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Jumpin' Jack Smash achievement in Left 4 Dead

Jumpin' Jack Smash

Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign.

Jumpin' Jack Smash0
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How to unlock the Jumpin' Jack Smash achievement

  • A1337HaxorA1337Haxor435,999
    30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2009 27 Oct 2013
    120 3 44
    *You may not be able to get this while connected to Live due to a bug in Valve's servers. If that is the case, unplug your Ethernet connection/wireless adapter or stay signed out of Live and try again*

    When playing as a hunter, you can deal damage from the actual pounce you make onto a survivor. You can inflict up to 25 points of instant damage onto a survivor from making a good pounce. The damage you do while on top of a survivor and "punching" them does not count for this achievement, it has to be 25 points of pounce-damage.

    Using two controllers, or, if you can get it to pop online, substitute Guest account with a friend on Live...

    In Crash Course, play on Split screen versus with your main account (the one you want the achievement on) playing as infected.

    With your Guest account playing as a survivor, kill all of the other survivors (this way when you miss as the hunter, they won't kill you and you get another go at it.) Now park yourself up against the guard rail between the end of the guard rail and where the helicopter is laying. (See video for placement.) Leave this account there until you get the achievement.

    With your main account, get killed until you become the Hunter and climb up the building at the beginning of Crash Course as shown in the video. It is the two story warehouse that is next to the crashed helicopter. When you are on the roof, stand a few feet back from the ledge and crouch. Aim up into the sky right around the moon and then pounce. As you jump you need to quickly aim down and until your target reticule is on the survivor. Once you land on the survivor it should indicate you've inflicted 25 pounce damage and the achievement should pop up.

    When I did this, the only problem I had was missing my target. All you have to do is adjust how you are aiming once you are in the air. Once you get that down, you should be able to get the achievement no problem the first time you successfully pounce that survivor.

    It took me about 5 tries to get the jump right.

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    A1337HaxorLord of war, if you have the digital version of the game and it's license is assigned to another console, that is normal. Consolidate your licenses onto one console.
    Posted by A1337Haxor on 10 Oct 14 at 11:46
    LordOfWorldwarits ok i finally did it in an online private match with a friend :)
    Posted by LordOfWorldwar on 24 Oct 14 at 12:22
    ZalexzyI had a lot problems getting aiming right, in the end forget railing, and move guy waiting to die just little bit further, over fence and next to truck - done.
    Posted by Zalexzy on 24 Oct 16 at 15:14
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  • The SharkopathThe Sharkopath528,481
    13 Nov 2009 07 Nov 2009
    20 0 2
    Another great place to get it is at the beginning of the first chapter. Down the first ally there is an escape ladder on the left buildings. Go on top the building behind it. Jump over onto the ladder and go up the stairs until you can't go anymore. Then pounce on the survivor from there. Just make sure the survivor is at the end of the ally. In front of the first building across is the fence. Hope this helped.
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    CTDMUDRUNNERGood guide. A video would be of great help though. Thumbs up
    Posted by CTDMUDRUNNER on 15 Mar 17 at 00:57
    The SharkopathThanks. Unfortunately back when I made this solution I didn't have a means to record a video guide for it. When I make solutions now that need visual aid I make videos. Thanks for the feedback CTDMUDRUNNER
    Posted by The Sharkopath on 15 Mar 17 at 02:03
  • AmazingPunkAmazingPunk276,302
    06 Dec 2009 06 Dec 2009 09 Mar 2011
    23 4 4
    After reading multiple posts on this one all over the web I decided to give them all a go and see which one worked.

    The soloution which worked for me:

    1. At the dashboard, sign in with the account you want the achievement for.

    2. With a second controller, sign in with a second account. This has to be a proper account NOT a guest account. EDIT: This does work with a guest account - thanks to SIL3NCEikillyou for that tip.

    3. Load up L4D and make sure your network adaptor is unplugged. The reason for this is, you need to be on a local server as Valve's servers are having a little trouble and the achievement won't unlock while playing on them.

    4. Start up a versus game with the account you want the achievement for and play as the infected.With the second account, play as the surviours.

    5. Follow the steps in the video. Make sure you kill all the other surviours first.

    6. This also works for the Smash Hit achievement.

    Hope this helps!
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    AmazingPunkNo problem! Glad it worked! :-)
    Posted by AmazingPunk on 14 Feb 11 at 15:07
    xs Silence sxFor the record, I got this to work with a guest account.
    Posted by xs Silence sx on 09 Mar 11 at 02:53
    AmazingPunkAh great, I'll edit the post, cheers!
    Posted by AmazingPunk on 09 Mar 11 at 10:26
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