaster Challenge: Endure

In Firefight, on any mission, pass the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.

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Achievement Guide for Vidmaster Challenge: Endure

  • ThinkMcFly88ThinkMcFly88161,713
    23 Sep 2009 23 Sep 2009
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    If you follow this method it is pretty easy:

    Use the Alpha Site map and position 2 people across from each doorway. This creates two chokepoints the covenant have to go through and gives you clear shots at them.

    Stay out of the middle of the room except for between reinforcements where you can go grab weapons.

    Have one player on each side get a Fuel Rod Cannon for Hunters and Chieftans. Get ammo for it in between rounds.

    Have one player on each side stripping Brute shields with a Plasma Rifle and the other player doing head shots.

    Using these tactics on this map took two hours and ten minutes to complete but we did it losing minimal lives while taking down the tough enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • CanaDa FwendCanaDa Fwend552,035
    25 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009 11 Aug 2013
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    Map: Lost Platoon

    The idea behind Firefight is fairly simple... DON'T DIE. That is why I will repeat some strategies that others have mentioned but will emphasize some some key differences.

    Our Result: I ended the match once the achievement was reached, 1 hour and 57 minuets, 31 lives remaining (even with many intentional betrayals). One of our players had never beaten a single level in any halo on heroic and prefers easy mode. The strategy only requires one truly great player and one who is exceptional. The other 2 just need to know how to aim, fire, and communicate.


    Lost Platoon is a map that revolves around a central structure. It is connected to the only 2 ODST spawn points by an upstairs walkway. The key point of interest will be your main base located in the side of the central structure. It is the Warthogs spawn point, and the room on the side of it contains the Spartan Laser. Enemies can only enter the map via Phantom dropship, there are 4 potential locations. 2 phantoms will land at the beginning of each sub-round. 2 of the locations are Chopper drop points and 2 are Wraith drop points. The most important being the wraith drop point directly visible from the Spartan Laser spawn room. The other wraith will stay up on the hill on the opposite side of the map.


    Role 1: Laser
    Probably the key player, but also your weak link skill wise. Let me break it down simply.
    1. Hide in Laser spawn room with Laser.
    2. Kill the visible Wraith immediately upon drop.
    3. Hide. Don't Die.
    4. Repeat when needed.
    This simply and, quite honesty bor-ring, job is what makes the systematic rape of these Covenants possible. The only reasons this player can EVER die is through a breakdown of team support combined with restlessness. Literal death by boredom. He will poke his head out at just the wrong moment, and this will be to the delight of a Brute Chieftain carrying a Fuel Rod or Hammer. Spartan Laser will be abundant if used for these purposes. So much so that this player spent the second half of set 4 killing us! (the easiest set) Also note that the Wraith on the back hill is nearly irrelevant, and no player should climb that hill for any reason. Most of the time he is off in his own world not even firing, but even when he was firing it resulted in 3 deaths tops. I'd take that over risking the lasers safety every other sub-round any day.

    Role 2: Brute Chopper/Leader
    Reserve this role for the best player of your group, but be warned you will likely die the most. Not only will they be expected to thrive in any combat situation, many times with no support!!! but you will need to be able to communicate important details to your teammates. Mostly this will include dropship locations as well as what enemies have, or are going to, drop (for that you will need to understand the pattern of sub-rounds that the enemies are based upon). It is also important to understand skulls and let your team know because you may wish to adjust your strategy (EX. when Catch is active the safest place for all team members is in a chopper, except the laser). As for the physical expectations of this player, you should be out killing in a Chopper at all times. When necessary (and your chopper is destroyed) you may need to take out any group of opponents on your own, on foot, then get back to base asap. For that I recommend your weapons to be a Plasma Pistol and either a Carbine or Human Pistol, whichever has more prevalent ammo at the time.
    1. Splatter any large enemies, as well as shoot Drones.
    2. Never approach a dropsite when a phantom is present.
    3. Always travel clockwise around the central structure and be cautious of collision with teammates in other choppers. Doing this will avoid ALOT of senseless deaths and provides you with the best angle of approach for all dropsites.
    3. At the time of a drop focus on killing the enemies closest to the base first, that way you will ensure the protection of your Laser (and possibly other players) within it.
    4. The Leader especially needs to be adept at killing the driver of enemy choppers without destroying the vehicle. Storage of spares should be inside the base under the stairs, and a player should get in and out of them from time to time to prevent them from disappearing. SIDE NOTE - Another solution suggested storing the choppers in the 2 spawning rooms. While it is an interesting idea, after some thought I would disagree with it's practical effectiveness. Spares aren't always plentiful and finding where you put them then getting to them would be more trouble then it saves you. It's easy enough to run up the stairs and follow the path to the choppers in the base without ever needing to engage an enemy.

    Role 3: Chopper When Possible
    This player should be fairly skilled. Basically follow all chopper rules as stated above. When you can't use a chopper then stay in the base and support your teammates.

    Role 4: Alternative
    If this player is skilled enough then use a chopper when you can like Role 3. However there is a very effective alternative if this player isn't that good or like in our case prefers the simplicity for time to time (this is also what you should be doing if no chopper is available at the time.) Sit in the gun of the warthog and DO NOT move it out of the base. In the base you're are protected on all sides except the one you should be shooting towards. This strategy should be avoided when Catch is active or during a sub-round that contains Hunters or Brute Chieftains wielding Hammers or Fuel Rods. Also this is the main difference between this solution and others.... NEVER.... NEVER use the Warthog as an offensive weapon outside the base. First of all that means 2 deaths, and second its tactically foolish. Death risk if far too high. Trust me, stick with choppers, boosting makes splattering any enemy possible without driving directly at them from a distance to gain speed (seems obvious). It would be incredibly daft to try this when any fuel rod or hunter is around.... which is often (let alone almost any enemy). Plus if you think you can rely on the turret, think again, the Tilt Skull will make it nearly impossible. On top of that the Warthog isn't safe. Go with choppers, that wheel is an offensive and defensive advantage. If you get stuck on the wheel if barely even affects you.

    Everyone go for headshots with a pistol or carbine and avoid getting stuck. The medals will drastically increase your points in a short amount of time. Once the target score is reached try to run and survive the 60 seconds so you don't risk losing your weapons or grenades. Also there is no sense wasting a chopper and getting simultaneously stuck 10 times. But it is possible to do good damage with the chopper during the round, just be wary.


    Catch - Stay on the move and use choppers

    Tilt - (Ground Tactics) Take out enemy shields with plasma weapons, use headshots. (If you use the chopper tactics then Tilt won't affect you at all.)

    Black Eye - Use extreme caution!!! When there is a lone grunt or jackal the chopper players should dismount and beat down to replenish stamina. Oh and 2 healths are located on the back wall of the base and 2 are on the walls on top of the bases structure. Even so, the majority of your deaths will occur when Black Eye is active.

    If you follow these stratigies this achievement will be almost easy. In my opinion it was an actual "walk in the park" compared to the rigors of the highway and the Vidmaster Deja Vu Achievement (yes that was a bit of a pun). I would say good luck but you won't need it. Have fun slaughtering these Covenant.
    03 Oct 2009 05 Oct 2009
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    Here is my vid about it, I do it on Alpha Site.
  • sP I ForgesP I Forge84,061
    03 Oct 2009 29 Oct 2009
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    Typical Structure of Firefight

    In the first wave of every set, always use a pistol to kill everything, no point wasting any ammo for your big guns here. In the later Rounds/Sets, when Catch skull is on, be careful for enemies throwing plasma’s, if you stay on a turret you are very likely to get stuck by 2-4 grunts. So keep moving and keep your distance. If you die in the first Wave, chances are you are not going to get your 200k or Endure.

    For wave 2 you will either get attacked by more Grunts and Jackals with the occasional Brute, but on some maps you can get Buggers and Hunters. A good tactic is to swap out your SMG for a fallen plasma pistol and overcharge your shots to destroy brutes armour and finish them off with a clean pistol headshot. Keep using the pistols on the Grunts/Jackals, and if you get attacked by Buggers grab your SMG again and shoot them down with that. For Hunters, try to team up on them and take it in turns to spray their unprotected orange back with the SMG. Also you can stick them with plasma’s or spike grenades, but if when Tilt is on it will take a lot more grenades so let it hit for you, go round the back and spray its weak points.

    Waves 3 and 4 is more of the same really, keep using the plasma pistol overcharge with the pistol headshots on any Brutes and vehicles, whilst using pistol for Jackals/Grunts. Take out Invisi-Brutes and Jet Pack Brutes in the same way you would a normal one, just watch out for the flame grenades when Catch is on, don’t let them get you in close quarters with their Maulers!

    On Wave 5, the Chieftains come. The easiest way to kill these guys is one overcharged plasma pistol to remove any shields, then use the pistol to shoot their helmet off and then go for the headshot. Try to kill a grav hammer Chieftain first, take his hammer and use it to kill other Chieftains and jet pack brutes.

    Enemy Specific Tips

    Grunts: Kill them with the one shot to the head with the Carbine or Pistol. These are easy enemies to kill, but when catch is on, stay away from small groups, and don’t underestimate them!

    Jackals w/shield: These are probably the least threatening enemies, they don’t throw any type of grenade and can be taken out with one headshot (pistol/carbine). When they are facing you, shoot them once in the arm through the little gap in the shield, when they throw their arms back shoot them in the head. These are good for sources of plasma pistols and carbines!

    Jackals: The jackals that don’t have shields. One headshot = a kill, and they don’t throw grenades. Easy enemy.

    Buggers: I don’t know if that’s the correct term but I’ve heard them being called it a few times. They go down easily from a few SMG shots, but when tilt comes in they are a little tougher, stay in enclosed areas and force them to fly to you and when they land, beat them to death. This is great when Black Eye is on!

    Any Brute: ALL brutes die with one pistol headshot if they have no shields, so use plasma pistol to de-shield them and pistol away! Also don’t underestimate the needler, once clip can kill any type of Brute (other than Chieftains of course). So if you don’t want to carry a plasma pistol and pistol, maybe carry a Needler and a Power weapon, Needlers are great when Tilt is on as well, as they ignore any shields.

    Brute (Standard/Blue): These Guys throw Spike grenades (watch out on Catch) and wield Plasma Rifles and Carbines (I think). Kill them with overcharged plasma pistol followed by pistol headshot. 2 hit kill on any difficulty with any skull!

    Brute Captain (Gold): Slightly harder than the normal Brute, but they still die in one headshot after you plasma overcharge their shields, so they shouldn’t be a problem.

    Jet Pack Brutes: These are normal Brutes, except they can fly. Big whoop.

    Invisi-Brutes: Probably the most annoying Brutes, they use Flame grenades which can kill you if they hit you (flame damage lasts for ages), and their Maulers can be devastating on higher difficulties. They still die with one Needler clip or the plasma pistol/human pistol combo though so they aren’t hard to kill. If you know some are around, use your VISR to see them more clearly.

    Hunters: These guys can be annoying but are pretty simple to kill if you use teamwork. On the early sets they will die with a few plasma sticks, but when Tilt comes into play it takes a lot more, so don’t waste them. Let them get close and hit for you, dodge it and shoot them in the back with a sniper, shotgun or SMG for the most damage. Team up with a friend and you can constantly shoot them in the back whilst they go for the other guy.

    Brute Chieftain: These are the toughest enemies, but know how to kill them and they are easy (I once got a double kill off two!). Simply use an overcharged plasma shot to take their shields down, then with the pistol shoot their helmet till it falls off, then its a one hit kill to the head! This is better on the Hammer brutes because they can be taken out from a distance, so watch out when you are fighting the Fuel rod ones, get ready to jump out of the way of any missiles.
    And watch out for their invincibility! When they lose their shields they sometimes activate a second bright blue shield. This is invincibility. When this is on DO NOT SHOOT, it’ll waste ammo. Don’t go for a melee or assassination either, it doesn’t work, if you are quick though, and tell your friends to stop shooting them, you can take them out before they activate this shield. Also if you are on a map with vehicles, these guys can get splattered in one, so use vehicles if you can.

    Extra tips

    When going for Endure, if you die once in the first set, start again, you will need every life you have, you should stay alive until at least Set 2. By that time you will have a nice stockpile of lives for when Set 4 arrives.

    When Tilt is on, always de-shield enemies as soon as possible, if need be get someone to use just plasma pistols and get them to de-shield whilst you use a pistol or similar weapon to finish them off.

    When Black Eye is on, stay back! Especially when Buggers are around, and when the Wave/Round is almost over, try to save any Grunts or Jackals so you can melee them at the end to get Stamina back.

    If someone on your team dies a lot, replace them. Getting Endure or even the 200k’s is a lot harder if you have to carry your teammates. It doesn’t even matter if the teammate is skilled at the game, they should have mics, and should listen to commands from the other team members, co operation is key for reaching higher scores.

    The best map for Endure is Alpha Site Interior, follow the above tips, and keep 2 guys at each stair case for this achievement, it’s hard for enemies to reach you like this, and at least 2 people should carry a plasma pistol in the later sets.

    When going for a 200k achievement, Normal is the best if you are doing it alone or with in experienced players, it takes approximately 60 minutes, and usually lasts 2 and a half sets. Doing it on easy will take twice as long, so don't do it on easy!
    If you are with skilled players, do it on Heroic and it will take less than an hour!
  • financesfinances67,111
    17 Oct 2009 17 Jan 2010
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    Oki Doki, Its like this:

    My guys and I used the map Lost Platoon.

    Its a great map because there is lots of room to run around. When we started, we had two guys in the Warthog, whoever is better at using the gun needs to stay there and whoever is the best driver in a Hog needs to always be the driver. (I was the driver)

    Have your best guy with a long range weapon up top in the center building where the Spartan Laser spawns. You will need to provide intel as to where the Wraiths are dropping so he will be able to take them out. He must not use the laser on anything but the Wraiths as its a waste of precious ammo.

    The last guy should take out stragglers when he can until a Chopper appears. Have that person get in the Chopper and drive around killing things. It worked best for us when we drove only around the center building.

    Now the first wave will be a piece of cake. The second wave is where the TILT skull turns on. Most people will tell you that the Hog is ineffective because the bullets dont harm the enemies.... We never stopped using the Hog the entire time we were doing Endure. We looked at it like this: we still had a vehicle that could run things over! You just have to exercise caution and not be reckless. Another thing to keep in mind is that you still have the other guy in the Chopper driving around too. If you run into him he will explode and die. This unfortunately happened a few times with us lol.

    When the bonus rounds come, as soon as the Phantom drops the Grunts off, start mowing with the turret in the Warthog. Its probably a good idea to have the driver, drive into a group of grunts and do a power slide to take out as many as possible and then get the F out of there. Also have the guy in the Chopper make passes shooting and running them over. The thing is, don't stop moving ever when youre in a bonus round. You'll die quickly lol.

    Basically with us, it took about 2 hours to complete. The entire time we were constantly informing each other about what was going on. I believe that communication is essential for this achievement. Just let your guy with the Laser know where the Wraiths are and he'll take care of that. Your job with the Hog is to constantly be moving. Dont stop or your toast. The guy on the turrets only ONLY job is to mow sh*t down. We found that the turret also worked extremely well on the Drones. Even with the TILT skull on. The guy with the Chopper is the guy that provides support for the guys in the Hog and he is also the mop up guy.

    Be careful of the Chieftans (the guys with the hammers). They can sometimes strike with the hammer before you can run them over and youll be in the air or dead, so be cautious.

    The invisible Brutes also can pose a problem sometimes because they love to throw flame grenades. We found that simply running them over after the guy in the Hog lit their shields up was the best solution.

    The Grunts, Hunters and Jackyls were more of a irritation than an actual problem. We never gave them a chance to become a problem i.e.: getting out of our vehicles.

    Other than that, just be mindful of how many health packs you have and communicate enemy locations, your health, ammo etc to your teammates. Always be talking to your teammates. Speaking of teammates it also really helps to do this achievement with people youve been playing with for a while. It just makes things go smoother.

    Hope this helps! The gamertag is: finances if you have any questions.
  • Six El SidSix El Sid78,483
    22 Sep 2009 25 Sep 2009 20 Dec 2009
    47 14 5
    Alpha Site seems to be the popular choice. My squad did it on Lost Platoon. Key hints -

    You need one driver and one gunner for the Warthog. The Warthog is the key and will do a majority of the troop clearing. The driver needs to always keep on the move, and always keep a distance. Losing the Warthog will hurt you very much until you get a new one at the end of the round.

    One person in our squad would hold the Spartan Laser. This can be found on the bottom floor room to the right of the Warthog spawn.

    The 4th person had a Chopper whenever possible, to assist the Warthog. Splatters work well in most situations.

    Our fight was centered in the field where the bonus ship shows up, and the hill that you come down from when playing this level in campaign. At the beginning of a wave, the Spartan Laser player and the Warthog would sit up at the entrance plateau when not gathering weapons or health. The Laser player can hang back and the Warthog would drive in a tight circle (use the circle on the ground for a good guide, stay to the outside of it) to attract the gunship fire but still not directly take much of it.

    If a Wraith is dropped in either of it's two spots, it can easily be taken out by a Laser from the entrance plateau.

    Choppers are to be horded. If ever at all possible, try to kill the driver but save the Chopper. We had a stash of spare Choppers up on the entrance plateau for most of the game.

    Warthog also should be used to transport Laser player back and forth from central structure for restocking, and to protect the Laser player during bug attacks.

    Tough parts to look out for - on respawn, a player will often spawn inside one of the dark garages, with enemies hanging outside of it. If not done carefully, this can lead to a lot of lives lost quickly due to spawnkillings. Have a vehicle or surviving teammate make a distraction. The trapped teammate should NOT FIRE on the enemies, and make an effort to escape the garage.

    Note - we also had a very rough situation where 3-5 brutes actually left the fight and camped the middle structure's top floor. We did not know this, and the Warthog was almost destroyed with a Fuel Rod when we tried to pickup some health. We had to sit on the entrance plateau with Chopper/Warthog shooting randomly into the building to clear them out.

    Note 2 - This takes a LONG TIME. 3 hours for us. We did not know this would be the case. Please make sure you are rested, have used the bathroom, have eaten, and have a beverage near you to minimize discomfort. We would have probably kept going, but we let ourselves get killed on Set 5, Round 1, Wave 1 just so we could eat and use the bathroom.

    Note 3 - Added Dec 20 -
    For S&G's, here's a link to the game.


    We weren't anticipating actually getting the achievement on this go, and figured out strategy as we went.

    Six El Sid (me) drove the Warthog and Butterdumpster gunned. As you can see, I have only 68 kills while everyone else has at least 425, as my main job was keeping the Warthog alive. I actually got the achievement for not killing anything in a round accidentally this game.

    JohnMcLain8739 was the sniper/lazer main on the hill.

    Bitteralmonds was on a Chopper whenever we had one. He actually splattered a large majority of his kills. He DID have the most deaths by far, but to be fair, a lot of it was him getting spawnkilled in the dark garages. You gotta watch out for that.
  • Tom XLR8Tom XLR8147,088
    05 Aug 2010 05 Aug 2010
    27 2 2
    Okay, so it does sound tough, but here's about everything you need to know to get endure:

    First, the map should be Alpha site, trust me, it was practically designed for endure
    Second, only pick teammates that you trust, that listen, and that dont sing in their headsets!
    Third, it'll take about 2 hours, so get at least 2 and a half hours free
    Split into two teams, two on each side for the stairs, then you can kill the enimies before they even get close
    As soon as the game begins, get someone to go get the rocket launcher (and its additional ammo)
    Now here's the tip that greatly helps you: Put all the good weapons in the elevator (rockets, hammers, fuel rods ect). Any weapons put in there DO NOT disappear after rounds or sets, for example, when i did it we managed to save up about 5 fully loaded rockets (yeah, we made alot of explosions)
    So check your targets and watch the cross fire!
    When you see drones, hunters or any chieftains let your team know immeadiatly
    Boss rounds are a bit of a pain, but if you keep in communications and work together you'll breeze through them laughhing
    If you see a "hammer chief", try using two rocket shots on it, without pausing, just one right after the other, but make sure someone with a good shot does it, so they actually hit. If this fails, and you manage to get a grav hammer yourself, get someone to get the hammer chiefs attention, and then use the hammer when it's got its back turned, this counts as an assassination, and is the only way to bypass their anoyying invincibility!
    So now let's talk bonus rounds. Try to get everyone to get a rocket, fuel rod or brute shot. Stand or the far back stairs (as if you had just respawned) and aim at the holes. When it says "Iron: on" thats when you fire. Because of the angle and amount of firepower used at the small amount of space the grunts spawn out of, within the first five seconds you can accumilate about 20,000 points (in fact in about 15 seconds we managed to get over 100,000 points!)
    If you get any lag at all, mute your headset until it passes, and also try to refrain from jumping, swaping or picking up new weapons.
    When you make it to the fourth bonus round, it doesnt matter whether you get the lives or not.
    One other thing, to get the achievement, you must basically make it into the fifth set. The amount of people i've heard of quiting during the fourth set because they have the wrong idea
    Once you get endure, dont forget to update your halo waypoint account, you get a Recon/Dare helmet for your avatar, depending on your gender. Its a great way to show how you're a ODST veteran

    Thanks for taking the time to read this guide, i hope this guide helps you on your road to recon!
    Good luck
  • PottigPottig148,309
    31 Jan 2010 29 Dec 2009
  • Gannon94Gannon94408,474
    14 Oct 2009 23 Oct 2009 18 Jan 2012
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    -Alpha Site

    -(As mentioned in a previous solution) we had 1 player facing one of the doors and 2 facing the other

    -Double sided attacks and only had 3 players[explained below].

    -Milk the bonus rounds for all the lives possible.
    -When invasa-brutes are there look at the glass, you can see them through the glass elevators.

    Hardest Part - When Mythic Skull [X2 HEALTH FOR ENEMIES] comes on.

    My team was good, coordinated and above all else liked eachother.If you do it with someone you don't get along with to put it in a nice way your screwed.
    Causes wastes of lives, as people team kill.

    The handy thing about my game was that we had a player who was away and we hid him in a corner behind either of the spawns.
    So instead of 4 players loosing lives there was only really 3 players there to loose lives.This gave us 125% more efficiency and an advantage. (4 PLAYERS WERE IN THE PARTY THOUGH, DO NOT TRY WITH 3 PLAYERS)
    It was a bit harder for the player that was on his own facing one of the 2 doors.

    And the player was happy to sit it out because he got the hardest achievement in ODST for watching TV.

    Hope my weird tips helped,
  • Freelancer38Freelancer38163,887
    08 Apr 2011 11 Mar 2011 12 May 2014
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    Ok you can do this almost without any troubles on Alpha Site.

    Have two people on the left position across from the doorway the enemies come out from and one on the right. The other remaining player goes into the open elevator in the middle of the map and hangs to the left corner (facing the direction the enemies come from) facing the glass. When the enemies walk past they will instantly turn to face you and maybe try to hit you through the glass and they completely ignore your teammates.

    So have the one guy on the right just start picking them off while the person in the elevator stuns the brutes with a plasma pistol by jumping up and shooting over the glass.

    Stay in there until the chieftan wave (wave five of every round) and move to your teammate on the right until the fifth wave is over then go back to the elevator.

    The only thing to watch out for are the drones (flies) but a plasma rifle kills them very quickly in the harder sets, also enemies like brutes and grunts will try to stick you from the other side of the elevator (the side where the two teammates are shooting at) so just watch your back every now and then. And during the rounds with the skull black eye on the guy in the elevator should make his way to his teammate and stay there until the wave is over

    Using this method you will easily get this achievement done in 2hours or less will almost no lives lost (I've finished with no lives lost after 6 complete sets with just me and my friend with two guest/idle controllers (so its that easy) then we just quit) The achievement pops at the start of the fifth set.
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    do this on alpha site find some moderatly good players available on your friends list have 2 players o one doorway shooting and 2 on the other it will take a while but when you get halfway thru set 3 you will be screwed for ammo so you have to resort to anything lying around also when the tilt skull is on brutes will just waste your ammo so either save some stick grenades for them or have one person with the EMP plasma pistol to remove their shields and another to headshot them with the normal pistol,

    for chieftain (hammers) let them come to you and if you time it right when they swing either jump over or evade it to move behind him and assassinate him to kill them instantly the same should be done with fuel rod heros,
    try saving a spare pistol for the grunts and jackels because they can be irratating when catch is on.
    and finally for the bonus round get as many fuel rod ammo preferably the rocket lawn chair and aim directly above torwards the centre of the map at the walls you should see 2 gaping holes on each side try getting everyone to aim at them all the grunts will come out from there take the shot when it gets to 58 seconds you could get a killionaire if you manage to kill loads you could get over 60,000 points for it.

    hope this helped
  • STZ513STZ51375,729
    27 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2009
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    Map- Windward

    When you spawn look across the way. At the top of the stairs there is a room and inside the room is a large desk. Have 2 players keep meleeing the desk until it is blocking the entrance to the room. Meanwhile have the other 2 players stand guard outside, taking out anything that comes inside. The room will now be Brute, Grunt and Drone-proof! There are 2 Med Kits inside however you may accidently grab them while running around. Here are pointers for dealing with enemies:

    Grunts- Main grenade throwers. Strafe between the glass panels shooting them or throwing grenades.

    Drones- May occasionally get lucky and squeeze through though not often. Same strategy as grunts.

    Brutes (everything other than Chieftain)- Easiest way is to stick nades to them, just be sure to warn teammates in front of you or if you accidently throw one in the room.

    Jackels- They can climb up and walk in if you let them. Simply shoot or melee them while they're doing this.

    Chieftains- Their hammers can easily move the desk. Bombard them with weapons fire before they get in to waste the invinciblity. When they break in, run out and keep circling around on the top floor while shooting til they die. (Note- Hammers can also be used to move the desk back quicker, its just tougher to control where it moves. Make sure no one is inside while you're doing this.)

    Hunters- Same basic stategy as Cheiftains. Try and kill before they get in, but if you can't, run around the second floor.

    Grenades are your primary concern. If you stay near the glass they shouldn't get you, however hunters and chieftains may hit you through the glass. Large explosions or grenades that get under the desk may flip it.

    Most if not all enemies will be distracted if you stand in close to the glass panel. They will try to melee you but can't hurt you. If you press up against the panel you can melee kill them through it (great strategy for Black Eye). However, DO NOT TRY THIS ON CHIEFTAINS OR HUNTERS!!! THEY WILL KILL YOU!!!

    If you run low on ammo or grenades, wait for a break in the action or the end of a wave to run out and grab it.

    The desk may move a bit during the fighting so be sure to check on it and melee it back in place if it moved.

    Play a bit and after the first round or 2 you should have an idea of who the 2 best players are. Have them in the area across from the room, near where you spawn. The 2 people in the room distarct enemies and keep an eye on the radar to know where enemies will be entering while the other 2 get most of the kills.
  • trollsboxtrollsbox221,367 221,367 GamerScore
    23 Apr 2011 26 May 2012 02 Nov 2016
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    Adding to all of the helpful tips above,just remember to play with 3 others who are from the same region as you. The connection for different region players is really bad and will most likely lag everybody out a lot, as the servers for this game are not the best if im honest.

    I played with 3 others from the usa ( nothing against them at all, just bad servers) we got as far as the 4th set, 2nd wave and it kicked us out. So that was a few hours of game play wasted.

    It took me double the amount of time to get this achievement,so make sure that you play with someone from same region as you, as it will help a lot, trust me.
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    This vidmaster is, I think, the most difficult because it takes a lot of teamwork and skill to complete it. First of all, you need to assemble 3 of your best known players. Next, there are two maps I would predict you could this on. One is Lost Platoon. Second is Alpha Site. Lost Platoon is wide open and offers many useful features such as warhogs, choppers, and some heavy weaponary. You need someone staying on the top of the main structure, with the spartian laser, to take out wraiths. Then, 3 other people taking vehicles ,circling the map, killing anything it your path. Once the Tilt skull is added you need to ditch the warhogs for choppers and the splatter spree begins! But watch out, going through grunt parties usually means loads of grenades. Once you get to Bonus Rounds, let your heavy gunner take out the phantom's turret and let your vehicles splatter. These is benefital because you'll rack up 4 lives each time.

    Now for Alpha Site. Two groups stay on different sides of the map with one person having a plasma pistol for brutes. Once you take off their armour, take them out with a headshot. But staying out of the square and watching out for grenades and fuel rod shots are important, as well. Bonus Rounds are simple. There are two light up windows above the elevators, spawn kill the enemies as they jump out with fuel rod ammo. For the 4th set you'll need to have alot of lives saved up for Brute Chieftains. By the way, all skulls are on so stay back and shoot chieftains with rockets or teamup and kill them from behind.

    Hope it Helps.
  • 24 10 2
    This solution is in German.

    Am besten versucht ihr diesen Erfolg auf der Map Alphasite, weil dort nur Gegner von zwei Richtungen kommen können und ihr niemals von hinten angegriffen werden könnt. Stellt je zwei Spieler gegenüber von beiden Eingängen, sodass ihr alles im Blick habt. Wenn ihr so die verschiedenen Sets durchspielt und zusätzlich noch die Leben aus der Bonus-Runde holt, solltet ihr am Ende genug haben, um den Erfolg zu bekommen. Vorsicht vor den Runden, wo die Grunts Granaten werfen, das kann schnell zum Gemetzel werden. Brute-Häuptlinge mit dem Hammer sind übrigens nicht die gefährlichsten, weil ihr diese leicht Ködern könnt. Ein Spieler regt die Aumerksamkeit des Hammer-Brutes auf sich und lockt ihn weg, während ein anderer dem Brute von Hinten ein Schlag verpasst, welcher in sofort erlegt. Ein größeres Problem sind die goldenen Brutes mit dem Flak-Geschütz. Wenn die auftauchen solltet ihr große Vorsicht walten lassen.

    Hier noch ein Video, wo ihr die Positionen seht, wo ihr euch hinstellen müsst, sowie die Gegner Horden, die euch erwarten.
    Vielleicht hilft es euch ja, viel Glück. =P
  • Monkey PeltMonkey Pelt206,144
    31 Oct 2012
  • PalesiusPalesius1,254,640
    02 Jun 2015 03 Jun 2015
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    Map: Alpha Site

    Not many people seem to utilize the elevator or mention it, but it worked really well for us. Out of 2 runs, both made it to the very end with 12+ lives. One only failed because we lagged out with 2 waves left.

    Store extra weapons in the elevator as they will stay between waves. Especially rocket launchers, sniper rifles, fuel rod cannons, and carbines.
    There is a rocket launcher on the wall of the outer walkway in between the two stairs. There is also a rocket ammo case (only can be picked up if you are carrying the launcher) on the left landing pad.

    The 2 people best at snipping stand on the stairs, one on each. Your key weapon will be the magnum, as well as whatever carbines you can pick up.
    The other 2 stand in the elevator in the front corners. Their key weapon will be the smg.

    Brutes (non-jetpack), Grunts, Jackals. These will all aggro on the people in the elevator but not be able to hurt them. They will try to shoot/melee through the glass and fail. They can easily be picked off by the two on the stairs. Brutes we would often just assassinate to save ammo. Grunts/jackals we would usually pick off with headshots as they came down the stairs.
    Hunters. These will try to melee through the walls as well. Two sniper shots will kill them off if shot into the gap in the armor in the back. On the 4th round they will take quite a bit more, so save up your ammo.
    Jetpack brutes these are a bit more dangerous as they will sometimes fly up on to the edge of the elevator or inside it. So prioritize these. Stripping their armor with a plasma pistol overcharge or a plasma rifle, will make it easy for those in the elevator to finish them with SMG or magnums.
    Bugs these will attack the people in the elevator but usually fairly gradually, 1 or 2 at a time. This is why the smg is the key weapon for those in the elevator. The people outside should help of course.
    Chieftains This is the only reason this is at all difficult, probably 80% or more of our deaths were due to chieftains. And probably half of the remainder were during rounds with chieftains in them due to the general chaos. You can't really stay in the elevator as the blast wave will often knock you back and down the small holes so you fall to your death. It often got a bit frantic during these waves.
    Your options are:
    PP overcharge followed by magnum clip to the head. This will often kill them before they trigger invulnerability.
    Assassinate, you can, if you are quick and careful, smack them in the back while they are aggroing on the people in the elevator, if the elevator people position themselves center back, they will be safer from being knocked back, but by no means totally safe. You can also assassinate while they are chasing someone else, or if you are really feeling saucy, charge them while they are crouching to leap at you and run right under them, or jump over them as they are charging on the ground, and then spin around and assassinate them.
    Engage them at long range with something heavy like fuel rod, rockets, or sniper, or repeated shots, so they trigger their invulnerability while they are still pretty far, then just run away until it wears off. (You run faster going forwards then backwards.)
    Grenades Sometimes these will get inside the elevator, when they do you need to get as far as possible from them. Try to stay in those front corners, and be very careful when jumping up as this will sometimes make enemies throw grenades higher up so they actually make it into the elevator.
  • FreshPrince513FreshPrince513719,256
    07 Apr 2010 07 Apr 2010 08 Apr 2010
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    I do agree that Lost Platoon is the best place to get this achievement. Winning the bonus rounds are key to completion here. Someone should be shooting laser at the wraiths, and the front turret of the dropships in the bonus rounds, or else you will get raped in the bonus round. The other three players should be in brute choppers, screw the warthog, it is crap, don't even bother. Throughout the game someone, preferably the player shooting laser when the wraiths are destroyed, should be storing brute choppers in the spawns. It is much easier to get back in the game right away, rather than risking losing a life each time someone spawns to look for a brute chopper.

    I owe his guide to the players that completed this achievement with me, IDrinkCuzOfU, Pig117, and A Jack inda dox. Thank you guys for your support in this achievement.
  • Shad0wDreamerShad0wDreamer201,559
    27 Sep 2009 28 Sep 2009
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    Lost Platoon is easy. Start with warthog, and get choppers as fast as possible. Two to three choppers work.

    One person stays on second floor with laser for wraiths, having the warthog parked on the second floor on the corner closest to the spawn of the wraith in the front of the complex aka left side of the U.

    Put the warthog with the laserer when you get two choppers. take choppers down with Plasma Pistol jack combo.

    choppers should help with laserer/ warthog gunner whenever possible. Probably only for buggers (drones) though. Laserer only shoots wraiths though. Keep taking down choppers and park extras under the stairs nearest the laser for safe keeping incase someone dies in one.
  • xDOT COMxxDOT COMx211,931
    23 Sep 2009 25 Sep 2009
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    Do this on Lost Platoon. Take out the Brutes riding the choppers with the Warthog. Have your best players riding the Choppers wiping out all the enemies. Have one player scouting the laser and taking out the wraiths, it makes it more safe for the Choppers to drive around the map. The Choppers can splatter every enemy, just be careful when rushing agains enemies with Fuel Rod. They will instantly take you out. Total time spent playing: 156 minutes. Score: nearly 1.4M.

    PS. If you run out of choppers stay all together with the Warthog in the bunker furthest to the left (if looking at the map the same way you enter when playing Uplift Reserve).

    Good luck.
  • Crater BobCrater Bob291,129
    11 Jan 2011 11 Jan 2011
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    This can be done fairly easy on the ONI Alpha Site map.

    Weapon placement is simple yet stupid, simply because of the forced-timing when it comes to restocking your heavy weapons. The sniper rifle and shotgun are hanging on the central column weapon mounts, rocket launcher is centrally mounted above a bench on the first level up outside, and the ammo refills for the rocket launcher and sniper rifle are on the highest level outside on the balconies, rockets on the left balcony, and a couple clips of sniper ammo on the right balcony.

    What makes this a bit stupid is the Phantoms drop their troops on these balconies, so rearming between waves becomes extremely dangerous on Heroic difficulty.

    Also, the main weapon racks to restock your frag grenades, silenced pistol and silenced SMG are immediately below the spawn points, which also serve as your Last Resort Fallback areas, which you'll have to collapse back to if you start to get SEVERELY overrun near the end.

    As mentioned in previous solutions for this achievement, the central area will serve as your killing floor/main choke point, and this is where the majority of your weapon restocking will take place between rounds, but be weary, DO NOT enter the central area DURING WAVES on penalty of death either by friend or foe, but mostly foe.

    And during Catch rounds, don't stand too close to the top of the low staircases leading up from the killing floor, as this makes you easy victims for grenades of any fashion.

    Also mentioned in previous solutions, keep plasma weaponry handy for Chieftains and Hammer Brutes in order to take down their shields much faster, and for the love of everything that is evil, keep your eyes open for fuel rod cannons carried by either grunts or brutes, both of which can be extremely annoying.

    Also be on the lookout for Jackals carrying carbines, especially in Black Eye rounds, as these annoying pests will constantly pester and annoy you with persistent incoming fire that will quickly render you helpless, even dead in a matter of seconds, so take them down quickly in any way possible.

    When bonus rounds rear their ugly head, the grunts will be literally falling into the killing floor from the stationary upper elevators, so this would be a good time to be sitting outside on that first upper platform (Where the Rocket Laucher spawns), and just aim your grenades, fuel rods, and rockets down into the killing floor for maximum effect and massive multipliers when the grunts start to bunch up, keeping an eye open for incoming grenades.

    This method is truly verified, as I took a team into the Site last night and we managed to do this in roughly two and a quarter hours, many thanks to Sofarob, scrumblkins, and Jared Bennett for their assistance. toast
  • dryrain23dryrain2351,453
    10 Oct 2017 29 Dec 2017
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    Maybe not necessarily a “better” way, but, it worked better for me and my friends. We played on Lost Platoon and had the best shot grab the laser, the best driver drive the Hog, and the other 2 as a gunner and passenger. The man with the laser shoots Wraiths immediately as they are dropped while the gunner in the hog needs to shoot a Brute out of a chopper without destroying it. Then the passenger of the Hog now has a Chopper. Gunner/Chooper driver need ti keep shooting Brutes out of them without destroying the choppers. When one gets taken out and the action alows down, have someone drive it under the steps of the building and start a Chopper stockpile. Once you have a lot of them it is really easy to kill any enemy put in front of you and you have a ton of Choppers (they won’t despawn). Took about 2 hours for us.
  • ExceededJensExceededJens31,376
    04 Apr 2010 11 Apr 2010
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    This is yes indeed the hardest archievement i know,
    but there are easy sollutions.
    Alpha site is the map i made it on.

    Have people than will ALWAYS listen to you!!!!

    2 people at every side.
    The guy with the sniper needs to stand on the stairs at the back, or the crate.

    1 guy with the sniper + magnum
    1 guy rocket launcher + magnum
    1 guy smg + plasma weapon or gravety hammer.
    1 guy magnum + plasma pistol.
    when you run out of weapon, than use a plasma weapon or smg instead.

    grunts: just headshot with magnum.
    jackel: shoot on there hand, and than head, this os two shot kill.
    brute:get shields down with smg or plasma weapon, than headshot with magnum.
    invisible brutes:plasma weapon, headshot magnum.
    hunters: rocket launcher
    brute with fuol rod: get these out as fast as possible!!! plasma weapon + headshot , or just smging.grenades bounce off.
    gravy brutes: get shields down with whatever you want to, and than headshot. keep your distance!!!

    bonus rounds:
    shoot with the rockets in the elevator shafts.

    no being the hero!!!
    only grab ammo between 2 waves

    handy tricks:
    this is something i discovered while playing firefight archievements.
    When the brutechief attacks you, just before he smashes his hammer, you wil need to jump over him.
    It really works, he has got so much speed, that he will hit you away from him, without you losing any health.
    But you need to time it correctly, you need to jump when he is in front of you, with his gravy about to smack you in the face.

    This can maybe sound very strainge, but...
    It helpt us a lot.
    When we did this, we were in some kind of a fight, well yeah, me (the leader of the team) and the one who thought he was the best.Thanks to that fight, we were battling to hard to be better than the other one, that i only died once, in the whole match.So a little bit of competition can be handy, as long as you don't become a 'hero'.

    Use your sniper on easy targets like grunts and jackels, maybe this sounds weird, but the brutes have got to much armor, you're better off with killing all enemies the first wave, than using your sniper at brutes.

    Again , a little bit of competition for who will have the headshot on that enemy will help a lot X D.

    Be prepared for the last set, it will be tough.
    We got from 16 lives to 0 in those 3 rounds.
    SO spare loads of lives, and be prepared.

    The most important things are:
    Always hold your position
    Kill the enemies before they can throw there grenades.
    Be in a possition than you can jump away from shots.
    kill the grunts and brutes with fuolrods as fast as possible!!!!

    For more questions message me.
    I am always ready to help you with this archievement.

    My team was:
    The ctr assasin
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