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Truck Stop achievement in Left 4 Dead

Truck Stop

Your team wipes all Survivors after the escape vehicle has opened in Crash Course.

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How to unlock the Truck Stop achievement

  • English GamerrrEnglish Gamerrr139,913
    27 Oct 2009 27 Oct 2009
    43 10 7
    Sign in a guest and make your profile infected and the guest's a survivor. With the guest play through to the finale and start the generator.

    Jump up the pole of the generator, the last jump needs to be directly in the middle of the pole as it's hard to do, you should now be at the top of the generator and invincible.

    When your controller says you'll be a tank run underneath your guest then unload on it to kill it, you'll probably kill 2 tanks.

    Then all of the other survivors will go into the rescue vehichle, you can incap them through the side of it not taking damage, incap all 3 of them and then KILL THEM. You must kill all 3 of them, as long as you incap them they'll bleed out but you can speed it up by jumping on them and slapping them in the face a few times.

    Then jump off the pole as your guest and then as whatever special infected you are KILL the guest, not incap and it will unlock.

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    Fallout JackalGreat Guide! Worked on my first attempt.
    Posted by Fallout Jackal on 03 Jul 12 at 04:37
    EggBigotMe and a friend just did it and I had to kill all of them out side the truck for it to work for me.
    Posted by EggBigot on 14 Aug 12 at 20:57
    KanyeWestsCatBit late to the game but if your AIs are dead before you enter the finale then it doesn't affect the achievement. Killed all of mine with the guest account and just finished that off with my main once the rescue vehicle opened.
    Posted by KanyeWestsCat on 14 Oct 17 at 21:36
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  • GatorFistGatorFist434,797
    15 Jan 2011 15 Jan 2011 13 Aug 2020
    28 0 1
    I was having trouble getting this to unlock using the kill all of the CPUs through the side of the van technique. Did it twice without success, so I came up with this and it worked:

    Set main controller as infected, guest as person. Play through the level. Once you get to the finale use up all the med kits (e.g. heal yourself repeatedly, shoot the computers until they use theirs, etc.) retain one for yourself just in case. Easily kill the first tank, once you are the second tank beat the computers up a bit until that tank dies.
    BEFORE you restart the generator, use the guest to shoot the CPUs until they only have a tiny bar of life left (enough for one or 2 shots to put them down). Then restart the generator. Once the car comes down, down all of the computers before they can reach the car. Then take your other controller and down the guest. BAM unlocked.

    Other solutions say all of the survivors must die: NOT TRUE, none of mine died.
    Other solutions say they can get in the car and then die: Didn't work for me, I would guess this was my problem? I don't really know.

    Good luck :)
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    Wow what a confusing comment fury. Thanks
    Posted on 08 Sep 14 at 00:43
  • Yukis PandaYukis Panda5,427
    06 Feb 2011 06 Feb 2011
    15 2 1
    An easy way to get Wipefest, Truck Stop and Smash Hit all in one go!
    Local match, one controller per team. First round, both teams kill themselves (just stand on the fire until incap X 3, cpus will help you up)
    Controller getting achievements should play through normally. make sure all 4 surivors, or close enough, get into the rescue vehicle.
    The one not getting the achievement, playthrough up to the hoard like normal. die as the first tank. then, get yourself killed as a boomer or smoker. see what you will spawn as next. is it is a hunter, get yourself killed as that, and then the next infected also (back until the spawn should be what it was before the hunter. then, die as second tank.
    when the vehicle opens, the cpus will run to it. before you are a tank, you should spawn as that hunter. go near the human player. THE HUMAN PLAYER SHOULD BE NEAR THE CAR AT THE BACK OF THE AREA! When you become the tank, the hunter should pounce the human (if you didn't do it in time before you became tank).
    The survivors will all rush to save the human player. they will all stand around (after killing hunter) to help human player up, by at which time, you should be near enough to incap all three survivors (using the car). You should instantly get 'Wipefest' (and 'All 4 Dead' if you don't have it, assuming they helped up the human player). Shortly after, 'Truck Stop' should pop, when the scores show up. 'Smash Hit' tends not to pop until the match has ended.

    Local Match, 2 players.
    die in 1st round
    Achi controller finish round as humans
    non achi controller finish round up to 2nd tank
    stand near car at back, get incapped by hunter after vehicle is open
    as tank, hit car at all 4 survivors, ding, 3 achievements!
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    Yukis PandaWhen I said 'die in the first round', I mean the first map. Crash course is made up of two maps, and BOT teams should die on the first map.
    During the second map, the player getting the achievement needs to get most of the team into the rescue vehicle, if not all of them. The team not getting the achievement, get's to the final hoarde, then set's up the hunter/tank near the car as explained in the solution.
    Hope that makes more sence, if what I said above is confusing.
    Posted by Yukis Panda on 27 Feb 11 at 19:20
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