Euthanasia achievement in Brütal Legend


Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter's Double Team

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How to unlock the Euthanasia achievement

  • got pezgot pez113,873
    24 Dec 2009 25 Dec 2009
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    I did this with a friend online. It doesn't matter what stage you play on, whichever one you want will work fine. Have your friend play as Ironheade while you play as Tainted Coil. Capture the fan geysers to get resources and upgrade your stage until you are able to select the Pain Lifter unit (I think the War Father spawns him). Once the Pain Lifter is spawned, have your friend spawn 4 squads of headbangers at his stage. Instruct your friend to make a mosh pit with them all and stand still in a circle. Double team with the Pain Lifter and drive over to your friend's stage. Use the Pain Lifter's special double team catapult attack and put the targeting reticle right over the mosh pit. Then, fire. If you did it right, you should unlock the achievement.

    Note: If you fired and the achievement didn't unlock, try firing the catapult and then pressing the fire button again right when the agony ball hits the mosh pit so that it explodes.
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  • die Feuerwehrdie Feuerwehr296,767
    05 Nov 2009 06 Nov 2009 11 Nov 2009
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    You can do this on your own.

    Make AI Practice game, play as Tainted Coil against Most Gentle Drowning Doom on Feeding Ground.

    Capture the geysir on the right and keep defending it until you can make a Pain Lifter (or an upgraded Pain Lifter).

    Keep killing Ophelia as much as possible, so she can't upgrade. That way she will only spawn basic units. At some point she will spawn 3+ units (18 single units) of Gravediggers and keep them at the stage.

    Place your Pain Lifter on the path between her stage and your geysir. Ophelia will eventually advance with her 3+ units of Gravediggers against your geysir. Double team (by pressing Y) and fire the Pain Lifter and make it explode a little above ground by pressing A.

    Hopefully you will be able to take out all the Gravediggers in one blast. If not, just keep trying. The clue is to keep Ophelia from upgrading to more powerful units or veichles.

    This worked for me at least.

    (Same tactic can be used for Ringleader and Painkiller, using Ironheade against Drowning Doom, or Dollpocalypse using Drowning Doom against Drowning Doom)
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    die FeuerwehrI should, true. I did it on Most Gentle, and Oph never sent anyone to the center. I think, as long as you capture the geysir on the left, she will keep on attacking it, trying to capture it. Never did I see her charge through the center.
    Posted by die Feuerwehr on 11 Nov 09 at 13:43
    Mental Knight 5This worked for me first try, but it wasn't easy. Ophelia kept sending over 2 groups of 6 Gravediggers to my geyser, never letting her army build to 3 groups of 6 before charging in. Finally when I saw 12 Gravediggers on the move, and 6 just summoned, I retreated everyone from my geyser, so that the 6 could catch up while the 12 attacked my geyser. This got the group big enough and worked. Maybe the other methods are better, I don't know. I love this game, but not enough to try them.
    Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 27 Mar 12 at 04:08
    DauntingAbyssI'm having the issue Mental Knight mentioned. I'm trying this method and it works (mostly, I'll get to another problem in a sec) until she only sends in 2 groups of gravediggers. I'll try what Mental said tonight, maybe if I pull back I can get it, I had wondered if I had been to far up and should have been letting her move her troops to my stage or something.

    The other problem I'm having with this is that the AI isn't consistently using the same plan of action every time. Like, at least half the time, even if I do the fight exactly the same each time, she'll somehow get her hands on the balloons, those baby carriages, and Rotguts (or whatever they're called) and start churning those out instead of Gravediggers --which obviously doesn't work for this at all. So when that happens I'm at a loss on what to do, there doesn't seem to be much of a way to get her to quit that without restarting the fight.

    I know this solution should work, its just that the game is somehow stopping working around it : /
    Posted by DauntingAbyss on 01 Apr 12 at 23:27
  • Taco BobTaco Bob847,745
    29 Dec 2009 30 Dec 2009 30 Dec 2009
    12 2 1
    You can do this by yourself easily enough.

    First, make sure you are playing on the Dry Ice Quarry and then set the AI to Drowning Doom on Brutal difficulty. Don't worry about creating any units or capturing geysers, just keep upgrade your stage and create a Warfather. Use the Warfather to summon a Pain Lifter and then wait. Keep an eye on the enemy and destroy any unit that aren't Grave Diggers. Once the enemy has captured all the geysers they should start heading towards your stage.

    Since you focused on destroying all the single units, they should have at least 3-4 groups of Grave Diggers. Double team with your Pain Lifer and focus on the largest group. If there aren't enough together then wait until they reach your stage and group up. Launch the Agony Ball, roll it into the middle of the group, and boom! Achievement unlocked.

    This method is also effective for the 'Dollpocalypse' achievement.
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    LanEvoIXPerfect, really easy this way, got it first try, thanks.
    Posted by LanEvoIX on 21 Dec 11 at 01:39
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