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Pit Boss

Run The Pit in 'S.S.D.D' and finish with a final time under 30 seconds.

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    07 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009
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    I did it just using pistols after the first time around, with pistols your accuracy is better because you don't have as many bullets spraying. Plus they reload faster. Here is my vid.
  • CheezbrgrCheezbrgr136,908 136,908 GamerScore
    10 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009
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    Unlike the previous Call of Duty 4 time trial course, this is not purely about speed and shooting. You must also avoid civilians, and have a high accuracy to obtain a bonus, which deducts time from your total course time. To get under 30 seconds, you must hit every single target, and injure no civilians. Furthermore, a higher accuracy such as 100% - 120% will benefit you in saving time. You gain accuracies over 100% by shooting multiple enemies with one round (does not obtain you the other achievements, as they are just dummies).

    In the video below I use a Desert Eagle and an M9 - an ideal combination for a fast reload and good accuracy. Run through the course a few times slowly to get a feel for direction and enemy/civilian locations.
  • Xplict91Xplict91153,750
    11 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009
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    Most accurate video done with m4a1 and usp in hd!
  • TGC DaZZTGC DaZZ44,165
    12 Nov 2009 14 Nov 2009
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    All in all it took me about 20 minutes to get this. I would first advise you to run the course without shooting anyone - this will give you an idea of where the enemies and civilians are. There are 24 enemies to shoot and 11 civilians to avoid. Once you are happy that you know where the enemies will pop up (this never changes) I would advise you to equip yourself with two pistols (avoid the Desert Eagle). The pistols have a faster reloading time and offer better accuracy. You are aiming to put one bullet into each target and where possible put that one bullet through two at the same time. You are awarded more time taken off if you hit two targets with one bullet.
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    Obviously you want to hit all enemies and miss all civilians. The biggest tip I can give for getting this is to run through the pit once while skipping everything; you'll fail but it will spawn a gathering of new weapons back at the gate. Then head into the pit with two sidearms(skip the Desert Eagle) and with some well placed shots, they should give you the extra speed needed when one goes empty.

    Also, there are 4 or 5 opportunities for you to kill two enemies with one shot so look for them and make sure you hit the majority of double kills. The Pit ranks you on speed, accuracy and the number of missed targets\hit civilians.

    Keep at it, you'll get it.
  • MaxForce357MaxForce357122,169
    08 Jan 2010 09 Jan 2010 09 Jan 2010
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    First off, if you think this is a difficult achievement, I have 2 things to say to you. #1, you are correct and #2 if I can do it, you can do it, too. I'm much more used to playing first-person shooters like Doom, Unreal Tournament and Left 4 Dead (mostly old school FPSs) so I've always been a little leery of playing Call of Duty titles, especially the Modern Warfare games.

    That being said, I thought I'd never be able to get anywhere in this game, let alone get the Pit Boss achievement. Let me tell you, you will fail many MANY attempts at getting this, but here's how I was able to overcome this achievement on my last attempt after about 50 of 'em.

    Let's gear up, shall we? Pick up pistols. Yes, pistols is what will save you here. Use the M9 and the USP .45 for this achievement. Use them in that order. The M9 is VERY accurate and the USP .45 holds a good clip.

    The rules of the game are:
    1. Do NOT hit civilians. Not even one.
    2. Do NOT miss any enemies. Not even one.
    3. Run as much as possible, especially on straight paths.
    4. Switch weapons from your M9 to your USP .45 instead of reloading your M9. You usually run out of ammo for your M9 about the time when you're on the stairs before you melee the target that "surprises" you before stepping onto the roof. You may run out earlier than that depending on your skill of accuracy, so switch weapons and don't reload.
    5. Reload in mid air as you jump off the roof. It's okay to reload here.
    6. If possible, take out 2 targets with 1 shot. I've done it 5 times in 1 run through the pit, so there are opportunities. 1 in front of building, inside first floor of building, on top of roof of building, and 2 opportunities on ground after you jump off the roof before the Pit's exit.

    The better your accuracy, the more time that's shaved off your time as a bonus. I actually ran the pit over 30 seconds, but unlocked the achievement due to the accuracy bonus shaving off 5 seconds of my final time. That's pretty much how you're going to unlock this achievement as it is near imposible to run through under 30 seconds. I'm pretty sure it is impossible without skipping every target LOL. You do not get time bonuses for not hitting civilians and hitting all enemies, but you do get time ADDED ON for hitting civilians and missing enemies. That is why I told you not to do so in my instructions.

    So, how did I fare? Well, here's my stats:
    My Time: 33.8 sec
    Accuracy: 104% (I don't know either LOL)
    Accuracy Bonus: -5 sec
    Civilians Killed: 0/11
    Enemies Killed: 24/24
    Final Time 28.8 sec
    Recommended Difficulty: Veteran
    Guess I shouldn't worry too much about being good at newer FPSs!

    I've included a helpful video from a genius team of gamers called "Achievement Hunter" that works at Rooster Teeth, the makers of the popular Halo machinima "Red Vs. Blue". See it below and "Good luck! You'll need it" ;)
  • FauxcroftFauxcroft333,912
    10 Nov 2009 10 Nov 2009
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    Obviously you HAVE to hit ALL Targets and NO Civilians otherwise you are just wasting your time...Now I found the best weapon combo for me is:

    MP5K Holographic as my starting weapon
    USP .45 as my secondary (You can't get this one until you run the course once and then it magically appears on the table XD)
    Anyways I use the MP5K until I get to the point to where I have to melee the Target (hard to miss as you can only Melee it to continue on.
    I switch right when I am going upstairs. The reason why to use this particular pistol?
    Well for one it doesn't matter the damage or penetration ability of any of the weapons because this .45 can hit 2 targets at once if needed and the Melee attack is WAAAAAY faster than anything else...mainly because your person holds out the knife ready to fight.
    I usually reload my pistol as I fall down from the building and the rest is cake~

    I hope this helps!

    Oh and by the way the targets that move are generally in different places so don't always expect them to be there!
  • VascoaVascoa255,351
    18 Nov 2009 19 Nov 2009
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    This is definetly an easy achievement if you know what you're doing. First, use PISTOLS, no rifle or shotguns or whatever else there is. pistols give you better accuracy,reload faster, and it seems like you can switch between them faster. When you are running through make sure you SHOOT ALL TARGETS and NO CIVILIANS! WHen you switch from one target to another use the auto aim thing where as long as your close to the target your iron sights move to it, you should know what im talking about as long as you have completed the first part of this level by training the local militia. You dont have to complete the course under 30 seconds, i got it by completing it in about 33 seconds because my accuracy took 5 seconds off of my time. The better accuracy you have, the more time it will deduct from your completion time, the more targets you miss will add time, and civilian casualties will also add time
  • ph0x1ph0x147,262
    27 Jun 2010 27 Jun 2010 28 Jun 2010
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    So I have a different take on this level from the above solutions.

    The goal is to finish with a time of 39ish seconds and a 200% accuracy, which gives you 10 second time bonus. Thus you 'complete' the course in less than 30 seconds (29ish).

    How do you get 200% accuracy? By stabbing guys and shooting 2 guys at once whenever possible.

    First thing equip yourself with a couple small pistols. I don't care what one of them is, but the other one should be the USP .45 with the tactical knife. This is the gun you will be using for the entire level. (*and properly done you don't need to switch weapons or reload)

    Enter the beginning area, stay near the back wall until you are ready to start the course. When you move forward the first set of targets will pop up and time starts ticking. What I like to do is slide at an angle from the back corner (left rear) to course entrance (right front).

    When time starts and the first 3 targets pop up I stop moving and shoot them by pivoting in place. 1 bullet each using the snap to target aim assist (left trigger) in order from left to right.

    Sprint forward to trigger the next two targets. Stop moving when they pop, shoot the slider (left one) - 1 bullet using aim assist. Then Sprint to the stationary target (right one) and nail it with the tactical knife.

    Move forward to trigger the next group of targets. Stop moving when they pop up and shoot the one closest to you at the barricade. Don't hit the civilian behind, ideally work the angle so your bullet passes through the close target and hits the enemy slider in the window behind. But if you don't get this two for one don't worry.

    Using aim Assist (and 1 bullet each) make sure to shoot the two targets on the roof (1 slider, 1 stationary), and if you haven't killed the slider in the window kill him now and then Sprint forward to the doorway. There should be 1 target still standing there, Tactical Knife him and enter the building.

    The voice of god may say you missed some targets - ignore it, he said it every time for me, but I think he doesn't get the whole knifing thing and miscounts. At the end you should have 24 out of 24 bad guys killed.

    Shoot the slider behind the hostage - 1 bullet aim assist - and move towards the stairs - I like to do this by turning to face the two guys(targets) on the right side and sliding sideways towards the base of the stairs. As you move towards the stairs there is a sandbag on the corner of the barricade in front of the two targets; near the stair case. If your gun lines up over top that sandbag you should be able to hit both targets with the angled headshot - 1 bullet double kill.

    Run up the stairs and Tactical Knife the dood that pops into the doorway. Now there are four bad guys up here that you want to kill with two bullets. I like to shoot the two facing the stairwell when they line up (the rear one is a slider), but I will also for speed just knife the first one and shoot the rear one sometimes.

    The second pair blocks you from the jump off the roof. Again I like to shoot the two of them when they line up and again I'll knife the first and shoot the second if necessary. Really when things work out right you can pop up the stairs and quickly with a little pivot shoot the first pair and second pair of guys with just two pistol bullets. It's always better to get the double kills, it makes your run faster and easier.

    Now jump off the roof and move forward to the first target that pops up (center left behind a low barricade). Tactical Knife him. And either work around the left side and behind him before sliding right or step back and slide right. Now TACTICAL KNIFE all the other targets (2 on right, 1 on left, and 2 before exit). You may have to figure out the best path for yourself, but it's just a little bit of an S route. After you Knife the last target sprint to the end.

    If you stayed calm and accurate you should be about 39 seconds with 200% accuracy. If not, look at that bonus and see how high it is, skipping targets lose 2 seconds, hitting civilians the same thing. Wasted bullets makes your percentage drop. Ideally you've knifed 9 guys and shot 15 using 11 bullets total. Worst case you've knifed 11 and shot 13 with 12 bullets.

    Remember targets don't spawn until you advance onto their area and if you go past a target it will drop and will count as a miss. Sliding targets don't always spawn at the same point on their path each time, so with a couple runs and the right luck of having the slider targets line up for double kills, this is well within your reach.
  • zeno2kzeno2k213,709
    23 Jun 2010 24 Jun 2010 31 May 2011
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    There are many ways, but if you're a newbye, like me, just follow this 2 rules:

    - Pistols (not the desert eagle, but pick-up 9ammo after the first run: on start you cannot use it. Put the 9ammo as second gun)
    - Try hitting 2 targets with one shot. You can do that easely within the building (on your right: choose a diagonal point of view); on the top of the building, with both couple (but only if you find them allready alligned, don't wait or you'll just waste your time); and after the jump (keep your left).
    - Change weapon on the top of the stairs
    - Find the right time to use the knife on the top of the stairs (try hitting the target a second before it opens)
    - Run as hell
  • MydragonsflyMydragonsfly46,482
    27 Mar 2011 27 Mar 2011
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    Took me about a half hour to get this. Once you get the feel of the course it becomes quite easy. As said in many use pistols. My two of choice are the USP .45 and the M9. The USP because you can melee almost instantally. And the M9 for its clip capacity.

    After arming myself with them I sprinted to the first area and walked a few feet past that first set of objects then shot. Then I kept along the left side before entering the building. On its roof I found a "Two Birds with One Stone" opportunity.

    I doubt that will unlock the previous mentioned achevemnt on that particular level, just sayin. Someone should try it. Anyway I kept to the middle of the course after jumping off the building. Dont forget theres an enemy that pops out of the left wall. God how many times I would have cleared under 30 sec if Id not forgotten! XD The final two enemies I either shot as I ran past or took them out with one bullet.

    In the end my thumbs and index fingers hurt quite a bit, but it was worth it. This achievement actually got my gamerscore past 7000, that with out TA I never would have done with the games and knowledge I previously had. My final stats were:

    Your time: 32.3 sec
    Enemies killed 24/24
    Killed civilians 0/11

    Accuracy 107%
    Accuracy Bonus: -8sec
    Missed enemies: NA
    Killed civilians: NA

    Final time 24.3 sec

    Recommended Difficulty: Veteran, of course.
  • GrouxGroux84,752
    12 Nov 2009 19 Nov 2009
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    HD Video
  • Banned XIIIBanned XIII168,237
    15 Nov 2009 17 Nov 2009 17 Nov 2009
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    Its all about the G18 and the USP. 45

    1) You're using 2 pistols- so you will always be sprinting at full speed! And make sure to sprint a lot; you don't need to shoot at a target 15-20 feet away, sprint to them and let'em have it. Accurately of course.

    2)Accuracy- The G18 is great for the first part, but save the USP for upstairs and after you jump down, your accuracy will improve from potential double kills up there and at the end. Watch your line of fire! You have no idea how many times I've ran the course only to be line line for a double kill... including a civilian causing me to @$!#&! so don't let it happen to you.

    Go throught the level a few times to get down how to pop in and out of your sights correctly for the first few segments of the course and as soon as you enter the house, look at the floor in front of you. There is a civilian and a terrorist, the terrorist will either be behind him, or in front of you as you come in. You can see the pop-up of the terrorist on the ground if hes going to pop-up in front of you, if you don't see it you know to
    move on to the guys to the right!! Take them out with a well aimed burst from the G18 and if you're lined up right you can get your first double kill. Take out the guy you passed and switch to the USP .45 as it has the Tactical Knife; an unlockable accessory in multiplayer for faster knifing. Go upstairs with the USP equipped so that you can knife the guy that pops out faster and immediately draw for the terrorist in front of you once you reach the rooftop. Hopefully you're lucky enough to catch the two at the same time once you move to the right, but if not, there's one in front of you, one in the left corner of the roof, and there's a potential double kill if you line up the guy behind the sandbags and the guy before the jump. Take'em out, jump and reload, the jump gives you a fraction of a second more to reload the USP, but if you don't have to do don't worry about it. Take out the next set of guys while constantly moving forward. Don't take the time to reload; if you were smart and left some in the G18 you can rely on that if necessary. Keeping out the USP though with the TAC Knife is very handy even if you run out of ammo, it is fast reload and the knife will make you just a fast since you have to progressively move forward in order to stab them but be careful though; sometimes stabbing someone while running can throw you off course of your run so make sure to adjust and run for the finish.
    DON'T FORGET TO WATCH YOUR LIVE OF FIRE! IW is sadistic for changing up the locations of the civilians every 2 or 3 times so make sure after you take out a target that a civilian hasn't moved into the line of fire of another terrorist.

    If you've mastered the course enough times where you're still around 30.8 and 30, try using the M9 instead. Sometimes the burst capability of the G18 can throw off your accuracy rating and will not give you a great time bonus.
    If you've done the course enough to get the achievement, keep going, trust me the course eventually becomes second nature and actually helps you readjust to the new targeting system. That and its a personal challenge to see just how much less time you can take, sorta Nazi-NomNombies except a reversal of how many rounds you can last.
    Have fun and keep trying!
  • weeman869weeman86954,247
    08 Nov 2009 07 Jan 2011
    24 2 0
    I would say this is a fairly difficult achievement to get if you are not used to FPS's

    Some rather important things to note are....

    1. Rounds do pass through the metal targets, so be aware of your targets background before you fire.

    2. Always be on the lookout for opertunities to drop two targets with one round, this will greatly increase your accuracy thus reducing your time.

    3. Be aware that the moving targets do not always flip up at the same point on their axis.

    4. Dont waste even a single round, makes sure they all count.

    I used the ACR with the eotech and the MP5K with the eotech for this, both weapons have a decent sized magazine, so you wont have to waste time on a mag change which will give you a couple of seconds advantage.

    The best tip I can give you is dont stop moving, even when you are fireing. Yeah yeah I know all the wanna be soldiers out there are going to say "But being static helps accuracy!!" but the truth of the matter is your not exactly a great distance away from any of the targets so if you miss more than a couple of targets each try you have just do yourself a favour and trade your game in....

    Another thing to note is fire SINGLE SHOTS, because this WILL make a great difference to your accuracy.

    I think I hammered my time down to about 23 or 24 seconds on this.... not surprising given my chosen profession, but if you take these points on board and give it a little practice theres no reason why you shouldnt be able to get this achievement also!!
  • 24 3 0
    the weapons i used were the m9 and the usp tac. knife, in tht order.
    just go through it once with the desert eagle and then the usp will appear.
    my stats:
    my time: 33.6 seconds
    enemies killed: 24/24
    civilians killed: 0/11
    accuracy: 100%
    accuracy bonus: -5 seconds
    missed enemies: n/a
    killed civilians: n/a
    final time: 28.6 seconds
    recomended difficulty: veteran
  • CaptainAdeCaptainAde357,754
    22 Nov 2009 05 Dec 2009
    21 12 0
    Theres not much more that can be added to the solutions already posted, other than remembering that a bullet can pass through a target and hit whatever is on the other side.

    This means that you can accidentally shoot a civilian, however, you can use it to your advantage, as there are a few instances where 2 targets can be hit with 1 bullet.

    I did this the first time I used 2 pistols, I got 109% accuracy (yes, it IS possible) and that meant I had 5.5 seconds reduced from my final time.
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