Hotter Than Hell achievement in Zombie Apocalypse

Hotter Than Hell

Complete the final day of the "7 Days of Hell" unlockable mode

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How to unlock the Hotter Than Hell achievement

  • CameahCameah62,290
    02 Sep 2010 01 Aug 2010 02 Sep 2010
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    As stated above, finish the last day of '7 days of hell' mode. this mode unlocked for me during my second co-op playthrough at about day 25.

    I'm playing this solo and it isn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

    You can play these days one at a time and use continue as many times as you need to to complete each level. I played the first 3 in one sitting as it didn't take that long but from then on i would recommend doing one day each time you turn on your xbox as it can be a grind.

    at the end of each level, make sure to let the game tally your score and save BEFORE turning your console off!

    Day 1 - 10-15mins / 1400 zombies - Stay in bottom right corner by the digger with back against the fence
    Day 2 - 10-15mins / 1800 zombies - Again, stay in the bottom right corner near the helicpoter blades with your back against the right wall

    For the above two days dont worry about weapon drops, just keep your back against a wall and use the machine gun as they wade towards you.

    Day 3 - 30mins - 2200 zombies - you can't really stay in a corner on this one so use the wood chipper and conveyer along the bottom to kill scores of zombies. this level introduces Big Boys so you need to move about when they show up otherwise you will die alot.
    Day 4 - 45-50mins - 2600 zombies - this is where it starts to get tricky and very annoying. knife-throwing old ladies show up in this one as well as the previously mentioned big boys. again, keep moving and use the car crusher at the top to your advantage. you will die ALOT on this level because of throwing knives!
    Day 5 - 50mins - 2950 zombies - this day inroduces the shotgun wielding cowboy zombs, they are v.easy to kill as they're slow and have limited range. again, it is the knife throwing old ladies that will piss you off on this one, best bet is to keep running laps around the edge of the map. there isn't anything on this level that you can use to kill zombies (ala, above car crusher etc.) but the cowboy zombs do appear to shoot other zombies whilst trying to shoot you!
    Day 6 - 45-50mins - 3250 zombies - this day introduces the suicide bomber zombies. however, this is a good thing! they can be used to kill other zombies and as long as you deal with them promptly they are not that bad. again, keep doing laps to avoid knives and use the petrol pump to burn the f*ckers down!
    Day 7 - 80 mins - 3800 zombies - this day has all previous zombies and introduces the pregnant, spawn-birthing c*nts. KILL THESE A.S.A.P, they will keep producing spawn until dead and the spawn, when killed, do not add to the total of kills (they are basically there to drive you nuts!). for the earlier waves i stood between the pick-up and the trash-compactor near the top right, you can pretty much chainsaw anything that comes at you.

    Glad i finished it, won't be playing this game again in a long time after this cheevo!

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    MazraelGlad I'm not the only one who finds this crap annoying.. I'd gladly pay to have this deleted from my profile..
    I'm on Day 4, as I load this game very occassionally
    Posted by Mazrael on 17 May 11 at 02:37
    great solution. Thanks for putting the number of kills up. Great to know when the wave is about over.
    Posted on 02 Jan 14 at 14:08
    MrSnazzyPenguinomg what a grind that was. my fingers hurt!
    Posted by MrSnazzyPenguin on 05 May 14 at 08:40
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  • Dreadful DadDreadful Dad516,562
    24 Sep 2009 26 Sep 2009 02 Oct 2009
    45 3 22
    You unlock seven days of hell after you beat the game.... be warned if you beat the game in multiplayer the host is the only one who unlocks the mode. once you have the mode unlocked from day one to day seven is about 18,200 zombies. the whole game is easy because you have unlimited continues. you can unlock the achievement by joining someones game that has already beaten it and start from day 7. you will only have to kill about 3800 zombies that way. it for sure works.
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    RideFreestyle13Anyone out there trying to finish this or help someone out add me please. This is a long tiring achievement to do alone and the only one I have left.
    Posted by RideFreestyle13 on 02 Mar 13 at 04:34
    Homunculus FuryDay 7 is 3780
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 25 Jun 16 at 06:30
    If anyone is willing to help me make this faster and has day 7 unlocked let me know if appreciate the help
    Posted on 26 Oct 17 at 06:09
  • GuliteGulite342,361
    25 Sep 2010 06 Jul 2010
    13 5 0
    You actually unlock seven days of hell after day 45. You can play seven days as soon as you unlock it beating the game does not help in any way. Unlimited continues makes this achievemnent easy but the full seven days takes around 3 and a half hours.
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