1984 achievement in Guitar Hero Van Halen


Complete a career on Expert+. (Solo Drum)

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How to unlock the 1984 achievement

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    11 Oct 2009 12 Oct 2009
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    Technically, every song can be beaten on Expert while the handful of double-bass songs on this game must be beaten on Expert+. Compared to GH:Metallica, this game's Expert+ selection is rather weak. For the majority of them, you can probably pass them with one pedal.

    Up until Painkiller, the Expert+ songs are only labeled as such because of parts here and there with short bursts of double-bass. Painkiller and the last group of Van Halen songs are the only ones that should present any problems. When in doubt, focus on hitting the pads right and just go to town on the bass pedals. I did that in several spots on Painkiller and got through it easily. However, some songs like Hot for Teacher and I'm the One are going to outright take practice when it comes to the bass. The rhythms aren't tough at all, but you're probably not going to get away with the strategy I just mentioned.

    You can always get a friend to hit the bass pedals for you while you drum away, too ;).
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    MajorGeek42One thing I figured out early on with X+ charts - say it was a (RBP) (BP) (RBP) (BP) pattern throughout the verse, when playing X+ there are added kick notes in between. If you ignore those extra notes and only focus on hitting the kicks with the pad notes you can easily maintain a green rock meter. Works great on the slower parts in Painkiller and many other songs. Loss of Control, though, almost requires you to mash the pedal like crazy because of the high BPM (unless you're really good, of course). Hot for Teacher is definitely the massive roadblock to getting this achievement.

    If one is lucky enough to have a World Tour drumkit but only one pedal, there's an advantage for using a second person. If they have a set of drumsticks too, they can drum the pedal on the sides, right about where the sensor is, and it will register.
    Posted by MajorGeek42 on 14 Nov 09 at 08:36
    IAmNotAPersonThe easiest way I found to beat Hot For Teacher was to first practice and get good and comfortable with I'm The One on expert+. Once you're fine with the double bass beat then you'll be ok on Hot For Teacher. Obviously the intro is the hardest part, so I just didn't even pay attention to the bass pedal, I did it, but put all my focus on trying to play the blue and green pads as perfect as possible. As soon as you can play the double bass beat without even paying attention then you're pretty much set, just put all your effort into playing the pads and then the rest of the song is cake. But just in case I would save starpower if I were you, you never know when you might need it.
    Posted by IAmNotAPerson on 11 May 10 at 04:52
    WornOutSmilesDoes anyone know how many songs you need to do for this and what difficulty you need to do them on? Can you do say, every song on beginner and then just complete each song with an expert+ rating on expert+? Thanks in advance.
    Posted by WornOutSmiles on 13 May 10 at 22:56
    dijonketchup13It should be noted that all the songs that don't have Expert + charts have to be beaten on Expert before this achievement will unlock.
    Posted by dijonketchup13 on 01 Aug 10 at 00:38
    finallife6^ thanks 4 that i didnt know that yet
    but yeah the only songs i found hard were painkiller and im the one and hot for teacher
    painkiller is hard on x + but it has a beat with the bass that doubles then slows down again
    and im the one and hot for teacher have the same beat through the whole song
    Posted by finallife6 on 21 Aug 10 at 22:15
    Devoidthey definitely mixed up the achievement name with the 5 star expert drum one.
    Posted by Devoid on 30 Aug 10 at 22:43
    guns vs kittensIf you get less than 5* on Expert plus, can you just go back on Expert to polish it off?
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 13 Jan 12 at 01:04
    AwooDid this today with one foot on one pedal for all songs, and it really wasn't that bad. Play heel up (with the pedal turned "backwards", that is), calibrate the game USING THE PEDAL, and just go nuts on the fast parts. I actually FCd most of Painkiller like this, and got Hot For Teacher on my second try. :)
    Posted by Awoo on 23 Feb 12 at 13:06
    rastabikermando u unlock the acheivement for expert career aswell?
    Posted by rastabikerman on 28 Feb 13 at 20:23
    Elliot PiersonYeah Hot For Teach is kind of a cheat to be honest. I hope Van Halen got a lot of money for this disgrace of a homage game..
    Posted by Elliot Pierson on 04 Feb 17 at 09:53
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