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The Ballad of Gay Tony

4.3967,1874,536 (7%)15-20 h
The Ballad of Gay Tony

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TBoGT: Gone Down

Complete all base jumps. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gone Down0
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Achievement Guide for TBoGT: Gone Down

  • Rusty3538Rusty3538107,453
    20 Feb 2010 20 Feb 2010 21 Feb 2010
    60 1 2
    Ok firstly you DONT have to buy a parachute for every base jump i realised this after doing 2 or 3 and after completing the jump i still had the parachute id bought before hand.

    Accuracy doesnt matter for the achievement just as long as you complete (i finished some with only 3% accuracy) even with the heli ones where you have to glide through the check points i missed 1 or 2 on some and still got it.

    Use taxis to get to base jump locations using waypoints on map this will put you in the best place to get to start point, ie on the flyover so you can jump onto roof.

    The best tip i can give is once you've opened your chute use the top of his head as a guide and try to position it in the center of the target using LS. If you think your going to over shoot the target then turn and do a full circle pulling back on LS.

    If anyone needs anymore help PM me.
  • Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e518,226
    26 Nov 2009 24 Nov 2009 24 Nov 2009
    23 4 0
    I am only linking to two vids I found on youtube, in order to make it easier for you.

    All credits go to the maker of the vids, RandyTandy15

    Good luck!
  • fbsartsfbsarts247,361
    31 Jan 2013 31 Jan 2013 02 Feb 2013
    16 1 0
    To me, the game doesn’t explain the parachute controls very well. And I think they’re all you need to win this achievement. So you just need one parachute in inventory; use a taxi to reach each of the 15 places; put yourself over the red arrow and press LB to play.

    -Y button is used to jump off the building/motorbike and start the descent.
    -If you still have the parachute closed, the left stick is used to move Luis during the fall (forward to accelerate), and shorten the distance between you and the landing spot/flying rings.
    -A button is to open the parachute.
    -With the parachute open, the left stick is used for precise rotation: left and right are used to rotate Luis, while if you press down (towards you, not the TV) the character pulls up his legs and you can go farther (that’s key!!!).
    -LT & RT are used to fast steering, but if you use them at the same time (LT+RT) you slow the parachute for precise landing.
    -The bottom-left corner map has a vertical line used as an altimeter. Use it as an hint to align yourself to the target (rotate and put it over the red dot). There’s also a black horizontal line that is your elevation, and a little red one that is the height of the next target, or landing spot.

    As you may guess, the key is using rotation, L stick down and LT+RT, till you reach your destination. You don’t even need to touch the flying rings to win (they just gain you some money), just land into the bulls eye… or over the damn vehicle (aim at the front of it and slow down at the end!). That’s it! Good luck!
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    28 14 4
    There are 15 base jumps based around Liberty City, 5 where you have to land on a moving vehicle, 5 to land on ground targets, and 5 going through checkpoints leading to a ground target, these base jumps are the little parachutes on your map.

    Parachutes should appear after doing Yusuf's second mission called High Dive, then you can do the base jumps, these are activated by pressing LB in the pink zone near every base jump, and you will be taken to the top of the building and you can start jumping, most if not all of these are very easy and the only difficulty I had is the base jump outside the airport on the police station you need a helicopter to access it.

    Also the cheats for giving yourself a parachute and a buzzard helicopter do not disable this achievement, they help you out instead of getting a parachute the longer way.

    The cheats for the parachute and the helicopter are:

    Buzzard: Dial 3595552899 into the phone pad.
    Parachute: Dial 3595557272 into the phone pad.

    Both cheats will be available now in the cheats section of the phone menu and usable whenever you need them.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: You can also get to the top of the police station via the stairs and by jumping off a wall onto the roof near the station, thanks for the comments guys.

    Source: Personally having the achievement.
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