The Ballad of Gay Tony

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The Ballad of Gay Tony

TBoGT: Gold Star achievement in GTA IV

TBoGT: Gold Star

Score 100% in all missions. (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

TBoGT: Gold Star+1.6
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How to unlock the TBoGT: Gold Star achievement

  • Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e551,442
    26 Nov 2009 23 Feb 2017
    239 52 40
    Edit (26/12/2016) : It has been brought to our attention by Elliot Pierson that the mission #23 "In The Crosshairs" seems to be glitched, and this for a couple of years already.
    I wasn't able to verify this ; confirmation needed. If so, I'm not sure of this achievement becomes unobtainable because of this. -> JonathanX64 confirmed having got the achievement and nothing seems to be glitched at all...

    Edit (25/01/2017) : edited YouTube links into 'spoilers' in order to reduce loading times for this solution guide

    Hereunder you will find the vids related to all 26 missions, so you would know what to do, where to go, which vehicule to use, etc... in order to get the 100% for every mission.

    I'm just linking from youtube, nothing more.
    ALL credits go to GTASeriesVideos for making these useful videos.

    Mission #01 - I Luv LC

    Mission #02 - Chinese Takeout

    Mission #03 - Momma's Boy (Losing Cage Fight)

    Mission #04 - Corner Kids

    Mission #05 - Clocking Off

    Mission #06 - Practice Swing

    Mission #07 - Blog This!...

    Mission #08 - Bang Bang

    Mission #09 - Boulevard Baby

    Mission #10 - Frosting On The Cake

    Mission #11 - Kibbutz Number One

    Mission #12 - Sexy Time

    Mission #13 - High Dive

    Mission #14 - ...Blog This!

    Mission #15 - This Ain't Checkers

    Mission #16 - Not So Fast

    Mission #17 - No. 3

    Mission #18 - Ladies' Night

    Mission #19 - Caught With Your Pants Down

    Mission #20 - Going Deep

    Mission #21 - Dropping In

    Mission #22 - For The Man Who Has Everything

    Mission #23 - In The Crosshairs

    Mission #24 - Ladies Half Price

    Mission #25 - Party's Over

    Mission - Ending / Final Mission

    Any suggestions to improve this guide are welcome!

    Thanks for voting thumbs up if this solution was helpful.

    Good luck!

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    B Scrizzle21On the mission bang bang I follow the guide but the helicopter is not there for me? I have completed the story and done all drug wars and other achievements. So what’s going on please help!
    Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 13 Jul 18 at 06:10
    DELT4 UKOn mission 23 "In The Crosshairs" I accidentally blew myself up after taking down all four snipers, I got knocked off the roof and survived. It then said to just escape so I did and got 100% in only three minutes or so..
    Posted by DELT4 UK on 20 Oct 18 at 08:24
    Brett Evans15Hey guys, so is that right to get reload the last save and get a few tries and got 100%?! And there’s one last thing, so is that right to use a phone to go to missions tab and get completed the other objectives (checkmarks) and got 100%?! Do you think it doesn’t matter on both of them to get Gold Star Achievement or no?! I hope this works or not. Please let me know it. Thanks!
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 08 Apr at 15:35
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  • Major AlenkoMajor Alenko88,742
    31 Oct 2009 14 Nov 2009
    149 22 11

    I luv L.C.
    Time: 04:30
    Player Damage: 0%
    Car Damage: 10%

    Practice Swing
    Time: 04:00
    Player Damage: 50%
    Headshots: 11
    Accuracy: 70%
    100% Golf Accuracy: v

    Chinese Takeout
    Time: 05:20
    Player Damage: 10%
    Accuracy: 70%
    100% Headshots: v

    Momma's Boy
    Time: 03:10
    Player Damage: 10%
    Crowd Helped: v
    Counter Finish: v

    Corner Kids
    Time: 07:50
    Player Damage: 40%
    Headshots: 20
    Accuracy: 55%

    Clocking Off
    Time: 05:00
    Player Damage: 40%
    Headshots: 20
    Accuracy: 55%

    Sexy Time
    Time: 06:00
    Player Damage: 0%
    Boats Destroyed: 4

    Kibbutz Number One
    Time: 05:00
    Player Damage: 50%
    Headshots: 10
    Accuracy: 70%
    Boat Damage: 60%
    Top Boat Speed: 70 mph
    Quickdraw the RPG: v (kill him before he shoots a rocket)

    Bang Bang
    Time: 05:00
    Player Damage: 50%
    No Bombs Wasted: v

    Blog This!...
    Time: 02:30
    Car Damage: 0%

    High Dive
    Time: 04:10
    Player Damage: 50%
    Headshots: 6
    Accuracy: 70%
    Helicopters Destroyed: 4
    Free Fall Time: v

    Caught With Your Pants Down
    Time: 07:25
    Player Damage: 50%
    Cop Cars Destroyed: 6
    Tank Damage: 50%
    Sharpshooter: v

    This Ain't Checkers
    Time: 07:35
    Player Damage: 0%
    Perfect Landing: v
    Always First: v

    No. 3
    Time: 05:15
    Top Speed: 140 mph
    Car Damage: 20%
    Followed Close: v

    Frosting On The Cake
    Time: 05:45
    Player Damage: 50%
    Bomb Accuracy: v
    Escape Cops Time: 0:35

    Boulevard Baby
    Time: 03:10
    Player Damage: 40%
    Groove On: v
    Good Guy: v

    ...Blog This!
    Time: 02:10
    Player Damage: 0%
    Time To Catch Blogger: 0:08

    Not So Fast
    Time: 04:35
    Player Damage: 20%
    Helicopter Damage: 80%

    Ladies' Night
    Time: 08:50
    Helicopter Damage: 0%
    Low Fly: v
    Close Pursuit: v

    Going Deep
    Time: 06:30
    Player Damage: 50%
    Headshots: 20
    Accuracy: 70%
    Vehicles Destroyed: 5
    Bomb Hidden: v
    Sticky Bomb Carnage: v

    Dropping In
    Time: 06:40
    Player Damage: 40%
    Accuracy: 70%
    Landing Distance: v
    Ashvilli Plummet: v
    Truck Landing: v

    In The Crosshairs
    Time: 04:30
    Player Damage: 40%
    Headshots: 10
    Accuracy: 60%
    4 shots, 4 snipers: v

    For The Man Who Has Everything
    Time: 04:20
    Player Damage: 50%
    Duck Chopper: v
    Helicopters Destroyed: 8

    Ladies Half Price
    Time: 03:55
    Hanger On Time: 0:07

    Party's Over
    Time: 04:30
    Player Damage: 90%
    Headshots: 25
    Accuracy: 70%
    Enemy Cars Destroyed: 4

    Departure Time
    Time: 10:00
    Player Damage: 50%
    Headshots: 25
    Accuracy: 70%

    "Edit Credit to Moe GZ" Orignal link:
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    RomerNakataThey keep that way. You don't need to reach all the targets at once.
    Posted by RomerNakata on 12 Jul 14 at 11:37
    KillaQueens515Just so any future readers no the "v"s are suppose to be check marks. This solution was somewhat helpful but I can't figure out how to do "Follow Closely" for Mission No. "3."
    Posted by KillaQueens515 on 10 Dec 16 at 01:31
    Brett Evans15So you guys, it’s just use the other check marks first without 100% on 26 missions. Lastly, it’s that right to use another check marks for the other check mark on 26 missions to replay (repeat) the missions or no?! Is that right for all of guys? I hope this works or not to get Gold Star Achievement for me. Please let me know it. Thanks!
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 03 Apr at 00:09
  • Rusty3538Rusty3538110,652
    20 Mar 2010 03 Mar 2010 05 Jun 2011
    76 1 9
    Ok just an addition to the above guides (which are great and are really helped me initially, so thanks guys). A few things I've noticed: dont use taxis to get to destinations, this will invalidate your time for the mission. I found this out on "sexy time" I used a taxi to get to the pier. When I'd finished the mission it said 100% but then when I hit "A" to view "my results" it said 82%.

    Another top tip which I dont think anyone's mentioned (apologies if they have) but you dont have to complete all objectives in one run through.

    i.e. on "Chinese Takeout" my first run through I took my time and went for headshots and accuracy (100% Headshots, Accuracy: 70%) This took me 13 mins to do but at the end the Headshots & Accuracy boxes where checked. I then went back through with the automatic shotgun with explosive rounds and stormed though in just over 5 min with less than 10% damage and got 100% :o).

    I know this might take longer because it can sometimes mean 2-3 play throughs for each mission but it definately helped me.

    Hope this helps GOOD LUCK!!!

    # EDIT: To help complete the challenges within the set time here is another tip I found really helped:

    Go to the mission start point (you can find this by starting the mission check your location on the map and then quit and head to that location). Once your at the start point call Henrique and ask for a fast car, then keep an eye on your mini map and get your cell phone ready to start the mission as Henrique approaches (once you can acctually see the marker on the mini map). When the mission starts Henrique will just be pulling up infront of you with a nice shiny new car :o)

    I found this helped loads and saved precious time having to run around looking for a vehicle.
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    Leroy I1981INice supplement to the other guides, good to know this can be accomplished over multiple runs.
    Posted by Leroy I1981I on 12 Mar 12 at 20:30
    TBonePhoneHenrique shaved 90s off my sexy time best time. Best tip ever
    Posted by TBonePhone on 12 Mar 13 at 01:37
    GsO LightThanks for the tip about the Henrique vehicle as I've been trying to get the time for "sexy time" but always ended up running around looking for a car which ruined my time, going to try this tonight!
    Posted by GsO Light on 13 Apr 14 at 01:37
  • GizmoScrivGizmoScriv203,770
    04 Nov 2009 31 Oct 2009 01 Nov 2009
    72 8 7
    If you did not get this achievement from your first playthrough then don't worry, you can access the missions (along with your current score for each mission) from the missions tab in your phone.

    Each mission will have secondary objectives that contribute to the 100%. These will vary from times, accuracy, damage taken, headshots, items destroyed or incidentals. Some will be difficult to obtain on the same attempt but they do not need to be achieved on the same try, they are applied to future efforts also.

    For accuracy and headshots, use the pistol as it is very powerful and accurate. Damage taken should not be a problem as you are given full health and armour (i think) at the start of each attempt.

    To preview the objectives for each mission, go to the pause menu, go to the stats tab and view player.

    If you have to restart from a checkpoint you automatically score 0% on the mission even if you complete it (i think).

    To get this achievement you will need to score 100% (achieve all secondary objectives) on all missions.

    Good Luck

    Edit: Using taxis will void your score for that particular attempt, sorry
  • SixfeetbehindSixfeetbehind83,605
    09 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011
    51 1 8
    The Timelimit for "In The Crosshairs" is really tough. If you want to do it the easy way, just check out the following video. You dont really need to do the "Helicoper-Trick".
  • Haven012Haven01228,977
    31 Dec 2009 31 Dec 2009
    44 7 9
    These are tips for achiving what i though were some of the hardest goals

    Pratice Swing - 100% golf accuracy - take your time and try to remember when is the right time to swing

    Momma's Boy - 10% player damage - mash B three times then run back a little when they run at you mash B again.
    with santo drop a sticky bomb and detonate when he is near it

    Kibbutz number one - quickdraw rpg - i recomed mp5 because it has good range and high rof. kill all enemies execpt one. when you kill last one lock to rpg and spray.

    Caught with your pants down - shrapshooter - this was a little confusing. you have to use one clip to shoot all 4 bolts in other words 10 tries to shoot all 4 not 4 perfect shots

    No.3 - followed close - not sure what specifically have to do but stay close as you can and dont be afraid to slow down to avoid obstacles

    In The Crosshairs - 4 shots , 4 snipers - wait for sniper to stand (not just poke head) and shoot. you may wwant to wait till you exactly where they will stand

    In The Crosshairs - Time 4:30 - rush to building and after sniping part climb on small chimney and walk along edge to fire escape use gun aim to walk straight go down and leave

    Ladies Half Price - Hang on Time after cut sceen where he gets on go into reverse and he will fall off
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    32 1 7
    Ok I just have to put this here because it would be tedius to comment to every solution already here.


    This is not a solution, but an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT note to remember.

    The mission, "Frosting on the Cake", where you drive a limo and then use sticky bombs out of the limo later, WILL NOT APPEAR ON YOUR STATS PAGE (in the "General" tab). If you skim your stats and see all 80+% or 100%, and you DID NOT unlock your achievement, it's because you need to improve your score for "Frosting on the Cake".

    If you look in the "Player" tab, you WILL see the score for "Frosting on the Cake" in there.


    I went through two entire playthroughs and over a month of headache and no help from Rockstar support before realizing this.

    Good luck getting your Gold Star!
  • TripleEnd2TripleEnd2174,600
    27 Jul 2011 29 Jul 2011
    29 2 4
    Departure Time (PAR TIME): Follow the video on this page up until you jump out of the plane. Rather than landing by the car and taking the time to drive there, hold back on the joystick so that Luis' legs lift up and float towards the marker in Monoglobe Park. This eliminates the bothersome traffic at the end and spares you having to drive if you are not very skilled at it. Doing it the way on the video I was only ever able to get between 10:10 and 10:20. Using my method outlined above I got the achievement with a time of 8:49.
  • deluxnugsdeluxnugs560,636
    03 Aug 2012 03 Aug 2012 28 Apr 2013
    27 1 6
    This solution is for the mission MAMMAS BOY. To get the 100% you must win the fight with no more than 10% loss of health. I was having a hard time with this mission and found another way. What you need to know is there is a hospital 2 blocks down from the LC Cage Fights, around the back on the wall behind some ambulances is a health kit.

    Ok here we go, choose the mission MAMMAS BOY from the cell. Go into the fights and do the best job you can to win. You will be placed back outside with the instruction to kill Santos,now run away from him to the first aid kit, grab it turn and kill Santos. Now you will have finished the mission with 100% health easily getting the mission done.

    The above solution assumes you have already beaten the story mission and time requirements. If you haven't then you must hustle to beat the 3 minutes and 10 seconds time limit.

    One more tip id like to share, several missions spawn you without a vehicle or in a shit one. When starting these missions go to where the mission starts now call Henriqe to bring you the sports car of your choice wait untill he is almost there and chose the mission from the cell phone. You will find that you can easily grab the car now and complete the mission. I found this very helpfull on SEXY TIME and several others.

    This above tip assumes that you have completed the story and are accessing missions through the cell phone.

  • LostNoAnswerLostNoAnswer247,000
    15 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2012 12 Jul 2019
    26 6 4
    Some hints for the "followed close" objective for the mission "No.3"

    You are still able to get this one done no matter how badly you crashed before the jumping part.

    It seems that you have to start to jump before Bruce land on the boat, i finished the mission around 6 mins and crashed a lot before the last boat part (my best record is 4:52 and still didn't meet "followed close" object.) but still manage to get this object done! I'm pretty sure followed close is relate to this part!

    PS: My English is not good as you guys, but i guess you can get it. Just stay close in the last part if you are having trouble with meeting this objective.
  • Kerman7Kerman7696,505
    15 Feb 2013 16 Feb 2013 02 Jun 2016
    18 1 3
    There are many guides already but I'm only going to give some tips for what I thought were the harder challenges, the par time for those I completed last.
    Most of the time it's only a matter of taking the shortest route and few retries, but for the following levels I was still struggling, until I made a change that then made it very easy.
    Make sure you try the Time challenges on their own as it's easier then. For health/headshots/accuracy, just do a dedicated pistol run and take it slow and easy.
    For the other challenges please read the other solutions. Also play the missions at least once first, as it will make my explanations easier to understand.

    Going Deep (Par Time)
    The trick is to use sticky bombs, to blow up the trucks and cars before anyone gets out of them. That includes the first ones (those you need to wait the guys from, to get close to your car, in a normal run). So simply hide the bomb and run behind the red car where the marker is, after a couple of seconds run towards the entrance on time to sticky the first two vehicles. Then get the next vehicles the same way. When you have the marker on top of the ramp, ready your RPG, go up to it and shoot the last truck coming on the left. For the last two cars on the right use any gun as it's simple enough and drive back home following the quick route going through the park.
    May take you a couple of tries as you will miss some throws at first, but when you get it right it will save a lot of time. I'd recommend auto-aim off for this.
    (you could also try all with RPG but space is tight and I was blowing myself up)

    Dropping In (Par Time)
    The Bullet GT trick is required (calling the car before starting the mission, see other solutions for details), but on top of that, use the explosive shotgun once in the building. I found it kills faster than the pistol or machine guns and will allow you to easily Rambo your way through.

    Departure Time (Par Time)
    Big change here, basically don't do it the regular way.
    The idea is to avoid all fight and throw sticky bombs over walls to blow up drug caches. Once at Funland kill the two guys in front of you then run back towards where you got off the car until you get to the level of the blue square (drug cache) on your right. Throw a bomb over the wall, start running back to entrance of Funland (giving time for the bomb to land) then blow it up. You will now get a marker at the entrance you need to trigger, but also quickly shoot the two ducks there. Then run back again as fast as possible all the way to the street where you got off the car (ignore anyone shooting you) and turn left; at the second zebra crossing you should be at the level of the last drug cache on your left. Bomb over wall/building and you're done. You will be on the other side after the cut-scene.
    For the rest: Kill the running man as fast as possible; run to the bike, be fast but patient on it (will feel slow once the chopper appears, just take it easy and stay behind the enemies); use explosive shotgun on plane and parachute all the way to the park/marker after jumping from the plane.
    The Funland part especially will save a lot of time, I made it in under 7 min vs 11 min before.

    This Ain't Checkers (Par Time)
    Small pointer on this one, for the boat part, use the furthest away. I found it fast yet nimble so is the best for what is the longest part of the race.
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