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Jawa Lord in Star Wars the Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

Jawa Lord79 (30)

Collect 50 Artifacts

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Achievement won on 08 Sep 10
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Posted on 01 September 10 at 13:32
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All credit goes to MCSS Aerocoupe from I chopped up his guide to take all the fat out thats not needed and numbered them make it more TA friendly. Heres a list of 50 artifact locations:


Mission #2 - Jedi - Powering up Resdin:
Artifact #1 At the very beginning go to the front of the lead AT-TE, by the group of clones.

Mission #3 - Clone - Outpost Initiation:
Artifact #2 When you reach the area with the first thermal detonator, look to the right inside the damaged building.

Artifact #3 When 2 super battle droids are coming down stairs, look at the building to the right.

Mission #4 - Jedi - Rookie Rendezvous:
Artifact #4 When you get off the STAP and get to the top of the wall, turn left and follow hidden path, sitting on the ledge.

Mission #5 - Jedi - Seek and Destroy:
Artifact #5 Just after the 3 battle droids that fire rockets, it is inside a little room just before the invincibility power-up.

Artifact #6 Beside the shield generator you destroy to go through a door.

Mission #6 - Jedi - Emergency Evac:
Artifact #7 is above 2 crab droids that break through a wall, easiest to get during the challenge.

Mission #7 - Clone - Out on Patrol:
Artifact #8 Just after the challenge the path splits with a solid path farther back and 4 rock pillars closer to you, take the rock pillar path, on the 4th one.

Mission #8 - Jedi - Missing in Action:
Artifact #9 Climb up a pipe and go around the building, inside the ruins of the building.

Artifact #10 When you have to do multiple wall jumps to reach pipes to go up, it will be at the very top and to the left on a platform.

Mission #9 - Clone - Enemies of my Enemies:
Artifact #11 As soon as it starts, look behind the crates to the left.

Mission #10 - Jedi - Reunion under Fire:
Artifact #12 In the path, just after a crab droid.

Artifact #13 In the room where you find the clones, on the opposite side of the room, easy to see.

Mission #11 - Clone - Cover Fire:
Artifact #14 When you have to drop down to some droids, ahead in the path, can't miss it.

Mission #12 - Jedi - Bad Company:
Artifact #15 After you use the force to push down junk to make a bridge, there will be orbs going up 2 walls, wall jump to get to the top, then walk over and drop down to it.


Mission #1 - Jedi - Assault!:
Artifact #16 Between the first and second elevator lifts, there will be a area you can jump on behind/beside the path with orbs going up. Wall jump to get up to landing with it.

Artifact #17 After hearing a droid say "Nothing gets past me." go up a level, go all the way to the left, up one more level. There is a floating droid on the edge of the screen on the left, jump on it to see a hidden path with it.

Mission #2 - Clone - Power Reroute:
Artifact #18 When you cross the bridge to the center of the room, do NOT hack the console yet, look to the right.

Mission #3 - Jedi - Hazardous Infestation:
Artifact #19 On the last row of engines in the first room, jump down to pipes to get to that section of the platform.

Artifact #20 Take retracting platforms to the right, jump to a thick pipe with floating droids beside it. Do not jump on droids, follow pipe to round hub/platform.

Mission #4 - Jedi - SOS:
Artifact #21 Just after the challenge, take the pipes to the far left corner, swing up 3 smaller pipes to get to landing.

Mission #5 - Clone - Abandon Ship:
Artifact #22 As soon as mission starts, come back towards screen.

Mission #7 - Jedi - Take it Back:
Artifact #23 At very beginning, on the back wall. Jump up boxes to get to it.

Artifact #24 Just after the pair of challenges, in the room with the sabotage droids (if you see the cannon room you went too far).

Mission #8 - Clone - Inside Out:
Artifact #25 When the vulture droid lands, climb boxes on the left to the rocket launcher, follow the ledge back towards the screen.

Mission #9 - Jedi - Anyone Out There:
Artifact #26 After challenge #1 go down to the lock you use your saber on, but go past it. You will get to 3 more pipe swings (directly below the first ones), it is on the far left.

Artifact #27 At the end of the first row of assembly plant lasers, ride laser up to second row, at the laser tip.

Mission #10 - Clone - Rescue Mission:
Artifact #28 When you come up on 2 groups of battle droids and you hear one say "They should have left you in your growth jar longer" defeat the droids, go to where they were and look to the left on top of a box.

Artifact #29 Take a lift up a level, make progress, then drop through a hole in the floor (follow path), it will be in a room directly in front of you.

Mission #11 - Jedi - Vital Escort:
Artifact #30 When you get the cutscene with crab droids, look in top right corner, there it is. Jump from a crab droid to get up there.

Artifact #31 Move the pipe so you can walk across. Follow orbs down a level.

Mission #12 - Jedi - Returning the Favor:
Artifact #32 When Obi Wan says "Be ready for anything" you are in the right area. Defeat all droids in the area and when the angle changes so you can continue, there will be a Force Blast power-up on top of some boxes beside you, look behind the boxes.

Alzoc III:

Mission #1 - Jedi - Clifftop:
Artifact #33 Jump from AT-TE, go all the way left, up one level, start back to the right. On a small ledge above the path, jump to ledge and pull up. Before first droid-jak.

Mission #2 - Jedi - Ground Zero:
Artifact #34 Just after challenge, path turns left. There is a giant rock you are supposed to jump on and run around the side of. It is on a small floating rock behind/to the left of the giant one. Can be collected by jumping from either side.

Artifact #35 Just after you meet the clones, on the path closest to you. Easy to miss as the end of level is 2 rocks past it.

Mission #3 - Jedi - Eye of the Storm:
Artifact #36 After the first shield that you disable, there will be two platforms with battle droids in your path. Take the left route, it is before the second platform of battle droids, hard to see.

Artifact #37 Get on the first turbine blade and ride it all the way around (do not jump off to follow the path).

Mission #4 - Jedi - Guard Duty:
Artifact #38 Jump up to the platform with the clones.


Mission #1 - Clone - Distraction Action:
Artifact #39 At the very beginning, blow up the second fuel tank.

Artifact #40 When you have to blow up pillars to make a ramp up, blow up the fuel tank to the right.

Mission #2 - Jedi - Low Profile:
Artifact #41 At the beginning, you cross a river by jumping on the floating chunks. As soon as you get across, turn around and jump back across closer to the mountain.

Artifact #42 When you droid-jak the Spider droid to shoot the controls on the other side of the bridge, go across and look behind the controls you shot and destroyed.

Mission #3 - Jedi - First Line of Advance:
Artifact #43 At the beginning, on the second platform you pass. Can't miss it.

Mission #4 - Jedi - Open Up:
Artifact #44 Right after Challenge #1, on the closest bridge/catwalk (of the 3).

Artifact #45 After Challenge #2, at the top of the back wall. Wall jump from right-to-left, and again left-to-right to get up there.

Mission #5 - Jedi - Zero Hour:
Artifact #46 As soon as you walk outside, get on the catwalk down to the left and come back towards the door you came out of.

Artifact #47 When you enter the building from the catwalk, do a U-Turn to the right, and open the room with the saber lock. It is inside. If you miss it, after riding the STAP and you see the cutscene with Anakin & Obi Wan, do not go to them. Come back and to the left, the door can still be opened.

Mission #6 - Clone - Exit Clearance:
Artifact #48 As soon as it starts, jump down to the catwalk on the right and go forward.

Mission #7 - Jedi - A Skywalker Plan:
Artifact #49 When the platform stops for the third time, it is sitting at the far left side/corner.

Mission #10 - Jedi - Seconds to Zero:
Artifact #50 In the middle of the screen, about half way through the level, in a single row of orbs. Collect the orbs and you'll get it as well.
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