Ends Justify the Means achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Ends Justify the Means

Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty

Ends Justify the Means+0.7
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How to unlock the Ends Justify the Means achievement

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    "Contingency" is the first mission of Act III. You again assume the role of Gary "Roach" Sanderson accompanying Captin Price on a mission in Russia.

    The beginning of the level is very simple, follow Price's orders. It was meant to be done stealthly, so take your time. Only kill when he instructs you. When you are tasked with taking out multiple enemies, take your time lining up the first shot. Make sure it will kill your target. Try to take out your next target as quickly as possible and always be ready to fire another shot or two incase you miss, or don't kill him immediately. If you ever shoot down an enemy and they begin standing up again, everyone will be alerted.
    Side Note: This part is very similar to the Spec Ops mission "Evasion."

    Soon you will be compromised by an enemy tank and forced to flee into the woods. Once Price informs you that it's safe, the sneaking continues. Avoid a couple patrols and eliminate a few more guards. Play it the same as the first bit.

    Eventually, you will reach the top of a hill and Price will have a short conversation with our good friend, Soap McTavish. You'll also be granted the use of a predator missle. Unfortunately, upon the activation, it will be shot down by a mobile SAM site. As a result you'll have to fight with guns again.

    Slide down the hill behind Price. New weapons are convieniently placed for you at the end. I chose the M240 Heartbeat and the P90 ACOG Sight. The choice is yours though. Also at this time, Ghost and other reinforcements will join you.

    Once you've picked your new weapons, cross the road and take cover behind the parked tank. Look to the right, and mow down the rushing enemies. The M240 makes this very easy. Once the flood of enemies to the right stops, a couple will come from behind some trees over to the left. After clearing this section, move to the right and crouch next to the far side of the blue house.

    Directly in front of you, enemies will be shooting at you from behind ammo crates. A few guys will come running from the left side as well. Be careful not to go past the corner of the blue house because a prone enemy will be on top of the red house to the left. After you've taken care of the enemies in front of you, it should be safe to peak around the corner and shoot the one on the roof.

    Move up to the crates with your team but beware that two enemies will be at the bottom of a slope behind them, ready to kill you. Once everyone has been dealt with, follow your team along the path.

    This next section is the only tough part of the mission. It's very reminiscent of "No Fighting in the War Room" from Call of Duty 4. On veteran you have two minutes to rush through packed enemy territory and reach the submarine. I'm sure there are a couple ways to complete it, but i'll describe the way I did it.

    When you reach the ridge with a wooden fence, Soap will be communicating again and predator missles will be ready for use! Bring up the first predator missle and send it on the group of enemies in front of you, at the bottom of the ridge. Now the countdown begins. With this area clear, jump over the wooden fence. No need to follow the path all the way around.

    If you chose the same weapons as me, it would be best to switch to your P90, for better mobility. You will run too slow with the M240.

    Run forward through the chain link fence towards the building marked "33." An enemy will run through the door to open it. Sometimes you'll see him, sometimes you won't. Either way one will be waiting for you right inside the door. He might shoot you, or he might try to run away. Just be ready. Occassionally another enemy might be in the right corner of this room. Be prepared for him too. Now proceed through the door and aim down the doorway to the left. One or two enemies will be there. Take care of them. Don't go through this doorway just yet. At this time the rest of your team should just be coming through the entrance, they will take out the rest of the enemies around the corner. Take cover to the right side of the doorway and launch the second predator missle which should be online by now. Your only target for it is the enemy helicopter. You should also be informed that there are 90 seconds left.

    Meet up with your team at the exit of the building and turn right. One or two more enemies might try to stop you here. Deal with them and head for the oil truck. Run to the left side of it and go prone. Wait for the two enemies to rush down the stairs off the helipad. Around this time another predator missle should be ready. Send it slightly northwest of your position. You should now recieve a 60 second warning.

    Move under the roof and stay on the left. Your teammates will come up the right. Help them pick off the enemies on that side. Once they're gone, sprint forward to the cement wall that has a red truck parked by it. Get to the edge of it and kill the enemy to your right. Once you've regained your breath, dash forward to the right side of the shipment containers. Toss a flashbang down the middle of the two rows and another on the right side. Finally, sprint up the right side to your destination. Your team will move up with you. I made it with about 25 seconds to spare.

    Your last objective requires you to defend the submarine. Kill the immediate infantry, then run up the staircase of the left building with Ghost. Go prone next to the two grey boxes in the back corner but make sure you're facing the stairs you just came up. Send a predator missle on the convoy that just rolled up. Now stay where you are and pick off the few enemies that make it up the stairs. Other than that Ghost will do most of the work. Continue holding out until Ghost and Price begin their conversation.
    Side Note: If this is your first playthrough of the campaign you will also earn the "Desperate Times" achievement.

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    Solario32I agree sunburned!
    Posted by Solario32 on 29 Sep 11 at 21:22
    SueDon70Omg I agree that the 2 minute race to the sub is a pain! I'm going to try this solution tonight - thanks
    Posted by SueDon70 on 05 Jun 13 at 15:00
    PatrickillianGreat solution.
    Posted by Patrickillian on 01 Oct 20 at 09:11
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    These video guides should help you.
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    XoliulAfter postponing Contingency on veteran for more than half a year due to ultimate frustrations, I was able to finish it in 10 minutes or so thanks to this video.
    Key for me was the use of the RPG (combined with the UAV this gives you two combo-kill weapons), taking out the trucks on critical moments, but most of all, taking the route diagonally across the base. I always tried to go along the edges, but this never worked out for me. Turns out going straight to the center is not only faster, but gives you 2 checkpoints you won't get otherwise, real lifesavers for finishing this mission.
    Posted by Xoliul on 28 Jul 10 at 14:46
    Imad81This video did it for me..took mr like 20 tries but I finally got it..
    Posted by Imad81 on 09 Aug 10 at 04:24
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    The first 2/3 of this level is actually quite easy. The mission begins with Price finding you where you landed with your parachute. Just follow his orders and keep close to him and you will do fine. If he tells you to kill someone kill them, otherwise just let them pass to avoid any firefights.

    Once you get to up to the top of the road you'll be chased into the woods by enemy vehicles firing at you. Once in the woods you just follow Price's orders again until you reach a hill where he communicates with Soap. Fire off a predator missile then slide down the hill.

    At the bottom of the hill grab a new weapon and run past the house on the street and up the hill to the right to take cover behind the house to the far right. Price will also tak cover here. This position allows you to only have to worry about enemies firing at you from the side. Focus on the roof of the house across from you and the pine tree next to it. Occasionally an enemy will make his way around the house on the street to come at you from behind. Be wary of that. Eventually your squadmates will take out most of the enemies ahead of you and once enemies stop climbing the roof and appearing at the tree move forward to pick off any stragglers.

    Now the hardest part of the level:

    You will now arrive at the subyard and have the use of the predator missiles again. There is a group of 5 enemies close to your position, a helicopter on the roof, an armored vehicle, and a jeep.

    With your first missile, wait until the armored vehicle is about to go between the helicopter and gas tank. Fire your missile between the armored vehicle and gas tank. The explosion will take out the armored vehicle, helicopter, and jeep with one predator missile which cuts down greatly on the amount of time you will spend moving forward.

    Now that you have fired the missile a two minute countdown will start to get to the sub. Take out the few enemies below you then go down. Once you get behind the large circular metal object at the bottom of the hill your predator missile will be available again. Take out the group of enemies just outside the fence to the right of your position.

    Move around the object and go to the right towards the warehouse taking out any survivors. Move out the doorway in the fence and go to your right going prone. The predator missile will become available again. Immediately go into the predator missile and fire at the truck coming down the street.

    Now move across the street to where a jeep is that leads into a covered passage. Go pronce and fire your predator missile on the other side of the covered passage. Continue through taking out any enemies you see.

    You don't actually need to make it all the way to the sub. There is a jeep past some crates once you go through the covered passage.

    From there Price will tell you to cover him from the roof of the building to the left. Head up there and just take enemies out with predator missiles and sniper fire until the level ends.
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