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  • Dancsi27Dancsi27181,898
    05 Mar 2011 05 Mar 2011
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    Here is my quick solution for the final stage battle against Doviculus. I used this and worked like a charm, I destroyed both heads (1 at the time of course) without dying and not even losing a fan tower.

    Capture the 2 Fan Geysers and kill all the enemies (use the Facemelter solo for quick kills). Don't start attacking the heads yet, it will make the battle more difficult after. Upgrade your stage to the max (level 4). While you are gaining fans and upgrading the stage slowly, all you have to do is kill the spawning enemies (using the facemelter solo or simply hack & slash with the electric/fire axe + shocking guitar).

    When your stage is at level 4, build 1 Rock Crusher. Double team with it and head for one of the head. Using the blazing edge attack (pressing A twice), destroy the head. 3-4 hits should destroy it. Leave the Rock Crusher (with Y), fly quickly to the entrance of the tunnel, spawn the Deuce in front of it and drive it all the way in the tunnel to the lowered head and simply use the nitro jump to destroy it.

    If your Rock Crusher is still alive, use it quickly to destroy the other head (3-4 hits again) but you can also send your troops too for some extra help. When the head is lowered, fly to the entrance of the tunnel, spawn the Deuce and destroy the head with it.

    After the cutscene, quickly nitro jump (with the Deuce) the small ramp in the middle for the 1 vs 1 fight against Doviculus. If you die here (but try not to die), you will restart the last fight against him and not the whole stage battle. Use the facemelter/flaming zeppelin solos for the enemies he will spawn, otherwise use the electric axe and the electric guitar for Doviculus.

    The achievement should pop after the scrolling credits, at the loading screen. Make sure the difficulty is set to Brütal, do not change it in the game.

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    Guirec730I don't know about this. If your first rock crusher gets killed (and when the head is destroyed it can kill troops in the vicinity) you won't have time to build another one, and if you are going to use smaller units to take out the second head anyway, you might as well do the same to the first head. The chance of success is largely the same, but it takes 25% as long.

    I won't downvote because I didn't try it, but I like the "zergling rush" method of spawning a bajillion headbangers and letting them take care of it. It's not pretty, but it worked for me in three tries.
    Posted by Guirec730 on 12 Sep 12 at 23:03
    Dancsi27this is why you leave the rock crusher as soon as you destroyed the first head, that way, the enemies will attack you and not the vehicle..if you stay on it, they will destroy it pretty quickly. I used this method once and got the achievement this is why I posted it. If you start attacking the heads with smaller troops, those huge giant 2 legged robots and the big guys with the spiky chainball attached to them will take them out fast. Otherwise, you just have to deal with those small winged creatures and the enemy who release them
    Posted by Dancsi27 on 13 Sep 12 at 00:55
    ElvenMage95Thanks for the great guide worked for me first try :)
    Posted by ElvenMage95 on 23 Mar 15 at 23:58
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    Definitely a fun experience. My tips to beating Brutal would include making the best use of your guitar songs, while also doing all sub-quests available prior to starting any missions...That way you'll always be one step ahead of your opposition, even if you do die in a couple of hits near the beginning of the game.

    Notable guitar solos to obtain...
    -Bring it on Home (Exploding Zeppelin)
    -Rock Block (Stops enemy troops from spawning)
    -Face Melter (for when your troops just aren't doing their jobs...Melt your foes' faces off)
    -Call of the Wild (from finishing the first Hunting quest, I believe you get a new beast to summon with each completed hunting quest) This skill is excellent for adding meat shields, and it doesn't impact your troop count (I don't believe)

    The only two RTS-style maps that remotely gave me any problems would have had to been the last two. Once I understood the game's controls, all the maps prior to those were simple. For those two maps, be sure to have a fine grasp of the game, and just keep pushing forward.

    A tip for the last battle with Doviculus...Drive your car back to the cooresponding tunnels once you've taken down one of the beast's heads...Then boost into the head once you've arrived at the end of the tunnel.

    Other than a few confusing spots, Brutal Legend, on Brutal difficulty, at least for me, was a pleasant experience compared to some more hair-pulling experiences (CoD:WaW - Veteran). It's definitely worth your time, the achievements aren't boring, and the game's very fun.
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    klobeastIt's interesting how different people can have very different experiences with this game.

    Personally I found the Brutal difficulty setting to be a piece of cake. I had a couple of tough spots, the final stage battle took me 5-6 attempts, but I completely hack-and-slashed this game. I used Facemelter liberally, but none of the other solos.

    The final battle is pretty simple on Brutal. Just run around avoiding the enemies, use your guitar to attack Doviculus, then slash him when he jumps onto the ground.
    Posted by klobeast on 09 Jun 10 at 14:56
    Guirec730You can use Call of the Wild on the final Doviculus fight, too. Works to keep all the little guys off of you while Facemelter recharges.

    Laser Panther backup, very welcome.
    Posted by Guirec730 on 12 Sep 12 at 23:05
  • Grn Lantern1Grn Lantern1520,226
    15 Feb 2011 15 Feb 2011
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    Since the game is relatively easy on brutal, i'll just be talking about the extremely hard parts; meaning the RTS style battles. First, you wanna make sure you don't get overwhelmed. Always have some units on the battlefield. Second, you'll wanna rush your opponents stage as quickly as possible. Kill them before they have a chance to regroup and attack again.

    Now here is a guide for the battle with Ophelia at the Sea of Tears. This isn't a glitch, but it is a little cheap so use only if you're desperate like I was. First, on your side of the bridge, take control of all the fan points. You'll wanna have the homing missiles on your Deuce as well. After taking control of the fan points, summon up as many units as you can. You'll also wanna upgrade your stage all the way and summon one rock crusher. Upgrade your headbangers and razor girls if you wish. After everyones all ready to fight, set up a rally flag (if you haven't gotten this solo might want to) right before the bridge. Every now and then a small wave of Grave Diggers and Reapers will appear. Let your men take care of it. If a lot of your men die, simply summon more and they'll move to the rally flag.

    Using Eddie's fly ability, fly AROUND the electric towers where you'll see a small army of enemy cars, a balloon, some ground units and the tree. Fly to a little spot as far as you can away from them and summon the Deuce. Using your homing missiles, fire away! If you hit the cars, most of the time the other units, even the car you're hitting, won't react. Just keep firing. If your car gets destroyed just start wailing on everything with your axe until you die. Check on your units often, make sure they don't all get killed, summon more if you must. Keep flying and shooting missiles at the enemies until they are all dead.

    Once dead, take your units up the bridge and destroy the other small army standing in the middle of the bridge. After they're dead, regroup with more units and take out the two towers powering the lightning on the bridge. After that, bum rush the stage! Send all of your units to attack it. Double team with the headsplitter or the Rock Crusher to make things go by quicker. Set up a rally flag right by Ophelia's stage if your units start dying. Just keep firing on the stage and it should go down quick.
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    HarbringernightPerfect, thumbs up.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 08 Jan 17 at 07:56
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