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Angler achievement in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Catch 1,800 fish

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How to unlock the Angler achievement

  • DanDan#6251
    Locked 16 Sep 2022 16 Sep 2022
    Your progress for this can be checked in the dreamlight tracker, in order to count towards the achievement it must be fish that are caught and not seaweed or seafood (crabs/lobsters etc).

    The top left pond in the forgotten lands nearest the fast travel well appears to be the best place to do this as it has a single fishing node point that re-appears pretty much as soon as the previous one is used and being such a small body of water, has no travel time to get to the next node as you would have to in the other zones. It only saves a few seconds each time but that's a few seconds multiplied 1800 times.

    I'd personally avoid just fishing in open water as although the fishing QTE is quicker (needing only 1 tap instead of 3-5) this will frequently result in catching seaweed, clogging up your inventory and not helping with the achievement.

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    E vee dub30 Nov 2022
    Thanks for the responses, even though I answered them on my own.

    I caught my first FUGU fish today actually. It was orange ripples on the beach.

    18 Dec 2022

    FUGU are caught only when it's raining at Dazzle Beach.
    I made the "EVEN MORE MIRACULOUS FISHING BAIT" to increase chance of a Fugu, Swordfish or Kingfish. Well worth the potion.

    I got my 1,800 fish caight and my 1,000 daily discussions achievements today. I've played almost everyday since release (took 2 weeks off, got bored).

    Posted by E vee dub on 30 Nov 22 at 18:03
    Dotty RocksThis is definitely a laborious achievement. I've found catching 25 a day takes the pain out of it.
    Posted by Dotty Rocks on 02 May 23 at 14:50
    PerfectSkornSomething I noticed while fishing today. The Here and There Fish do NOT count towards the 1800 fish caught. Just an FYI for everyone.
    Posted by PerfectSkorn on 25 Sep 23 at 14:44
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  • Arcstar09Arcstar09
    Locked 08 Sep 2022 08 Sep 2022
    George's guide is decent for finding the fishing pole, but doesn't really explain how to fish. I put together this alternate video that also tries to capture HOW to catch a fish in Dreamlight Valley.

    To catch a fish, approach a pond and press cn_X to cast your line, preferably towards a bubbling circle in a pond to guarantee you hit a fish. This will start a small circle moving away from you indicating where your lure will land. Once that small circle hits the larger circle in the pond, release cn_X to cast your line. There is a small period of waiting until a fish bites. When it does, press cn_A to start the actual mini-game. A large thin circle will appear and start shrinking towards a smaller, thicker circle. When the two overlap, the thicker circle will turn green. When it turns green, press cn_A again. This may repeat several times. If you keep timing it right, you will be rewarded with a caught fish.

    Simply repeat this 1800 times (or more if you catch seaweed or other items occasionally) and you should snag this very grindy achievement.

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    E vee dub9 Sep 2022
    I plan to make Goofy my fishing mate with him specializing in fishing. So maybe he'll give me extra fish more regularly and that will count toward the 1800, unless someone can confirm that we must be the person to catch all 1800 and the extra fish from Goofy don't count.

    UPDATE: 10 Sep 2022
    The fish count in the Dreamlight tab doesn't increase with the extra fish thrown out by the fishing partner. So maybe those don't count for this achievement and we'll have to fish for every one.

    If you think this fishing achievement is a grind, don't try becoming a master fisherman in Elder Scrolls Online (which I did, *pat on back*).

    Thumbs up #2 from me.

    When does the achievement unlock?
    Upon catching fish #1800? Or
    Is there a Dreamlight quest we must claim, and then it unlocks?

    Posted by E vee dub on 10 Sep 22 at 01:49
    HUN playmoreI tried to catch seaweed on the beach for several quests. I noticed I'll get fish most of the time despite I just threw the lure out randomly into the water. This probably needs testing but on average I got ~10 fish for every 4-5 seaweed. This seems much faster than finding ripples of guaranteed fishing spots. Also these fishes will be lowest quality and you don't need to waste time with the long sequence.
    Posted by HUN playmore on 14 Sep 22 at 08:02
    ScuzzyBunnyMoana's boat doesn't seem to move the quest total either. That 20 at a time would have helped the grind.
    Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 21 Sep 22 at 02:46
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