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Complete all hunting secondary missions

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How to unlock the Overkill achievement

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    08 May 2010 07 May 2010
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    This is a list of everything you need to kill, and the easiest and most common locations of the beasts.

    1. You need to slay 21 Ground Urchins. These are found anywhere around Bladehenge, and these are very easy to find and kill.

    2. You need to now slay 16 Raptor Elk. Follow the same guidelines as the Urchins. Though these are a bit harder to find, there are still a LOT of them around Bladehenge.

    3. You need to then slay 11 Razorfire Boars. NOTE: these are ONLY located near the stature of the four Razorfire Girls, it is to the left of the motor forge in the little crevice. You should see the statues even on the map. These are difficult to kill while out on foot, due to the fact that they kill you very fast, and they almost always come in groups of 2-6. You should stay in the Deuce and fire your weapon into them, it doesn't matter if you hit a few and then hit another because they will lose health and make them easier to kill.

    4. You need to kill 6 Tollusks, these are the big beasts with metal faces and spikes on their backs.. These are most populous JUST to the right of where the Razorfire Boars were, in the other little half-circle chunk on the map. If you are unaware of what I mean, just check to the right on the map of where the Boars were, near the motor forge. These are easiest to kill on foot if you string some guitar combos together, and they do not hit for too much so you should be fine.

    5. After you kill the Tollusks, you will notice that the hunter is no longer at Bladehenge. You are not glitched, he just moved to the snowy mountains. You should see him in the snowy sector of the map, just go to him and he will assign you 16 Reaper Steeds to slay. Reaper steeds are the blue-glowing horses that tend to attack you in the Dead Forest area (or The Sea of Black Tears, it is referred to as both) while you're on the path anywhere near the Sea of Black Tears, OR near the broken highway (near the giant tree and Sickle Wraith cave that the bats are near) so try just driving around. NOTE: The Reaper Steeds with the Reapers MOUNTED on their backs do not count towards your overslaughter, so only kill the horses with no rider.

    6. Next are 6 Laser Panthers. These are in the jungle area scattered EVERYWHERE, don't look in specific areas because they are randomly spawned. These are fairly easy to kill, but can destroy the Deuce pretty quick, so don't take too long to kill them if you decide to use the Deuce to do so.

    7. Next are 11 Sickle Wraiths. These are the things that fly around in the Dead Forest/Sea of Black Tears. These are the same as the Reaper Steeds, only there is an area of which 2-4 respawn. This is the giant tree on the broken highway in the Dead Forest/Sea of Black Tears area. The broken highway is probably the BEST spot to kill these.

    8. Next are 6 Guillotars. These are the tall monsters with wooden legs. This are fairly easy to kill as they do not usually even attack, and if they do it is slow. I prefer to use the Deuce to kill these but if you go on foot, do NOT attack it near the big pendulum axe at the back, attack its front legs or attack it from the side.

    9. After the Guillotars, he moves BACK to his spot at Bladehenge,
    Go back to him and he will ask you to kill 4 Hextadons. Once you slay your final Hextadon, he will not appear on the map. YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO HIS ORIGINAL SPOT AT BLADEHENGE! He will not appear as a blip, but you will still find him there, and he will reward you with an axe and an achievement.

    I hope this helps you guys, as this was a confusing achievement. Happy achievement tracking!

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    fraserwattGone back to this game after months and months to get some achievements, this guide was fantastic!
    Posted by fraserwatt on 07 Jul 11 at 22:12
    TheTrueHMDI had the same problem as ThunderPeel2001 and after awhile of randomly fighting animals I found one that when I killed it, I was given an update on the quest! So If you don't know which animal you are on just kill 1 of each on this list that matches the area you found hunter in until it pops up on your screen saying you killed an animal for the quest.
    Posted by TheTrueHMD on 08 Jan 13 at 02:07
    GR1N REAP3RNote: if another enemy does the finally blow. It won't count
    Posted by GR1N REAP3R on 18 Aug 13 at 07:10
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    19 Oct 2009 19 Oct 2009
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    Here's some help if you're having trouble finding the hunter after you've killed the last Hextadon, since he doesn't appear on the map any longer.

    Check this map of the gameworld:
    External image

    Find the iron cross monument in the southern section of Bladehenge (the western landmass, where you start the game). See the blue music note directly south of the iron cross? There is where you'll find the hunter.
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    fritz ownz youHmh. I went there before and din't see him (as I said to the solution above you), but I passed it a little bit in my car, got out, and he was there! Within just 2 seconds of being off camera he appeared, wow..
    Posted by fritz ownz you on 21 Oct 09 at 20:17
    MortyDiceI'm where he used to be (at the dolmen shaped rocks), and I just killed the amount of tollusks. However I've beaten the game and he doesn't appear... Has he changed place? Am I screwed?
    Posted by MortyDice on 29 Nov 09 at 01:16
  • punchaszeurfacepunchaszeurface105,147
    15 Oct 2009 15 Oct 2009 17 Oct 2009
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    The Hunter appears in two locations, first is a little southwest of Bladehenge, and second is as far Northeast as you can go on the snowy mountains. The reaper steeds are kind of difficult to find. I found them right before doing the mission 'Dry Ice, Wet Graves" by driving in circles around that area. You get the Light of Dawn song on top of the mountain there.

    After completing all Hunting missions, you need to go back and talk to the Hunter in his first location to get the achievement.

    Edit: The Guillotars are found in the dry ice mines, which is where I found the reaper steeds. But on a subsequent playthrough, I found that reaper steeds appear more often to the south near that giant living tree (not sure what it's called). It's directly north of the southernmost motor forge in the Black Tear area. They appear a lot more in that area, but there are also Reapers themselves which do not count for the achievement, and will also two-shot Eddie on Brutal before you progress the story far enough to get rid of them.
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    Sphinx317i had that happen too...he hasn't shown up anywhere. this needs to be fixed ASAP
    Posted by Sphinx317 on 19 Oct 09 at 12:30
    ArtemasAnyone else have the reaper steeds disappear from the game? I check every thing in the black tears area and I can't find jack.
    Posted by Artemas on 23 Oct 09 at 14:08
    Locky HartFor those who didn't have the achievement unlock, you need to go to where the hunter was when he gave you the last challenge (to kill the Hexodons) and speak to him. No pin appears on the map but he should be there. I had to reload the game before he would appear though.
    Posted by Locky Hart on 26 Oct 09 at 13:43
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