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Smash Hit achievement in Left 4 Dead

Smash Hit

Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course.

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How to unlock the Smash Hit achievement

  • STZ513STZ51378,378
    08 Jan 2010 04 Oct 2009 18 Oct 2009
    37 5 24
    If you want to get this legitimately simply listen to the video for tips.

    If you can't do this normally then simply do split-screen and have one controller on each team. For the controller that isn't getting the achievement simply kill all the computer players then get killed by the infected. For the other controller actually play through or simply run about 50 feet from the saferoom and die.

    Oh and if the achievement isn't unlocking, doing it offline should help

    thanks to doormat4999 for the video

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    LausDominiI signed a non-Live player account into the second controller which sets Permissions to System Link Game.

    Play Versus - Play With Friends - Create Lobby - Versus Mode

    I selected to start as Infected and put the second controller as a Survivor.
    1) Kill all survivors
    2) You will switch roles and now play through chapter 1
    3) Play through chapter 2
    4) You will switch roles again so kill all survivors.
    Posted by LausDomini on 15 Oct 10 at 03:56
    Sons O AnarchyYeah some achievements are glitched because of online so just unplug the ethernet from your xbox and do it like that. Same happens with a bunch of other achievements like the hunter pouncing for 25 damage
    Posted by Sons O Anarchy on 28 May 11 at 15:28
    Shadow XBLkeep in mind you can set up a system link game to play "local" but still be on Live for the timestamp.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 May 13 at 16:40
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  • DarKenshin13DarKenshin13162,188
    15 Aug 2011 15 Aug 2011
    23 0 13
    Call me simple minded but sometimes I cannot understand a solution. I tried getting it legit and it wouldnt pop, i tried with a second controller and still wouldnt. After reading LausDomini''s message in STZ513's solution I managed to get it.

    So I wanted to repost the solution differently, more detailed, so credit goes to LauDomini for this.

    Start the game and get to the main screen. Load your profile and connect a second controller. Press Start on the 2nd controller and choose Guest as the 2nd profile.

    Now go -> Play Versus -> Play With Friends -> Create Lobby ->Versus Mode ->


    Campaign - Crash Course
    Permissions - System Link Game

    and click Create Lobby. Chapter 1 is Ok to start from.

    Controller 1 who gets the achievement starts as Infected and the 2nd as Survivor.

    As soon as the game starts take the survivors out of the safe point (helicopter) so that the infected, you, can spawn. What worked for me is, i took them at the far left corner of the building in the left where there are some dumpsters. Now you need to kill them all with your infected and the help of the local zombies. Every survivor picks a health pack so they will take some beating before going down. What I found really useful was the boomer. Standing on top of the building and vomitting on the survivors below you brings out a horde of zombies which take quite a chuck of health to them. Oh and dont forget friendly fire is ON so your 2nd controller can help you put them down faster.

    As soon as they die, controller 1 will spawn as survivor and the 2nd as infected. Take your survivor and leg it. Run through the entire chapter to the ending safe point. Spawn your infected 2nd controller and leave him in a corner anywhere. It doesnt mind if the survivors are too far at all. Oh and remember any zombie kills with your 1st controller DO COUNT against the 54k kill cheevo.

    Chapter 2 starts and you are survivor again. Same as before , leg it to the end and start the generator and get in the truck. Your 2nd controller as soon as you start the generator transforms to tank so it helps to bring him around so that you and your buddies have an easy Tank kill.

    Now Chapter 2 starts again but you are Infected now and 2nd controller is Survivor. Same like the start take your survivor out of the safe house just outside, take the boomer and vomit on everybody with you friendly firing everybody.

    The game finishes and the achievement popped for me when it was "loading" to return at the lobby.

    This works as of 15/8/2011.

    I hope I helped the people who were as confused as me with how to do this "offline".
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    Hillenmeyer1I want to add that I just did this in an even simpler way. As soon as the game started up I team killed the other 3 players. Then i had the controller getting the achievement getting the final infected kill (and multiplier) on the last person. I did this 3 times over (making sure controller 1 was always in the lead). It took me maximum 10 minutes to get it and i didnt have to go through the entire level as mentioned above.
    Credit goes to this solution though because before this, i never realised it can be done with 2 controllers.
    Posted by Hillenmeyer1 on 18 Mar 13 at 23:28
    DarKenshin13Thanks for the recommendation, if someone else can try and verify this I will add it to the above solution and give you credit Hillenmeyer1. Thanks for your time and input
    Posted by DarKenshin13 on 19 Mar 13 at 00:28
    CKnowles93Still works as of today and on Xbox One. Thanks!
    Posted by CKnowles93 on 02 May 19 at 21:34
  • Yukis PandaYukis Panda5,427
    06 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2011
    14 0 4
    An easy way to get Wipefest, Truck Stop and Smash Hit all in one go!
    Local match, one controller per team. First round, both teams kill themselves (just stand on the fire until incap X 3, cpus will help you up)
    Controller getting achievements should play through normally. make sure all 4 surivors, or close enough, get into the rescue vehicle.
    The one not getting the achievement, playthrough up to the hoard like normal. die as the first tank. then, get yourself killed as a boomer or smoker. see what you will spawn as next. is it is a hunter, get yourself killed as that, and then the next infected also (back until the spawn should be what it was before the hunter. then, die as second tank.
    when the vehicle opens, the cpus will run to it. before you are a tank, you should spawn as that hunter. go near the human player. THE HUMAN PLAYER SHOULD BE NEAR THE CAR AT THE BACK OF THE AREA! When you become the tank, the hunter should pounce the human (if you didn't do it in time before you became tank).
    The survivors will all rush to save the human player. they will all stand around (after killing hunter) to help human player up, by at which time, you should be near enough to incap all three survivors (using the car). You should instantly get 'Wipefest' (and 'All 4 Dead' if you don't have it, assuming they helped up the human player). Shortly after, 'Truck Stop' should pop, when the scores show up. 'Smash Hit' tends not to pop until the match has ended.

    Local Match, 2 players.
    die in 1st round
    Achi controller finish round as humans
    non achi controller finish round up to 2nd tank
    stand near car at back, get incapped by hunter after vehicle is open
    as tank, hit car at all 4 survivors, ding, 3 achievements!
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    Yukis PandaWhen I said 'die in the first round', I mean the first map. Crash course is made up of two maps, and BOT teams should die on the first map.
    During the second map, the player getting the achievement needs to get most of the team into the rescue vehicle, if not all of them. The team not getting the achievement, get's to the final hoarde, then set's up the hunter/tank near the car as explained in the solution.
    Hope that's clearer for you.
    Posted by Yukis Panda on 27 Feb 11 at 19:19
    Yea, this solution just confuses the hell out of me.
    Posted on 16 Apr 12 at 01:25
    Yukis PandaIt's really not that hard to figure out. The level is split into 2 rounds. the first round is not important, just kill yourself as both teams while playing humans. during the second round, the team getting the achievement should finish the round. Then, the team not getting the achievement should play up to the second tank in the final hoards. That team's human player needs to be pounced by a hunter by the car at the back of the final hoard area so the CPUs all come to help them. The achievement getting team can then knock all of the survivors down with the car while playing as the tank.
    Posted by Yukis Panda on 05 May 12 at 22:34
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