The Price of War achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Price of War

Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty.

The Price of War+0.1
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How to unlock the The Price of War achievement

  • NINja277NINja277474,437
    15 Nov 2009 15 Nov 2009
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    Not so much a solution as some tips , I found MW2 FARRRRR easier then MW1 on veteren it really isnt that challenging... The checkpoint locations are much friendlier and the enemy doesnt seem to throw half as many grenades as in the first.

    -Most important thing about playing veteren is to always go prone , stomach flat on the ground whenever possible , you will take FAR less damage this way , only drawback is you move a bit slower so whenever you take some damage move around a corner to heal .

    -simply advance to a spot in the level near where the enemy is and get down prone and let your teammates mop up the rest of the guys . All you have to watch for then is a guy running around a corner or a grenade.

    -Whenever you get the chance to grab the riot shield keep it throughout the level and let your teamates kill them as you flank around the outside and distract the enemies. Dont forget to get on your knees so the enemy cnanot shoot your feet.

    -Almost always best to work your way around the outside of the level instead of rushing through the middle

    -Whenever you have access to something like a predator missle , abuse the hell out of it.

    -If you ever seem stuck try another route or like i said above alot of times you can simply rush ahead once you spawn and get a great position before the enemies can get into place , your teammates usually dont move up until you do .

    -I also didnt notice many points where the enemy seemed to continutally spawn until you reached "location x" so alot of times you can sit back kill everything that moves then wait for your teammates to say all clear so you know its safe.

    -I think the hardest part i can remember is the safehouse where you have to protect the computer while it downloads the data , there is a table with green ammo containers near all the windows in the room with the cpu stay prone under there and kill the guys as they come in the room , every now and then one guy will stand by the cpu and open fire trying to destroy the cpu so you have to be nearby in case he appears , this is a good spot to use your flash bangs or grenades.

    Hope some of these tips help ...

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    NINja277^Yes it should RockTheTeaParty
    Posted by NINja277 on 02 Dec 11 at 21:59
    xBrushedRedxI find it funny that EVERYONE says the hardest part is the safehouse mission. I did it first try with no difficulty, but I struggled really bad during the Takedown mission, but no one else has problems with that one.
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 21 Jun 12 at 20:24
    szogyenyi1993A question: can i get the achievemnt if i complete all of the maps on veteran choosing them from the Mission Select menu?
    Posted by szogyenyi1993 on 13 May 15 at 11:33
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  • Thor the NinjaThor the Ninja35,948
    21 Nov 2009 23 Nov 2009
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    If you find Veteran to be quite difficult, you might try doing some Special Ops missions for some practice. Many missions there almost directly relate to the game. Start with Regular and work up to Veteran. If you can pull off these (even on hardened), then you're more than prepared for Veteran campaign.

    By far, protecting the computer while it was downloading proved to be a big challenge. Either strategy above works well. I personally took the under the desk approach and used claymores.

    Also, when you have to storm the White House, I found that taking the right path at the right time was a bit difficult. I found myself trying to go Rambo, and would die quickly. Taking it slow and letting my allies take down some gunners proved to be far more effective.
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    Really only two things need to be said.
    1) take your time. Few missions have any time limit. When you take your time you can be thorough. The enemy that is going to kill you is the one you miss and walk past.

    2) If you die, try a different method. eg. In loose Ends I tried camping at the top of the stairs while protection the computer. The problem is once the guy by the computer died the enemies came from the room behind the stairs (with all the guns in it) and I couldn't see them. When they destroyed the computer instead of starting back at the top of the stairs I went into the room with the guns by the computer. That worked. There was lots of cover and when wounded I just had to jump on the tables and no one could get to me. In addition to that I had near endless ammo.
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