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Complete "Sea of Black Tears"

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    After trying almost every strategy available for this mission (and failing) I decided that this stage was impossible to win on brütal difficulty. The strategy I would normally use was to rush with 2/3 teams of roadies to the enemy stage. In this level however this was not possible because of the bridge (and gate) in the middle of the map.

    So after that I found a real easy loophole to bypass the entire bridge section. The following strategy is how I won this stage on brütal difficulty:

    1. First off, start just like all other strategies: quickly build a small army consisting of headbangers, razor girls and one thunderhog to attack both leeches.

    2. When the leeches are down use your fan tribute to capture them.

    3. Probably about this time Ophelia will start to send troops at you. What you want to do is to set your flag tribute just in front of the bridge. Meaning that all new created troops will go there and block the bridge. This way the enemy won't be able to capture any fans.

    4. IMPORTANT: make sure you keep your troops to the max so that the enemy won't be able to get off the bridge.

    5. Next up you want to fly around the bridge. Yes, this is possible. Be sure to look out for the electricity and fly to the left side of Ophelia’s stage.

    6. As you probably noticed there are a lot of troops down in front of the stage. What you want to do is get to the far left side and summon the deuce there. Once you have done that keep attacking the enemies in front of the stage with homing missiles (or any other primary weapons).

    7. Kill all the enemies in front of the stage (this might take a while).

    8. Once they are all dead use the zeppelin on the stage. Next up use the call of the wild. If you’re lucky you will spawn a hextadon, if not: it doesn't matter it will only take a bit longer.

    9. Order your animals to attack the stage and keep using the zeppelin until you win. While you're doing this make sure that you keep making new troops.

    It is not possible for enemies to spawn at Ophelia’s side of the bridge if the gate is still closed. This tactic might take some time to complete but it is a guaranteed win. I hope this works and if not: please give me some feedback.

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    Hunter KahnBrilliant! Worked like a charm!
    Posted by Hunter Kahn on 09 Apr 13 at 15:59
    The Fury I84IThis method worked very well. First try was a success smile
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 29 Apr 14 at 19:05
    ElvenMage95Thanks for the great guide bro worked for me first try :)
    Posted by ElvenMage95 on 23 Mar 15 at 23:18
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    I found this to be the most difficult battle in my Brutal playthrough. The easiest strategy I found was to storm the fan holes, putting up booths as quickly as possible, put to use your car and zeppelin guitar cords if you need an extra boost to take some of the fan-holes over, it's worth it.

    The point is to rush as fast as you can to bottleneck the enemy on the bridge. Once there it's easy to hold them off until you can store up around 2K fans, on top of a full 40 points worth of an army.

    At this point, just slowly inch your group towards the other end of the bridge, then take out the towers while mounted on the giant siege tower with the turning wheel on the front (forgot the name).

    When both towers go down, this map gets intense. Ophellia will send an onslaught of minions at you, mostly siege cars, and a new one, a tree. Attempt to destroy/kill as many of the group before they reach the other half of the bridge.

    If that happens, refill your troops, then keep pushing them towards the opposite end of the bridge. Your goal's to rush the fan holes and stage. Using the guitar song that stops troop spawning will be a lifesaver once across, also.

    Past this, just continue slamming your head against Ophellia and her new tricks, you'll come out ahead...Whether you're playing on Brutal or not.
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    Leon KowalskiThanks... after two brutal defeats, I read this, and realized I was rushing across the bridge too early, i.e. with no fans in reserve; this made me fall back, and once she came across the bridge, it was over for me pretty quickly. The final time, I set the rally point a little ways up the bridge and waited for the 2000 fans to accumulate, then crept forward as you suggested. After the tree was down, it got easier. Once we got in front of her stage, it ended rather quickly (I was playing on the middle difficulty).
    Posted by Leon Kowalski on 26 Oct 09 at 04:16
    Octobot SuperIt's strange that there's reports of this being a difficult battle. Ophs didn't even send ANY troops at me while I upgraded. I had a Rock Crusher and her troops hadn't budge. In fact, they didn't even move while I double teamed with the Rock Crusher and decimated them with the special attack. Then I took out the two towers and sent my Roadies in to clean up. Until now, I actually thought that this battle was unlosable! Heh.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 12 Nov 09 at 22:38
    Mr ARMBARS TTVI guess the name "Ego Orb" is appropriate... ;p

    Thanks for the tips guys!
    Posted by Mr ARMBARS TTV on 26 Dec 09 at 21:43
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