Turntable Perfection achievement in DJ Hero

Turntable Perfection

Earn 5 stars in every mix on expert difficulty.

Turntable Perfection-0.3
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How to unlock the Turntable Perfection achievement

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    EDITED 10/4/2010 (lol)

    This is self-explanatory, but no less difficult. I have 5*ed all songs on hard AND expert, and here are a few pointers I found:

    - If you can play hard very well, expert won't be a large issue. The only main difference I could see between hard and expert was directional scratching. On hard you can scratch anyway, but expert you have to in a certain way. This is challenging at first, but eventually you'll get a feel for it. *One trick I found is to watch for what direction the final scratch is (up or down) and scratch accordingly based on that. It's tough to explain however...*

    - Crossfades and crossfade spikes are automatically triggered while euphoria (star power) is active. Use this to your advantage when a crazy stream of spikes/fades are coming up. It helps to know the song well. Interestingly enough, use it when you see another euphoria phrase coming up to keep your multiplier going.

    - You WONT get this off sightreads, no question. I highly recommend you start the game on medium (for the majority of the other achievements) and work your way up. If you have 5*ed the game on hard, then although it will still be difficult, it will be a much simpler task. Mainly the last few songs (Noisia!) are the ones that will give you hell.

    - Master the rewind. You get a rewind (spin the platter counter-clockwise) at approximately every 50 note streak (max 1 at a time), and you get a 2X multiplier when you use it. Use it AS SOON AS YOU GET IT, so you dont need to wait long to get another one. These play a key role, if not the ULTIMATE key role in getting a 5* rank.

    - Beats and Pieces. Oh dear god. I thought Noisia/Groundhog/whatever was the hardest song in the game, but I was wrong. This is usually the one that's the last song people need. You have to do almost perfect for the first 40% or so, spamming the hell out of the rewinds. It's fairly easy with practice. The rest of it all I can suggest is try do your best. A strong arm will help (I did the 5* by scratching like a beast near the end) and key uses of Star Power too. Good luck with this one.

    Practice is the key here! If you are good at other music games and have a solid sense of rhythm, you should pick this up fairly quick, but you've got ways to go before you can 5* everything on expert.

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    Flopsy86Also, unrelated but I really improved my game by making sure my DJ deck was firm still whenever I played, I bought some anti slip mat material and have taped some to the bottom of the pads on my DJ deck. If you have a good position but your deck is still moving around when you play, you should try this.
    I also found Calibration a big pain on this game, I try to calibrate using the game mechanic but it says I have no lag which is bullshit. I've done this across all my rhythm games but whenever the game says I have no lag, I have put 30 audio and 30 video in and it's made a world of difference.
    Also some tracks scroll faster than others, you should take note of speed of scrolling on tracks and adjust your timing accordingly. If it's scrolling faster then end your scratches earlier as that can be the common mistake to make.
    Just a couple of things I've picked up but feel they are not mentionned anywhere.
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 25 May 14 at 00:37
    RHYMAN0Now I currently have 7 songs left for the achievement
    since two days ago the songs I have left are
    Beats and Pieces
    Bustin loose/Time of the Season
    Lee Majors/Da Funk
    Groundhog/Ace of Spades
    I want to know is since I have a regular TV would it still make a difference?
    Posted by RHYMAN0 on 29 Apr 15 at 01:33
    PerilousPWNFor those of you doubting you can do this, DON’T! I just got this achievement today, and I’d consider myself an average player at music games, at least for someone who can play on expert after enough practice.

    I started this game on medium difficulty and NEVER thought I would get to the point of completing this. But I just kept playing since I was having fun regardless. After I went through medium, I noticed hard/expert was now more approachable. Direction scratches at first we’re completely overwhelming in even the medium intensity songs, so I went through on hard mode and made sure I could 5 star everything on that first. I struggled with some of the later songs but kept playing them over and over until I got them.

    At that point, scratches were still tough but I somehow broke a wall and was able to read/react to them faster. Additionally, medium and hard mode became trivial to play, which I never would have imagined in the beginning.

    Finally I got to expert. It was pretty similar to hard until the later songs. When I got to the high intensity songs, I really struggled. But again, I just kept focusing on one song at a time until I memorized the chart and every song reasonably doable. Even on beats and pieces, you WILL be able to complete it as long as you can memorize the note patterns and try long enough.

    TLDR; This will seem impossible or out of your skill level in the beginning, but practice enough and you will get it. I promise you. And boy is that shit satisfying :) Good luck, you don’t really need it though
    Posted by PerilousPWN on 25 Apr at 01:59
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  • Crimson RidleyCrimson Ridley418,506
    11 Dec 2009 11 Apr 2011 11 Apr 2011
    11 1 8
    These are just tips for Beats & Pieces, the song that gives people the most trouble: You need to get the first 2 rewinds, this is vital. The first one you get in the middle of the blue scratches, use this rewind RIGHT AFTER THE BLUES END. Like, instantly! This way you'll go back far enough to hit the UD blue, otherwise it'll skip it.

    Then you want to get the 2nd rewind, it'll happen in the middle of the euphoria phrase. Hit the phrase, then rewind, it'll take you back to the long section of green scratches. Try to FC these again.

    The part after the euphoria can be tricky, so I don't waste euphoria there. Instead I save it until the next part, where the beginning is played again only faster. You NEED to know these sections, they are easy and make your score skyrocket if you can hit them. Use euphoria on every one of these, save all that you get until these sections.

    After the 3rd of 4th time this section comes up, it changes slightly. Instead of 3 U scratches, it's UDU scratches, which alternates a little. Remember this so you don't try to play the old section again.

    The very last 2 euphoria sections are not needed for the 5*, but won't hurt if you can get them. You just need to blag your way through those end sections and hope you hit enough to increase your score by 10-20k maybe. Remember, slow down on these sections, they aren't as fast as they seem.

    Now, the 5* cutoff is 388k (Around there, I got 387k and got 4*, got a little more and got 5*), and you should have around 320k on the 2nd to last phrase, I believe.

    Just remember to get the first 2 rewinds and the first euphoria phrase, the few after and the section that repeats itself down to an art. Miss in these and it's best to restart, though it's not vital on the sections that repeat itself, but the more rewinds you can grab, and the more times you can go over that section with 8x, the better.

    Good luck. And I hope what I've said makes some sense.

    EDIT: Oh, and a tip you might not know; Using euphoria in a rewind doesn't stack your multiplier. It's best to rewind, let it end, then activate euphoria. Otherwise you're wasting an 8x multiplier.

    The Effects Dial will give you points, lots of them. Instead of turning it like a dial, use the side of your index finger to rub against it, kind of like you're scratching an invisible turntable. You'll get loads more points.

    The Freestyle sections will give you points for the FIRST 2, DIFFERENT EFFECTS. It counts as 2 notes, but doesn't increase your streak. So with a 4x it's 800 points. Any Red presses after that will just make noise.
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    Flopsy86Sadly the guitar setlists cannot be made any easier, some people have said that a few of the tracks can be slightly out of sync and you should try to hit taps and scratches slightly earlier if you are messing up and you don't know why.
    I noticed that although the songs on DJ/Guitar are harder because of no rewinds, the 5* cutoffs seem to be lower on some songs on Expert than they were on Hard. For example, Sabotage/Monkey Wrench Hard 5* is 130,000ish whereas on expert it is about 110,000ish.

    One song I'm struggling with immensely is Intergalactic/Poison, that song has hard scratch patterns and there is very little else in the song to help you 5* if you cannot do them. I guess I'm not good enough to do it yet but I have just 5*'d Rockit through some fluke on Expert, can 4* Groundhog and can only 3* Beats and Pieces.

    The scratches on Intergalactic/Poison that get me the worst are UDUUUD, the game never lets me get the triple up scratch. I expect I will get lucky and do this, if I can get 2 rewinds, it may be possible.

    Great solution Crimson, this should be helpful for when I take it up a notch with Beats and Pieces!
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 25 May 14 at 00:20
    Flopsy86Update: I've now done every song to 5* except for Beats and Pieces, only got 268k on it at the moment which is not even 4*.

    I will now up my game on Beats and Pieces because I was so distracted by the other songs. What helped me overcome them was a marathon of playing DJ Hero 2 on someone else's profile. Because that game is so much faster than DJ Hero 1 on Expert, it made going back to DJ Hero 1 seem like a step backwards in speed and it helped me concentrate more on scratching patterns. I instantly overcame Rockit, Ace of Spades/Groundhog, Bring the Noise, Groundhog, Poison/Intergalactic and The Number Song because if this.

    Is it necessary to perfect all of the first 3 sections of Beats of Pieces or as long as I get the rewinds is it ok to mess up in places?
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 18 Jun 14 at 06:16
    theguytomThanks so much for this tip. I got it the first time after reading it.
    Posted by theguytom on 23 Dec 17 at 21:29
  • Flopsy86Flopsy86492,037
    27 Jul 2014 25 Jul 2014 27 Jul 2014
    5 0 0
    Noticed that there wasn't 5 star cutoffs listed anywhere and would be helpful for whichever songs you are struggling with. These are only approximate and not exact but these scores are really close to 5* on Expert difficulty

    Before tackling this, I suggest you make sure you're holding the deck the right way, make sure it is your thumb on the outside of the turntable and not your pinky, this will ensure better control over the turning of the turntable. In other words, buttons right means use left hand and buttons left means use right hand. If you're thinking of moving onto expert then this is important.

    The game will not penalise you for moving the turntable provided you are not pressing any buttons that you shouldn't be at the time so don't think you have to keep it perfectly still all the time.

    Concerning the Effects dial, I learned that it is better to use one finger to turn the dial rather than use 2 fingers because using one finger allows the rest of your fingers to be nearer the crossfader and it means less risk to missing crossfades.

    With Rewinds, you get a rewind at every 60 note streak, however you can only have one rewind and until you use this rewind, the game won't even start counting towards another rewind until this rewind is used up (back at where you originally used it).
    For example: If you use rewind at 69 note streak and once the rewind is used up (back at where you originally used it), assuming you haven't messed up during the rewind or after then you will get your next rewind at 129 note streak.
    When making rewinds, try and make sure you do a 360 revolution and then stop the turntable near the buttons, don't make it spin multiple times otherwise you are almost certain to miss the notes. Also make sure you don't accidently hit the buttons during a rewind, this could be the difference between a x8 and a x2 multiplier!

    And for crossfade spikes, I found that you do not have to return the crossfade all the way back to the middle but you only have to bring it halfway back towards the middle and the game will count it as returning to the middle. This helps out a lot with sections where there are many spikes in a row that are on the same side, but doesn't help with the alternating spikes sadly, that really requires good timing and listening to the track.

    Keep in mind that for the Guitar and DJ tracks (at the bottom), you cannot use rewinds so these will be harder to 5 star and require more effort.

    Song specific advice

    Rockit (455,000 for 5*) - This song doesn't differ much to hard difficulty, the only noticeable difference is the scratching sections will now be trickier and require more attention. Despite this though, I think the scratching sections are the best places to get your points from your rewinds.
    This song starts with a small scratching section, it is possible to get a rewind off of this if you full combo it (before the 80s sound kicks in), if you can do this then it will help enormously towards the 5* because most of this is alternating scratches, there is a triple up scratch in it somewhere in the middle though (it's easy to spot).

    During the 80s sound, there is a Euphoria phrase just before the first crazy crossfading section. You should aim to get this, and activate it immediately without messing up your multiplier. This should get you x8 through a good portion of the section provided you don't miss the scratches. If you get a rewind, then it's upto you if you use it here, but I usually save it for the scratches up ahead.
    There is a Euphoria before the end of this section but I've virtually never hit it because it has alternating spikes, if you can hit this then it's a bonus.

    Now there will be a longer scratching section coming up, you may have a rewind here, use it after a the 3rd long green scratch plinth, just before the shorter 4 scratch plinths. You may get another rewind later on in this section, I advise you to use it as soon as possible and ideally before the repeated single scratches comes along (which I can never hit).

    Now crazy crossfading section 2 will come along and this bit may make or break your 5*, it all depends on whether you have Euphoria or not. There is one last Euphoria in this section and I usually have to rely on getting it to 5* this song. If you can't get this one then I'd advise picking up another of the Euphoria phrases in the song because this section is harder than the first crazy crossfading section and you will need Euphoria if you suck at this song.

    Now if you are close to 455,000 near the end, I once 5*'d this song by collecting a rewind off the final scratch sequence of this song. It's short but if you already have 40-50 note streak before it, you can get a rewind and use it just before the end to pick up extra points.
    To summarize, you want to use your Euphoria as much as possible on the crossfading sections. You want to save your rewinds for the scratching sections.

    Groundhog (465,000 for 5*) - This one is mostly down to how well you do the first 2 sections of the song (up until the song says "Let's call it feedback"). The first section is very easy, you should aim for 2 rewinds off of this section.

    I usually save Euphoria for the second section of the song, because it will go through the 2nd Euphoria of the song which is hard to get without Euphoria, if you use Euphoria then you only have to worry about the fast scratch. Again, try and get at least one rewind here, it is harder to go for 2 rewinds here but if you can get 2 then that is a huge bonus.

    Now we get to the trickier part of the mix, the 3rd section (after Feedback is mentioned). I cannot for the life of me do the crossfades/red taps with the single directional scratches, so don't worry too much if you cannot do this bit.
    Later on in the 3rd section, there will be a few bits where the crossfades continue but you will have only red taps instead (with the occasional scratch or two). This is a good place to get a rewind or maybe even 2 rewinds, I found these parts to be crucial to obtaining my 5*. The last part of the 3rd section where the crossfades are quick left right motions, I couldn't combo this bit either.

    By the time "I think we're coming to the end" is said, you should have the majority of your points and should have over 400,000 at least, if you don't then you may as well restart because the 4th section is the toughest and I cannot personally combo any of it, it will get you some points but it won't get you much.
    One last note, don't use Euphoria or Rewinds between the sections where the track is mocking you, the points you'll get there is minuscule and you'll be much better using it where there are more actions (even if you cannot do it so well).

    So to summarize, the first 2 sections try for 3-4 rewinds, use Euphoria to help you collect the 2nd Euphoria phrase in the 2nd section.
    3rd section, try for rewinds on the crossfades with red taps (where there aren't scratches).
    4th section, flailfest! Try to score as much as you can, any rewinds or even the Euphoria on the fast red taps is a bonus.

    Beats and Pieces (388,000 for 5*) - Wow, this song is truely good at pissing me off. It is hard to keep trying at this song over and over, and the amount of times it would drop combo during the first 2 sections no matter how accurate I was, it was unbelievable. Anyway I did it and I can pass some things I learned.
    To rack up the mix for you, it has 8 sections and each one is faster than the previous. They do share a common denominator though and that is the first part of each section (although the section commencing scratching pattern does change in sections 6, 7 and 8). You will need to practice this part, yes it has the hated triple up scratch but it is much easier to learn this part of the mix than try to learn other parts.
    When I 5*, I got 431,000 and yes this is way over but my previous was 377,000. If you feel like you are on a good run, then when the breaks come between the sections, just pause the game, go off and walk around for 5 mins and or so to give your arms time to recover, it gives you a chance to calm down, reflect and plan out what to do next. This works wonders if you're always nervous and twitchy like me when you're doing well.

    Obviously it is much easier to get the points in the earlier sections of the mix. Crimson Ridley's solution offers very good advice on this mix already, I followed his guide for the first 2 rewinds, they are perfectly placed. Aim for 2 rewinds on the 1st section.
    When I got 5 stars, I full combo'd this section and I had 130,000 when I finished, I don't use Euphoria yet though.

    I use the Euphoria at the beginning of the 2nd section, you need to be able to do this section pretty well also so practice this section and learn the scratching inside out. You will probably still miss despite this since the scratches are pretty fast here. If you do get the Euphoria here then don't fall into the trap of using it where the effects dial can be used which is shortly after (as the multiplier doesn't stack), using it after this is where I used it. I didn't full combo this section but I finished it with 230,000 points on my 5* run. Try to get a rewind off in the 2nd section, if not then the beginning of the 3rd section will be your next and possible last shot.

    At the beginning of the 3rd section, this is possibly the last part of the mix which is decent enough for me to combo personally, try for a last ditch rewind before the mix gets much tougher. Be sure to pick up the Euphoria here aswell, I use this one immediately as it's still easier to pick up points here.
    I finished the 3rd section with 294,000 points on my 5* run.

    Now if you are picking up about 300,000 in the first 3 sections like I am with about 5 sections left to come, this is an excellent position to be in. Of course it doesn't mean you're home free, you should still try your hardest on each section and take breaks between the sections to be sure of maximizing your chances.
    Anyway as a guide, my run finished as follows
    Section 4 finished with 333,000
    Section 5 finished with 362,000
    Section 6 finished with 384,000
    Section 7 and 8 finished with 431,000
    I collected 6/7 Euphorias, I always miss the one in Section 6 where it is has a red tap in simultaneously with it near the end of a long blue scratch plinth. The others are obtainable but it's down to whether you can pick them all up in a single run. In sections 4-8, I just used Euphoria immediately to help my score as I am not consistently good at any single part of it.
    I only got 4 rewinds, 2 in Section 1, 1 in Section 2 and 1 in Section 3 (at the beginning).
    I hit 89% and my highest note streak was 230 which was from the beginning up until halfway into Section 2.

    I wish you best of luck in 5*ing this mix, it is truely the toughest in both DJ hero games in my opinion.

    5 Star Cutoffs

    Intensity:Very Low
    Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City/Fuzz and them 54,000
    Another one bites the dust/Da Funk 94,000
    Born to Roll/Mr. Big Stuff 97,000

    Disturbia/Control 149,000
    Zulu Nation Throwdown/Get Down 158,000
    Ice Ice Baby/U Can't Touch This 149,000
    I want you back/Semi-charmed Life (DJ only mix) 153,000
    Jayou/Big Beat 156,000
    Insane in the Brain/Spooky 112,000
    Shout/Pjanoo 136,000
    I heard it through the Grapevine/Feel Good Inc. 205,000
    Boom/Tap 95,000

    Izzo (H.O.V.A)/I want you back 206,000
    Bustin' Loose/Bust a Move 228,000
    Intergalactic/Rapture 158,000
    We Will Rock You/Robot Rock 168,000
    Feel Good Inc./Atomic 160,000
    Boom Boom Pow/Satisfaction 220,000
    Disturbia/Disco Inferno 173,000
    Insane in the Brain/The Edge 183,000
    Poison (Bell Biv Devoe) 127,000
    Shout/Six Days (Remix ft. Mos Def) 206,000
    Poison/Word Up! 158,000
    Fix Up, Look Sharp/Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) 183,000
    Bustin' Loose/Time of the Season 175,000
    Hollaback Girl/Give it to Me 189,000
    Hollaback Girl/Feel Good Inc. 183,000
    Ice Ice Baby/Straight Up 175,000
    Shut 'Em Down/Where It's At 203,000
    Put Your Hands Up for Detroit/I Can't Stop (DP Remix) 180,000
    Here Comes My DJ/Cars 182,000
    Rockit/Lapdance 280,000

    Izzo (H.O.V.A)/My Name Is 245,000
    Day 'n' Nite/Boom Boom Pow 236,000
    Da Funk/Strange Enough ft. Karen O, ODB & Fatlip 211,000
    Disco Inferno/Last Night a DJ saved my Life 209,000
    Bittersweet Symphony/Rock the Bells 270,000
    Shout/Eric B. is President 195,000
    Another One Bites the Dust/Brass Monkey 187,000
    Disco Inferno/Let's Dance 209,000
    Technologic/Cars 225,000
    Just to get A Rep/Shook Ones,pt.2 206,000
    Bring the Noise 20XX/Genesis 223,000
    Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City/How Do You Want it 166,000
    My Name Is/Loser 260,000
    Six Days (Remix ft. Mos Def)/Where it's at 169,000
    The Edge/Eric B. is President 139,000
    Megamix 2 (Daft Punk) 328,000
    Beats/Big Beat 254,000
    Change Clothes/All Eyez on me 210,000
    Around the World/Bust a Move 235,000
    Jack of Spades/Short Circuit 262,000
    I Heard it through the Grapevine/Let's Dance 149,000
    All Eyez on me/Bittersweet Symphony 281,000
    Excuse Me Miss/Give it to me 259,000
    Megamix 1 (Daft Punk) 267,000
    Good Thang/Big Beat 267,000
    Last Night a DJ saved my Life/Word Up! 211,000
    Jack of Spades/Let's Dance 187,000
    Poison/Intergalactic 225,000
    Lookin' at me/Hey Mama 189,000
    Paper Planes/Lookin' at me 239,000
    I Want you back/Just to get a rep 187,000
    How Ya Like me now/I Like to move it 236,000
    Somebody Told Me/Pjanoo 180,000
    Hollaback Girl/Last Night a DJ saved my life 265,000
    Hella Good/Television Rules the Nation 202,000
    Tutti Frutti/Beats 202,000

    Intensity:Very High
    Paper Planes/Eric B. is President 277,000
    Robot Rock/Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) 283,000
    Jukebox Hero/DJ Hero 232,000
    Here's a little something for ya/The Number Song (2009) 237,000
    Nothing but you/I Can't Stop (DP remix) 323,000
    Six Days (remix ft. Mos Def)/Annie's Horn 266,000
    Rockit (Herbie Hancock) 455,000 (3* is 227,000, 4* is 341,000)
    Strange Enough ft. Karen O, ODB & Fatlip/Theme from Shaft 205,000
    Beats and Pieces (Scratch Perverts) 388,000 (3* is 216,000, 4* is 294,000)
    Satisfaction/Elements of Life 380,000
    Jayou/Rockit 247,000
    Universal Mind Control (UMC)/Jeep A** Gutter (Remix) 271,000
    Groundhog (Noisia) 465,000 (3* is 233,000, 4* is 349,000)
    Lee Majors Come Again/Da Funk 250,000

    Guitar and DJ songs
    Beverly Hills/Fresh Rhymes and Videotape 141,000
    Big Beat/Lapdance 184,000
    Jukebox Hero/DJ Hero 232,000
    I Want You Back/Semi-charmed Life 216,000
    Disturbia/Somebody Told Me 205,000
    Ace of Spades/Groundhog 213,000
    Monkey Wrench/Sabotage 188,000
    Play that Funky Music/Just to get a rep 297,000
    Bring the Noise 20XX 242,000
    Fight! Smash! Win!/Intergalactic 157,000

    If there are any mistakes in this solution or if there is any way I could improve it, please leave a comment.
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