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Labor of Love

Feast of Midas achievement in Terraria

Feast of Midas

Obtain Golden Delight, the highest quality meal made from the highest quality... ingredients.

Feast of Midas-34.4
30 September 2022 - 2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

How to unlock the Feast of Midas achievement

  • PuzzlePuzzle91,113
    28 Sep 2022 28 Sep 2022 01 Oct 2022
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    The quickest way to obtain this achievement is in journey mode.

    Step 1 - Find two cans of worms and research them so they can be duplicated.

    Step 2 - Open the cans until you obtain a golden worm.

    Step 3 - Using a cooking pot plus the golden worm create golden delight.

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    Royal Giuliomade one from a golden bird but no achievement. Do I have to consume or something? Don't wanna do it because its my only one, tried dropping and picking up multiple times and still nothing.
    Posted by Royal Giulio on 30 Sep at 08:13
    PuzzleMy achievement popped in game, but it didn't register on my account. I ended up making and consuming the golden delight 4 times.
    Posted by Puzzle on 30 Sep at 11:18
    SleetyHaddock72Only popped in game for me too. Then the Xbox chievo popped when I saved/exited the game and restarted it.
    Posted by SleetyHaddock72 on 01 Oct at 19:37
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  • packetloss Xpacketloss X226,664
    29 Sep 2022 07 Oct 2022 07 Oct 2022
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    I have never played Journey mode before now. Journey mode is what I would call unlockable Creative mode. You get decent starting gear and the way it works is once you obtain an item or a certain amount of an Item you research it and then you can mass produce as much as you want via the Duplication tab.

    There are also special On/Off switches and slider bars for things like difficulty, Rain, Wind, Time of Day, tick speed, spawn rate, disable/enable spread and even a GOD MODE toggle which I have no idea what it does.

    Even with all the power of this Creative mode with just the only restriction being you have to accomplish/obtain everything first Achievements still function in this mode unlike Minecraft.

    Mode/Multiplayer Restrictions: Journey mode characters can only play in Journey mode worlds and Classic mode characters cannot play in Journey mode worlds.

    Now that we got that out of the way let's talk about the achievement. If you are like me and never played Journey mode, that's fine this should still only take a few minutes.

    Create a new character Difficulty: Journey
    Create a new world Difficulty: Journey
    - You could use the parameters I did and go to the spots on the surface (both east of spawn) shown in this video to get can of worms, or just make a random one.
    Size: Small
    Evil: Corruption
    Seed: Feast of Midas

    Step 1: Obtain 2 can of worms and research them, then duplicate a stack of 9,999. Open these until you obtain a Gold Worm

    Step2: Craft a Cooking Pot (10 Iron Bars, 2 Wood)
    - I obtained the Iron bars from fishing Wooden Crates using the Gold Worms as bait and the starter fishing rod

    Step 3: Craft Golden Delight
    Crafting Station: Cooking Pot
    Ingredient: Gold Worm

    The In Game achievement will pop instantly however the Xbox one for me was delayed majorly. In helping others in multiplayer games make sure you join their game and hand them the food because a few times it would only pop the in-game achievement if not the host.
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