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Win 10 match-made multiplayer battles.

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How to unlock the Subjügator achievement

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    This might be a bit hard to boost since the online servers usually take a while to find someone even if you and a friend are both searching at the same time.

    Steps to win:

    1. Be ironheade.
    2. At the beginning of the match, dont spawn anyone. wait for your default merch booths to get enough fans for stage upgrade.
    3. Once stage is upgraded, use the Rock Block solo. This prevents the other team from spawning any more troops for a short ammount of time. And since it is just the beginning of the match they wont have much.
    4. Next set a beacon to the nearest fan leech. Then use the call of the wild solo. You will usually get porcupines or deer.
    6. Send the animals to attack the fan guiser.
    Once the fan leech is gone get a merch booth there then rally your troops back at your stage.
    7. Spawn 1 set of fire barons incase your opponent trys to attack you stage early.
    8. Wait for another stage upgrade.NOTE if you are playing on the map Pleasure Gardens then capture 2 fan leeches since there are so many on this map.
    9. Once your stage is upgraded again spawn about 2-3 sets of fire barons and tell them all to attack the stage.
    10. Wait at your stage until you can afford the final upgrade.
    Once you get the upgrade go near their stage(make sure your not near any enemy troops(try going to the sides)) and use the Bring it on Home solo. This will do major damage to the stage. And kill most small enemy troops.
    11. By now you should have rock block and call of the wild again so use them. You should get tollusks this time. Tell them to attack the stage.
    12. Then wait until you can get a rock crusher. Once you have one go to their stage and use the double team to kill almost all their troops instantly with the attack. Once they are dead use the double team on the stage. Keep doing it until the rock crusher gets destroyed.
    13. Now once the rock crusher is destroyed, you should have enough fans to spawn another. So just repeat step 12. But make sure you keep spawning troops like fire barons.

    Hope this helps you rack up some wins!
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