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Downed but Not Out

Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops.

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  • Doctor MantisDoctor Mantis79,800
    11 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009
    290 11 36
    The way I got this was pretty simple but requires two people or at least two controllers.

    Do a 2 player special ops and choose Sniper Fi (do it on veteran as it makes it easier to disable you when needed). When you get the predator missile, go into the case, and tell your buddy when you are about to fire the missile. As soon as your missile is away and on target have your buddy disable you. If your missile hits 4 enemies while you're down you will get the achievement.
  • DaSilvexDaSilvex34,904
    26 Dec 2009 26 Dec 2009
    93 7 8
    What you can do as well in the Sniper Fi mission is to first shoot your pistol empty when you start, then let your mate kill you. You now automatically switch to the sniper rifle while downed because your pistol is empty. Aim and kill 4 enemies while downed and you're done.
  • MrFragicideMrFragicide132,413
    11 Dec 2009 18 Dec 2009
    50 8 0
    The best way I found to do this was again on Sniper Fi. During the first wave, let the enemies come to the ladder in front of you (the one facing the helipad), have your buddy down you, and just shoot them as they come up the ladder.

    Don't forget to do this on Recruit since you get I think 3:00 in last stand as sometimes the enemies are slow to climb the ladder.
  • 34 4 0
    I did this with two controllers.
    1) start the mission... I don't have the name off the top of my head. It's the one in the blizzard where you need to sabotage the base. It's on the same map as the campaign level "Cliffhanger."
    2) take the person who doesn't need the achievement. Have them climb the short wall on the left and kneel behind some cover.
    3) take the person who needs the achievement and have them climb the wall. Shoot into the air a few times. A few soldiers should come over.
    4) let them take you down then start shooting them. Make sure that their are at least four for you to kill. Otherwise when you kill three the rest will give up. The enemies will just walk right in front of you because you are between two buildings and they can't get behind youi
  • DurazellDurazell118,616
    25 Nov 2009 25 Nov 2009
    37 12 1
    Other easy way is on Suspension in Regular in split screen. Go to first car and plant a claymore facing you. Shoot it and start to bleed. You have 2 min to get the 4 kills. Hide by the car tire and shoot as the rush you.
  • Darkon XDarkon X152,078
    23 Nov 2009 23 Nov 2009
    36 15 0
    tzard's method works perfectly.

    You can do this online with someone else and make it so the guy who's using the predator missile has his difficulty set on "Veteran" that way your partner can take you down in 2 or 3 shots with the pistol as opposed to him wasting a whole clip on you and wasting precious time.
  • sillkentsillkent54,132 54,132 GamerScore
    22 Jun 2011 22 Dec 2011 14 Jan 2015
    25 5 0
    Pretty much what Doctor Mantis said but with a video :

    Remember -
    You MUST Have two players for this.
    You can do it splitscreen or xbox live it doesn't matter.

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