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Ton up

Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches

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How to unlock the Ton up achievement

  • HurballHurball452,336
    04 Aug 2010 18 Aug 2010 19 Aug 2010
    25 1 14
    Seems as if there's still confusion regarding this achievement, so I thought I'd clear things up a bit.

    Firstly, as has been stated, games when your opponent quits do not count towards the 100, but do appear on your stats. I needed over 150 wins for this to unlock, for example.

    Because of the number of quitters, it's by far best to do this by boosting with a friend, or if possible, a second Xbox. If you don't want to boost, then using custom search for ranked games with people under 10% DNF will filter out some of the quitters and make your life much easier. This method is confirmed to work, however, this guide will focus on the boosting method.

    There are two main ways to boost:

    Boosting Method One
    From matt19927's guide:
    Using the boosting method (the way I finished this achievement off), invite your friend or other account to a private ranked match by:
    - Go to the Xbox Live menu
    - Select "View player hub"
    - Press LT to bring up a list of options, and choose "Address Book"
    - Select the person you want to invite, and press "Invite to game"

    Now when it says ranked it should say "private - no" underneath, but changing the gametype to unranked and private then back to ranked will revert this to "private - yes" - allowing you to play a ranked game against the account of your choosing. I boosted around 70 games this way, so it definitely works.

    Boosting Method Two
    If you want to try something different, join a lobby via the live menu, preferably an empty one or one with only a couple of players in, and create a ranked game in there. Then join the lobby and game with the other account before anybody else does. This method also works. I boosted around 15 games this way, and my final game before the achievement unlocked was also this way.

    There are a number of questions people have about this, I'll try to answer them here but if I've missed anything you want to know post a comment and I'll try to answer it.

    - Rematches do count towards this. It'll save you setting up the game every time if at the end of each game you just select the option for a rematch on both accounts. This option does disappear after a short while though so be kind of quick to press it otherwise you'll have to set up a new game.

    - Own goals do count. Whilst I was boosting I simply passed back to the goalkeeper with the losing account, scored an own goal, and then let the game run after that. I did mix things up slightly by scoring two or three own goals in some games, but the majority I won 1-0.

    - Change teams between games. I don't know if this is necessary, but simply pressing random team (X) on the team select screen on both accounts won't take any effort, and it might be the reason some people have trouble unlocking this.

    - As stated above, games where your opponent quits don't count towards this. And there are a lot of quitters out there. I started boosting after ~70 wins, and needed 152 to unlock this. Therefore 50 of my 70 wins were quitters apparently, meaning to unlock this "properly" I'd have needed in excess of 300 wins on my account. This is why I highly recommend boosting this.

    - Also, make sure you exit to the Fifa menu once you finish boosting for the session, so the game can auto-save your stats. Again, this might not be necessary, but rather than turning off your console straight after a game just wait a minute and get back to the main menu so any wins you gained are definitely recorded.

    Finally, be prepared to go way over 100 wins before this unlocks. As I stated above, I needed 152 wins to get this, but no way had I had 52 quitters originally. All I can say is that not all games definitely count for this, and even if you start boosting from scratch, you'll probably need 120 before this will unlock. Basically, don't worry, just keep at it and you'll be rewarded :-)

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    lewigiplayer360this is doing my head in people keep quiting add me if you want to help me boost
    Posted by lewigiplayer360 on 20 Sep 11 at 18:21
    TobiTobskecan you even get this achievement after the ea servers are down?
    Posted by TobiTobske on 22 Feb 12 at 13:50
    Oceans 4 RansomActually you can by the method. The servers are down but you can make the game give an achievement by following the methods to freeze it. its pretty weird though
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 19 May 15 at 04:46
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  • Disturbed XBADisturbed XBA236,353
    07 May 2011 22 Jul 2011 07 Apr 2014
    23 3 81
    NOTE: Before attempting this glitch make sure your game is not installed to your hard drive.

    This is a guide to glitch the achievement aswell as others. As stated in other solutions this can be deemed cheating, I don't care whether you do or do not. The choice is yours.

    Step 1: Start a manager mode with Real Madrid

    Step 2: Select amateur for game and board difficulty

    Step 3: Purchase all staff upgrades up to 10. NOTE: This is only possible if the board difficulty is on amateur. If it is not you will not be able to afford all of the upgrades. Make sure you have chosen amateur before getting to this step.

    Step 4: Play the first match with manual settings and win. Your console may or may not freeze. From my experience I have never had my Fifa 10 freeze using this method. The achievements unlocked at the end of the game for me. If you get lucky enough you should unlock various achievements.

    NOTE: To try again you have to restart a whole new manager mode. You cannot continue and play another game.

    You will not unlock all achievements at once. Sometimes you wont even unlock an achievement. It is a matter of starting from step 1 and retrying over and over until you get the achievements. Another rumor is that you cannot earn any more achievements once obtaining the Ton Up achievement. This however is 100% not true. Me and a friend have both recently unlocked Time for a Testimonial after having Ton Up. It took us a few games to unlock the achievements.

    If I have missed any information don't hesitate to post and I will update this solution.

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that the game may sometimes freeze and other times it may not. My solution is based around the game not freezing because I have never been able to make it freeze, therefore I have no guarantee that the achievements will unlock if it freezes. I guess again it will just be a matter of testing.

    EDIT 2: It's been stated that the servers will close December 6th 2011. I shall test the glitch on another account after the servers have closed to try and determine whether the achievements are still obtainable through this glitch. I will post my findings here, let's hope they do!

    EDIT 3: A few people have reported that they have been able to glitch online achievements still so it looks like this still works!!!
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    Oceans 4 RansomThe Omen93 unlocked this in March 2014 so I am guessing this still works. Like I talked about with him and Disturbed, just keep trying and we will get them soon. It has been a painful process but I am determined to get them online. If I find out anything else i will post here, but I am sure it is really just if the game wants to give them away or not, despite any button pressing or whatever.
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 02 May 14 at 02:26
    Oceans 4 RansomSo I have not been achieving anything using Real Madrid method and I have tried nearly 30 games... I have unlocked achievements using the Hereford method though. I am going to do 5 each back and forth just to see what happens. That way I play a few and sim a few and keep myself from boredom haha.
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 05 May 14 at 20:50
    LuckyKantOceans, what is the Hereford method?

    I can only seem to unlock these without the patches. I want some timestamps though.
    Posted by LuckyKant on 18 May 14 at 17:05
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE542,506
    07 Oct 2012 17 Mar 2013
    10 0 10
    Update 1: See the written text at the bottom of this solution.
    Update 2: See the written text at the bottom of this solution.

    Since no of the solutions worked for me, I will post my own method on how to obtain this achievements along with some others. Up till now, I only played 3 matches and unlocked an achievement every time. Although I do have respect for the gamers who obtained this legit, it's now impossible due to closed servers.

    - Clear your system cache (thus removing any updates for this or any other game)
    While on the dashboard, go to settings and select System settings. Once there, go to your Hard Drive and press Y. This should pop up another menu and you will be giving the chance to clear your cache.Select it and wait a few seconds.

    - Insert FIFA10
    But before you do, make sure it's not installed on your HDD. If it is, remove it since you want to boot the game of the disc and not of your HDD

    - Decline any updates
    Yes, you will be playing offline. But it is required for this glitch to work which will pop this achievement (and any others for that matter).

    - In-game manuals
    1. Make sure auto save is disabled. To check this, go to My FIFA 10 and select FIFA 10 Profile.and as last go to Profile Manager. On that screen you should see the Auto-Save feature so make sure it's off.
    2. Start a new manager mode. Go to Game Modes and select Manager Mode. Start a new one with Real Madrid (Liga BBVA).
    3. After selecting Real Madrid, change match and board difficulty to Amateur. Be sure to select Pounds as your currency. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR VIRTUAL PRO, since you will need the original team to get the glich to work.
    4. Let the game schedule and afterwards you will need to pick a sponsor. PICK THE MIDDLE ONE. For me it was always Haventus 5000 but this could be different.
    5. You will be prompted to save your Manager Mode but instead press X to continue without saving.
    6. Upgrade all Staff-members. To do so, scroll down to Club Management and select Staff Upgrades. Move all sliders to the right side and once you did press X once to change your match ticket prices to high. Accept the changes by pressing A.
    7. Back out to the Manager Mode menu and select Next Match. Play the match and advance until you come accros the Match Setup-screen. From there, go to XBox 360 Controller Settings and change every possible thing to Manual. Also, be sure to scroll Auto Switching all the way to the left side.
    8. Play and win the match. The first time it could be akward while using Manual settings, but you will get used to them. Winning the match is very crucial and once you did, mash the A button to skip all the replays. Your achievement(s) should pop on or after the Man of The Match-screen.

    Once done, you need to exit manager mode and redo all steps if you are about to glitch other achievements. I didn't to Ultimate Team yet since I don't have the DLC installed on my HDD but I will update this solution once I did.

    My XBox didn't freeze while doing this glitch but I can't say it won't on yours. If it does, reboot your console and see if you unlocked any achievements.

    While using this method you will unlock this:
    FIFA 10Total ControlThe Total Control achievement in FIFA 10 worth 12 pointsWin a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)

    FIFA 10Theatre of DreamsThe Theatre of Dreams achievement in FIFA 10 worth 21 pointsUpgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10

    I unlocked the following with this method (in order of unlocking):
    FIFA 10Real FanThe Real Fan achievement in FIFA 10 worth 114 pointsPlay for over fifty hours

    FIFA 10Challenging ScheduleThe Challenging Schedule achievement in FIFA 10 worth 85 pointsComplete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game

    FIFA 10Ton upThe Ton up achievement in FIFA 10 worth 468 pointsWin 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches

    FIFA 10Always AvailableThe Always Available achievement in FIFA 10 worth 90 pointsComplete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game

    FIFA 10Skilled ProThe Skilled Pro achievement in FIFA 10 worth 60 pointsUnlock 100 EA SPORTS™ Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro

    FIFA 10Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in FIFA 10 worth 0 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    FIFA 10EstablishedThe Established achievement in FIFA 10 worth 121 pointsBecome a 5 Star Manager

    FIFA 10Wheeler DealerThe Wheeler Dealer achievement in FIFA 10 worth 59 pointsBuy 50 players in your Manager Mode career

    FIFA 10Limited ResourcesThe Limited Resources achievement in FIFA 10 worth 143 pointsWin a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1 Star team or lower

    I will update this solution when I unlocked other achievements.

    Happy hunting! When you downvote, leave a comment why. Maybe I can improve my method/solution when you do so.

    - MCoreBE

    Update 1: Ever since I installed Ultimate Team back on my HDD, I couldn't unlock any achievements without the update. So I updated it and just unlocked 5 more achievements WITH a timestamp using this method.

    Achievements unlocked with the update AND Ultimate Team DLC:
    FIFA 10Tournament LegendThe Tournament Legend achievement in FIFA 10 worth 192 pointsWin 25 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode

    FIFA 10Well TravelledThe Well Travelled achievement in FIFA 10 worth 136 pointsWin a match in every stadium

    FIFA 10GlobetrotterThe Globetrotter achievement in FIFA 10 worth 140 pointsWin titles in all 5 major European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain)

    FIFA 10Climbing the LadderThe Climbing the Ladder achievement in FIFA 10 worth 125 pointsWin consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode

    FIFA 10Tournament ChampionThe Tournament Champion achievement in FIFA 10 worth 78 pointsWin 10 Trophies in Ultimate Team mode

    FIFA 10The TrebleThe The Treble achievement in FIFA 10 worth 150 pointsWin 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season

    Update 2: I am kinda confused since I didn't unlock any achievements for a while since I updated my game. So I cleared my cache once again and unlocked 1 achievement. The only difference between playing without update now and the first time (the original solution) is that I still have Ultimate Team installed on my HDD. If you can't unlock any achievements while having the DLC on you HDD, I would recommend deleting it and try again without update.

    With this update I would recommend alternating between playing online or offline (with or without update). The achievement I unlocked was
    FIFA 10Pack RatThe Pack Rat achievement in FIFA 10 worth 137 pointsOpen 100 Ultimate Team packs

    Update 3: I have now completed the game by using the Real Madrid glitch and switched between clearing cache and not clearing it. The key is having patient as most unlocks are random and could require multiple games. Good luck to any of you using this and if you have questions, feel free to send me PM or comment below.
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    RadiantJoey5050You can still get the achievements with your virtual pro in the team but i did not play him though i went from 37 achievements to 42 achievements and 760G to 840G
    Posted by RadiantJoey5050 on 11 Jul 13 at 13:37
    I am JeffRay90+1
    Excellent Solution. Finally hit 1000! (no DLC achievements )

    One question. Is it possible to unlock the Ultimate Team achievements without the DLC installed?
    Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 25 Jul 13 at 03:58
    MC0REBEIt's luck based buddy. Sometimes the game unlocks achievements while your game is frozen, sometimes it doesn't. @I am JeffRay90: I do believe you need to have the DLC installed. Sorry for the late answers everyone, I'll be keeping track on my solutions from this point on.
    Posted by MC0REBE on 04 May 14 at 13:43
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