In-Fight 100 achievement in Prodeus

In-Fight 100

Get 100 Enemies To Kill Each Other

In-Fight 100-3.8
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How to unlock the In-Fight 100 achievement

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    26 Sep 2022 26 Sep 2022 26 Sep 2022
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    There is a decent chance this will unlock through normal play as there as several levels which feature enemies killing each other. Prodean (blue guys) enemies killing normal Chaos enemies counts for this achievement.

    However, if you'd like to speed this achievement up, I have created a custom map for it. In the Community workshop, searching "achievement" or "in-fight" or my username will bring up the map (In-Flight 100 Achievement). Just walk forward and wait for the enemies to kill each other, and go to the corner with the rune to exit. You'll have to repeat the map 3-4 times. Will only take a few minutes.

    Thanks to ThePortal2010 for the help!
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    Har MiggidoIt's probably just a issue with the game itself.
    Posted by Har Miggido on 07 Oct at 06:10
    SiegfriedXYeah, there's an issue with the game. Nothing was popping here, I closed the game, opened it up again, went to my dowloaded maps and entered this one again, this time on medium. Both achievements popped at the same time.
    Posted by SiegfriedX on 08 Oct at 03:52
    ShadowEchelon91All my achievements unlocked but some definitely didn't unlock when I expected them too, so I agree. Probably just slightly buggy for a lot of these. Love getting downvotes for that lol
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 08 Oct at 14:23
    Stormborn64had to play it about 5 times but got the 100 achievement using the custom map
    Posted by Stormborn64 on 15 Oct at 04:49
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RPeople having issues, I had 40+ before the 20 registered. Its either buggy, or what we think counts, doesn't. Like if two enemies attack one, then maybe that one doesn't count. I don't know. But 1 does not seem to equal for a few achievements in this game. I would say get like 2x what you think you need.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 16 Oct at 08:06
    Shadowbringer6Can confirm it works, not sure if playing on medium difficulty really has an effect on the achievement, but i did do this on medium difficulty to be sure
    Posted by Shadowbringer6 on 16 Oct at 16:28
    Gaz PwnageDone 10+ runs of this on medium and still nothing (Windows). Weird.

    EDIT - This finally unlocked for me on the 13th try. This map does something weird to the game on PC. I gave up and went to get the pacifist achievement instead but that wouldn't unlock either. I closed the game and tried to open it again but it would not open, at all, until I rebooted my PC. I got the pacifist achievement then did 2 more runs of this and it unlocked. Probably useless information, but it does work ... eventually.

    Its also worth noting that after getting this achievement, out of curiosity I closed the game again to see if i could reopen it, the answer to that was No and I needed to reboot again.
    Posted by Gaz Pwnage on 17 Oct at 21:52
    ShadowEchelon91I honestly think it just doesn't track properly. Re-opening might make it work. I definitely got the 20 friendly fire way after 20. Not sure.

    My game also never opened on the first try, had to restart after a wsreset.exe every time to get it to open. I've had that issue with other games from windows on PC like Halo as well. Not map related.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 18 Oct at 01:12
    BrutalIntentionFor some reason I cant connect to Pronet through the Xbox network, but I found out you can get this yourself in the map editor.

    I have no idea what I'm doing, but I went into the assets menu and made myself a wall of doors, and stuffed the opposite side with Prodean and Chaos enemies, then went to the play menu, and just restarted the level whenever the chaos enemies were killed off. I think I got it in three restarts.
    Posted by BrutalIntention on 18 Nov at 03:54
    ShadowEchelon91Yes, I unlocked it while testing these maps in the editor lol
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 18 Nov at 23:45
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