Time For A Testimonial achievement in FIFA 10

Time For A Testimonial

Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro

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How to unlock the Time For A Testimonial achievement

  • ADB FreelancerADB Freelancer313,203
    23 Nov 2009 25 Nov 2009
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    Time For A Testimonial - 50G
    -Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro

    I got this Achievement by playing a mixture of Exhibition and Be-A-Pro matches, as well as Manager Mode and Be-A-Pro season matches as well.

    The quickest way to get to 500 matches, involving the least amount of effort, would be to play 4 minute half Be-A-Pro matches and just leave it to play itself. Doing it this way, you only need to hit 'Continue' at half-time and then 'Rematch' at the end, however, you will want to go back to the Arena every now and again to make sure the game auto-saves and updates your 'Games Played' statistics. You don't even have to play as your Virtual Pro, he just needs to be on the pitch at the end of the match to increase the 'Games Played' counter by 1.

    Now, this Achievement didn't pop-up on the completion of my 500th match. To get it to unlock for me, I had to earn a Virtual Pro accomplishment. I got the "Make your online debut" accomplishment after my 503rd match and then the Achievement popped.

    Hope this helps, and good luck in your quest for this time consuming Achievement.

    ADB Freelancer

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    windofhorus616Got my 500th game under my belt last night (phew, that was an effort!) like others have suggested Be a Pro, Manager Mode, Exhibition & Custom Tournements work well towards this (all played in semi pro or higher).

    Playing with a 2nd controller doesnt add towards the games played.

    As perADB Freelancer's suggestion I need to unlock an accomplishment to get the chieve after completing 500 games.

    I will try to score my 20th volley tonight and hope for the best !!!
    Posted by windofhorus616 on 06 May 11 at 12:35
    x Shady PhoenixVerified, You must get an accomplishment after completing your 500th game. The 50g will pop upon unlocking the accompishment.
    Posted by x Shady Phoenix on 25 Aug 11 at 16:52
    x Morgan Kane xStill, can you get an accomplishment with a second controller and then get the achievement? I am going for score to free kicks in one match to get mye achievement after 500 matches!
    Posted by x Morgan Kane x on 12 Sep 11 at 18:22
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  • kiomxkiomx628,471
    02 Apr 2011 02 Apr 2011
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    Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro

    Finally got it! Wow, this IS a long achievement. If you really are going for it, I think it will be worth spending some time reading the next paragraphs, as it may end up saving you more time =) let me know if there is something I can do to improve in this guide.

    There are two ways of getting this achievement that I am aware of:

    1.- The glitch way (which is polemic to the extent some people believe it is cheating, others do not, I will not get into ethic issues and I will not focus on this method). This is better explained on the url below; however, please note you will spend at least 3 to 4 hours to set it up, and chances you get this achievement are very low, since reportedly, the glitch gives out random achievements, doesn’t even work for most people at all, and will force you to uninstall your game.


    2.- The “normal” way, which is the path I followed. You need to play 500 games and earn one accomplishment with your pro afterwards (please note earning one accomplishment is necessary, it happened to me and I have seen it reported in lots of blogs, so it is a glitch of the game that is really common, be sure to leave an accomplishment you can easily get after your 500th game).

    This should be your last achievement for the game, since getting the other achievements will reduce the games you will have left playing with your pro.

    The fastest way I am aware without actually playing is to first edit a squad including your pro as a starting player, by going into >>edit teams>>team management>>, then choosing this team as your favorite team , and changing your rival to a weaker team >>my fifa 10>>fifa 10 profile>>profile manager>>choose your profile>>favorite team/rival (while at this menu, choose autosave on too…) , choosing 4 min halves, and semi pro difficulty (certain features of your pro do not work in amateur, and the lower the difficulty and the weaker the team, the least they will score and shoot, and so games will be faster), >>my fifa 10>>game settings>> (while at this menu, make sure “quick match” is set to “Favourite Team v Rival”), then go to quick match, and let the clock run out. I recommend changing your audio (you can do it from the in-game pause menu, under audio), only leaving music, this way you will know when you’ve reached half time and full time and can really do something else without hearing the crowd all the time. You need to press A at halftime a few times, and at the end of the match, you need to choose “rematch”. Note that if the game is drawn, you need to first choose end game as draw. If you hate this menu, you can always score an own goal at the start of every second half if you're not trailing yet, up to you.

    This method is faster than playing on be a pro or other formats, since quick match is the fastest way of starting a game, your player will never be injured or tired, and most of the time, there will be a point where no one plays anymore, while at be a pro a lot of action takes place, more replays, more goals, etc., but you can always mix for variety. The only problem is that sometimes the game will get stuck and never finish, which is easily solved by clearing the ball with “B”, so look at your screen every now and then when you feel it has been a while no music is on, or when you find your controller is off, if you have a wireless one.

    It is very easy to keep track of how many games you have played by looking at your counter. >> Virtual Pro>>My Skills & Stats>>press LT>> look at “Total Matches Played”
    It is crucial you have autosave on, and even with this I recommend you save manually before shutting your xbox off or going to the dashboard , by going to>>my fifa 10>>fifa 10 profile>>save/load/delete>>save>>fifa 10 profiles, since the game screws up a lot of times and does not save your game automatically.

    As far as I am aware, there is no way to combine ton up and time for a testimonial, so you will need to play 500+100 games if you want both achievements.
    The following situations will NOT count for this achievement (I tried everything I could think of… you can try new methods you can think of and check at your counter):

    -Getting a red card with your pro
    -Getting 5 red cards therefore forfeiting the match (EITHER team)
    -Simulating a game (even if your pro is on the starting 11)
    -Substituting / benching your pro
    -Injuring your pro

    That being said, any match you play in which your pro stays for the whole match will count, either pro club championship, offline and online be a pro, exhibition / quick matches, tournaments, manager mode, etc… (remember, check you counter often!)
    Good luck with this time consuming achievement, a match should take about 12 minutes, so 5 matches per hour, so if you need around 400 matches when you get to this achievement, you should expect about 80 hours to get this achievement.
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    DeviSlatorPerfect guide
    Posted by DeviSlator on 28 Jan 14 at 10:11
    ElBlaze2010This is the perfect guide for anyone looking to just grind this out with minimal input. I started running the games this way yesterday (quick match) on a new save file, and my virtual pro has already managed around 64 games in the first 24 hours using this method.

    I have the save on a separate Xbox which isn't connected to Live, and I'm grinding out the matches offline. This way I can still be connected to Live on my main Xbox and play as many great games as I like while this achievement is taken care of in the background. Once I get close to the 500 say 490 matches, I will move the save over to the main box and pop the cheevo while signed in to Live. Just wanted to say perfect guide, and also add my bit about 2 boxes in case anyone has a spare, this is a great use for it if its currently not doing anything.
    Posted by ElBlaze2010 on 02 May 20 at 12:48
    kiomxGlad to hear guide is still helpful 9 years after writing, thanks for the comments :)
    Posted by kiomx on 02 May 20 at 13:51
  • Disturbed XBADisturbed XBA238,686
    21 Jul 2011 22 Jul 2011 07 Jan 2012
    19 6 54
    NOTE: Before attempting this glitch make sure your game is not installed to your hard drive.

    This is a guide to glitch the achievement aswell as others. As stated in other solutions this can be deemed cheating, I don't care whether you do or do not. The choice is yours.

    Step 1: Start a manager mode with Real Madrid

    Step 2: Select amateur for game and board difficulty

    Step 3: Purchase all staff upgrades up to 10. NOTE: This is only possible if the board difficulty is on amateur. If it is not you will not be able to afford all of the upgrades. Make sure you have chose amateur before getting to this step.

    Step 4: Play the first match with manual settings and win. Your console may or may not freeze. From my experience I have never had my Fifa 10 freeze using this method. The achievements unlocked at the end of the game for me. If you get lucky enough you should unlock various achievements.

    NOTE: To try again you have to restart a whole new manager mode. You cannot continue and play another game.

    You will not unlock all achievements at once. Sometimes you wont even unlock an achievement. It is a matter of starting from step 1 and retrying over and over until you get the achievements. Another rumor is that you cannot earn any more achievements once obtaining the Ton Up achievement. This however is 100% not true. Me and a friend have both recently unlocked Time for a Testimonial after having Ton Up. It took us a few games to unlock the achievements.

    If I have missed any information don't hesitate to post and I will update this solution.

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that the game may sometimes freeze and other times it may not. My solution is based around the game not freezing because I have never been able to make it freeze, therefore I have no guarantee that the achievements will unlock if it freezes. I guess again it will just be a matter of testing.

    EDIT 2: It's been stated that the servers will close December 6th 2011. I shall test the glitch on another account after the servers have closed to try and determine whether the achievements are still obtainable through this glitch. I will post my findings here, let's hope they do!

    EDIT 3: A few people have reported that they have been able to glitch online achievements still so it looks like this still works!!!
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    Oceans 4 RansomOk, so am working on figuring out how this actually works. we know what to do, but I am just trying to understand how it works, like what actually works and what doesn't. Right now I am attempting to do this without any of my saves on my HDD. I hope to update what works as I go.
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 29 Apr 14 at 03:49
    Oceans 4 RansomWell, I have found that even though no achievements have popped in the past ten times of trying this correctly, it seems to freeze off and on as it states it should. ONE QUESTION: Should I continue trying this while Xbox Live is online and such with the update, or offline by not updating it? This is the last thing I can think of that may help with these achievements popping sometime soon.
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 30 Apr 14 at 04:20
    EggnoggaVery late to the party, but I'd suggest people that try this, do it while online. It doesn't look good to the Xbox mods when you've unlocked online-only achievements with no timestamp.
    Posted by Eggnogga on 20 Aug 15 at 20:33
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