Fistful of Fog achievement in Brütal Legend

Fistful of Fog

Complete "Dry Ice, Wet Graves"

Fistful of Fog+0.2
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How to unlock the Fistful of Fog achievement

  • LonesquiffLonesquiff461,424
    08 Feb 2012 08 Feb 2012 08 Feb 2012
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    Special thanks to Ockstar at for his useful tip. Credit goes to him for this method.
    Original post:

    Here is an expanded explanation along with my own additions:

    Step 1: Fly to the right fan geyser and queue up 2 squads of Razor Girls to attack it. Play Call of the Wild (mine was maxed out so a Hextadon was summoned) and leave it here.
    Step 2: Queue up a Headsplitter and play the solo "Rock Block"
    Step 3: By now enemy troops should be contesting the fan geyser, ignore them and team up with your newly built Headsplitter.
    Step 4: Drive the vehicle left towards the enemy stage. When in range begin firing, remain on the vehicle until it is destroyed.
    Step 5: Fly to the far right side of the stage and use "Bring It On Home"
    Step 6: If the stage is not yet destroyed, queue up another Headsplitter and then fly back to repeat step 4.

    Using this method while playing on Brutal difficulty, I only had to use one Headsplitter followed by the "Bring It On Home" solo to achieve victory.

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    plesniaczekPerfect!! Great solution. Worker at first time used. Just ignore everything, and ride Headsplitter!!
    Posted by plesniaczek on 23 Jul 12 at 18:02
    PlexShawBrilliant solution. An absolute breeze on Brutal difficulty with this method.
    Posted by PlexShaw on 06 Aug 13 at 19:25
    The Fury I84IAwesome solution ;D
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 28 Apr 14 at 17:39
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  • WayensWayens125,950
    19 Oct 2009 19 Oct 2009 21 Jan 2011
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    SPOILER WARNING! For the people who have played to this point, you'll know what I mean. But for people reading ahead, I suggest you at least get past the broken bridge before reading this guide.

    Okay, here's where it gets a crazy. Remember those brides that slow you down? Well, here comes the pack, with their leader in black! And their combo is striking, literally.

    Some setup recommendations:

    Find a Motor Forge and temper your axe with the electric chain enhancement as you'll be fighting quite a mob. If you have the tribute points you may want to consider the same enhancement for your guitar but I find the axe more effective.

    I suggest you tour the area first to add the tabs' solos to your arsenal (they and the Motor Forge will be back near the jungle bridge you used to cross into the gloom area, go south from there). Be sure to get the silencing solo and the weigh-down solo to fight back as Dark Ophelia will use the same on you. If you don't get it you can probably still win but these will really help to buy you some time.

    Now to battle!

    The first two fan geysers will be yours automatically but you won't start with *any* units besides you and Lita. So get summoning!

    First use the silencing solo to buy you some time as my first attempt found Ophelia's summoning is mighty quick. Then get your stage upgraded once, so you can summon the Fire Lords (oops, Fire Barons! Thanks, Megawigs!). These and the Thunderhogs are really all you need. While the stage is upgrading summon one Headbanger, one Thunderhog, and one Razor Girl unit and see if you can take the fan geyser on the left.

    Leave them to it and come back to the right (remember to fly!). If Ophelia's forces are already coming down (yes, she leans towards the right... her left), head them off and target the brides!

    Once you can summon Fire Barons, spam summon as much as you can with the occasional Thunderhog mixed in. (Keep fighting as needed, of course, Ophelia's playing for keeps!) Each unit has three Fire Barons. They're maneuverable, fast, and their fire does major damage compared to headbangs. ;)

    Silence Ophelia or weigh her down whenever you can to cut off her troop access while you get your own merch booths on the left and right fan geysers. That will leave the road clear for your army of Fire Barons (I suggest about 5 units aka 15 Fire Barons) to rush Ophelia's stage and take it down!

    Scenario Pointers:

    If Ophelia manages to upgrade her stage to summon vehicles take those out first! The Fire Barons can now take the brides fairly well, but vehicles have tough armor and heavy artillery. Your axe will be a big help, especially if you have chain electricity.

    If Ophelia manages to summon vehicles before you can summon Fire Barons, I recommend starting over (Load Checkpoint). At least on Brutal difficulty, that become too heavy a load for poor Eddy.

    FUN NOTE: You may want to fail on purpose once just to see the failing animation. Eddy and Ophelia share a dark moment... ;)
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    Wayensouch, that bites, none of her units are very pretty to deal with; bombard reapers from a distance as they have a fear aura and do rush with their scythes; I myself find using the Deuce with electric cannons work best on the steeds, see what works best for you; and again, hamper Ophelia's casting and movement to give you time to co-opt her merch booths, otherwise she'll swamp you; yes, this is a hard battle, it's almost more a contest of speed and I had died many times ;) but it's doable! Keep at it! Firelords FTW! Good luck! :)
    Posted by Wayens on 02 Jun 10 at 18:37
    OfficerBarbradyarent firelords called fire barons?
    Posted by OfficerBarbrady on 21 Jan 11 at 01:14
    Wayensyou're right, they are Fire Barons! Thanks!

    Google "brutal legend fire lord" and you'll find I'm the only one who uses that term! priceless

    Incidentally found this cool wiki article when I double-checked. lol
    Posted by Wayens on 21 Jan 11 at 07:43
  • EndodroidEndodroid572,805
    08 Jul 2011 08 Jul 2011
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    This is a simple method for those playing on Brutal.

    The key to victory is rushing. Quickly build 2 Headbangers, 2 Razor Girls and as many Bikes (forgot the name, think they are healers). as possible. Then send them to target the closest enemy fan base.

    They should do that fairly quickly but remember to keep recruiting each of the three unit types whilst this happens. Soon as they finish fly to the enemy stage and use the `Rally Army' solo on the stage. Let them attack a few of the enemies first so you can get some form of control and then attack the stage.

    Build your fan base by using the `Fan Tribute' solo over the former previous enemy base and you'll get more fans. Keep building units and keep using the `Rally Army' solo and attack the stage.

    Use the `Facemelter' solo where there are large packs of enemies and double attacks help on the harder enemies.

    I did this achievement after I stopped playing it for about 4 months and forgot how to play so it should be relatively easy after a few tries.

    PS. sorry if my terminology for the game is wrong at times.
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